Research Synopsis of Group- 2

New Trend in Human Resources Practise under Recession , Specific Reference to Information Technology Companies in Pune
1. Introduction to Study

Human capital is the real asset for any organisation. All other resources in the organisation are used and utilized by the Human Resources of the organisation. It is generally told Human Resources is the best resource. 2. The Problem Statement a.In today’s highly competitive and global environment, retention of the experienced and old faithful employee has been considered as one of the most important. b.A preplanned step of recruitment and the opportunity given to the in house people for promotions during global recession. 3. Objectives of this Research: - The specific objectives are as follows:i. To assess critically the problems faced by the Human Resources executives of IT Industry. To find out the challenges of Human Resources in IT industry.


4. Significance of the study. There is a dangerous trend in the IT industry of high-jacking the trained man power from one company to other company. This is a pertinent in Business Process Out sourcing (BPO) organisation in Pune and around Maharastra. 5. Scope of the study: The present study covers the different aspects of Human Resources functions in IT industry. The study is important in the global environment to find out the strategic trend of Human Resources in software industry such as the problem faced by Human Resources executives in and around Pune region. 6. Limitation of the study: a. The study and the research will be limited to the Pune geographical region only. b. The research will be carry out the typical and special characteristics of the Software industry only. 7. The Methodology. The methodology which will be used for carrying out the report will be used as follows:-


Research Synopsis of Group- 2 Types of Data Source. For present research work, primary as well as secondary data will be used. Research will be broadly classified into two sections. Various statistical tools will be used to suggest and analyse the primary and secondary data. Tools of collecting Primary Data: - The information will be collected directly from the stakeholders like HR executive and Managers of the software industry, employee and the customers of the IT company: a.Questionnaire and Surveys: - This will include range of response questions, close ended questions, providing limited answers to specific responses or on a numeric scale. b.Interview: This will include people to interview, Develop the interview questions including open-ended questions and close ended questions and carefully eliminating leading questions. c.Sample Size:- The sample size of IT industry is 20, which includes: i. Data of 5 Foreign MNCs will be collected. ii. Data of 5 top Indian giants of IT industry will be collected. iii. Data of 5 SME (Small or Medium Enterprise) will be collected. iv. Data of 5 small scale hardware vendors will be collected to find out the turn over of their front end staff. From each selected IT companies 5 personnel will be interviewed (i.e. a total of 200 persons) e.Sampling Technique: - The study will be using Simple Random sampling. All these data will help in formulating as very comprehensive case study. All sample units will be personally contacted and interviewed. Tools of collecting Secondary Data: - Various statistical tools will also be used to analyse the secondary data. a. Document Review: - Obtaining the actual forms and operating documents currently being used. Reviews blank copies of forms and samples of actual completed forms. b. Observation: - analyzing annual reports and press releases, verifying the statements made during the interviews. c. Web Search: - The information related to out side region (other part of India and Globe) will be studied from internet to other published papers. d. Various policies from National organisation will be dealt in details by referring various government publications and reference book, journals, published data from time to time.


Research Synopsis of Group- 2 e. Research of journals, periodicals, technical materials,, electronics/internet search, professionals meetings, seminars and discussions, site visits etc. f. Sampling like records, reports, operational logs, data entry documents, complaints, and various types of forms. 8. Hypothesis: a. No relationship between HR practices and motivation of the people exists in companies operating in IT industry in Pune. b. No relationship exists between HR practices and attrition rate in companies operating in IT industry in Pune. 9. Chapter Schema: - The following will be chapter schema of Research report. Chapter 1: Introduction to Study Present Trend Statement of Problem Objective and Importance of the Study Scope and Limitation of the study Methodology Hypothesis Chapter 2: Review of Literature and Research Chapter 3: Profile of the selected organisations. Chapter 4: International HR practices in IT industry. Chapter 5: Data Analysis Chapter 6: Summary, Findings and Suggestions to improve the situation and Conclusion. Prof Kunal Bhattacharya Guide Mr xyz Ms KLM Mr Def Research Candidates


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