Athens, February

['X}, 2012

~s. Christine Lagprde:

Managing Director Washington DC

Intornational Monetary Fund
Dea.r Ms, Lagarde:
'l1>r~l~les (Nv::fP) C utlines the The attached Memorandum of Economic and Finanl ment 0:1'1.0 ~1:J1:; 'Q.:lf"~ of Greece will econumic and finan'cial p(Jll.ciesthat the Oree~ oev riod t'.ui.;;-J2~ 5 to correct Greece's imp lemont dlU'ing the remainder of 20 12 and 10 the. et.~:tl; 'store pubUc finances to competitiveness gap and restore growth and~~pl0 lip ~Ill't: the ftving conditions of the su~tainabiUty; to secure financial sy:;tem .S~blll\.~ '. : lmitment to the common currency. Greek populatlon in an, equitable way, wltbm our,

~:~~ key policies, buildif1g OD,what of In support of o\lr objectj:ves:,.,we have cor m\tted t agreed in May 2010. Thc6ej)QUcies has been achieved under the Stand~P'~iArr.. n~~m' { iring an equitable useal adjusbTient: pJ~s strong emphB.$!son restorlr ..g i;-~wtb ::.:_"o. e 'Jill accelerate implementation 'If deep • To restore competitivt"'Ale!9S ";''1d growth, ~ stttJctUJlal reforms ti:,s lab~~. y_"'Oduct, ' 8 service Dlarkets. Indeed to give a strong upfront impetus to unit Iabor coct reduetl i, and protect employment, [we have already] reformed f~~ collective bargain! framework and reduced the-minimum wage as a prior r.td;'k n tt;~this program. I ~to reduce market rigidities, boost productivity, an,,{trtC Cllr::: long-term gro ,1 potential [we are implementing] reforms in,pro~~ct '.tI1ds~,",,:~e~'larkets and imp r ements in the business environment.


iosition, we will implement bold structural nent will be achieved through permanent ds end [have already been implemented] Q'P"l \difD~'er~uctions, and measures t. es ~;iot Q:.,;.tb~~. These effoI'ta will be Sl iorted on the revenue side by a tax reform \Q b,~q~,~~n ~e·~tax.base, and aCh~ev,e,a 11 ~rdistribution of the tax burden, and by tax ",dn~'1:o1ratlon eforms to stem tax eva: 1. Indeed to reinvigorate this crucial fatter I':!i'o~t) [we hav ' already taken] acticns strengthen the tax administration. To bring :~e ~Scal -:ieficit to a sustainab sllet' ..iing ...:,,~,~tenue reforms, The adjl We have adopted a comprehensive bar 19 sector strategy to secure a viable and well-capitalized private banking sectoi at supports the economic recovery and , sustained growth. The banking system itt be restructured and recapitalized following the upcoming government d t exchange. [We have already completed] a capital needs. asse_~s.rrt~!1t a plan fc large state-owned bank as prior actions. In and support of these efforts" and as prior a )~[5ave strengthenedj-our-resohnlon and recapitalization framework and flnanc oversight framework ,..


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