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●Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Zotero add-on to Mozilla’s Firefox ( Customise what citation format you’d like to export (Chicago Style, ALA, or Harvard) ●Web pages (or library catalogues) which have materials you’d like to add to your bibliography will have an icon. If Zotero senses more than one item, it will appear as a folder

●Select which items from Amazon you want to add to your bibliographic list. ●To access the list click on the Zotero icon at the bottom right hand part of your browser.

●If Zotero does not sense the particular resource (near the URL) then click on the icon (RED arrow) to add the data that Zotero can read off the HTML coding. ●A snapshot of the web page can be made which will be stored locally on your computer which you can access offline. You can add notes (BLUE arrow). If you want to annotate further click on ‘View Snapshot’

●Once you’ve clicked on ‘View Snapshot’ – you are now viewing your cached copy of the web page. ●Select the icon on the toolbar for the following actions: Highlight text, annotate with sticky notes)

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