Level 3 Proficiency: Perspective

Use perspective to create humorous effects with the camera. Step 1: Example

This man appears to be kicking this monument…perspective creates this illusion. It is up to you to decide how to position the camera and subject relatively to create this effect 

Step 2: Using Your Manual Settings

Shoot the following using perspective 1. Partner holding an object 2. Partner holding another object 3. Partner standing on an object 4. Partner standing on another object 5. Partner sitting on an object 6. Partner sitting on another object 7. Partner kicking an object 8. Partner kicking another object 9. Partner eating an object 10. Partner eating another object 11. Partner “hi-fiving” an object 12. Partner kissing an object 13. Your choice 14. Your choice 15. Your choice

Step 3: Grading – put photos in order and batch rename to conference for grade

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