All Levels Project: Inspirational Posters

I want you to take or use photographs you have to create 2 inspirational posters using Adobe InDesign CS5. Step 1: Watch Screencast and Select Quotes

1. View the screen-cast(s) made by Mrs. Boni on Blackboard to learn how to use InDesign 2. Select quotes and look for design ideas on the following sites: a. Educational Quotes: b. Poster design ideas: c. Inspirational Quotes: d. Family Quotes: e. Friendship Quotes: 3. QUOTES MAY NOT BE ANONYMOUS!

Step 2: Designing Posters

Take a photos or series of photos in which you can create 3 inspirational posters in InDesign that match the quote accurately. You will make them 11X17 size. You will make 2 posters: 1. Poster #1 – educational/school related quote 2. Poster #2 – friendship /family or inspirational quote Posters must include: 1. Appealing, readable font 2. Framing and/or colorized backgrounds 3. Clear and appropriate photograph(s) 4. Short quote that is NOT anonymous…author must be noted 5. Correct SPELLING

Step 3: Grading

1. Rename by last name and browse in bridge for a grade 2. Print best poster and give it to your teacher of choice to hang in their room for next year 