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Monday, April 16, 2012 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: I am pleased to offer a very strong recommendation for Ms.

Jennifer Badgley, a Fourth Grade teacher at South Peninsula Hebrew Day School. Ms. Jennifer Badgley is one of the most talented young educators that I have had the pleasure to work with in some time. As a classroom teacher, she is well grounded in her material, makes effective pedagogic choices and demonstrates flawless command of her class. Ms. Badgley manages her classroom extremely effectively through a clear and consistent set of positive incentives. I have had multiple opportunities to observe her teaching in the course of both planned as well as unannounced visits, and have consistently found her students working on task, without distraction. Beyond these strong fundamental skills, Ms. Badgley distinguishes herself in the use of project based learning and differentiation of instruction. Activities such as literary contests and a model stock exchange have served as an organizing framework for her instruction in multiple subjects. Her students are inspired, motivated and eager to work in such a setting. Ms. Badgleys comfort with differentiation of instruction is evident in her effective and frequent use of flexible grouping and tiered assignment strategies. Finally, Ms. Badgley is one of those proverbial "digital natives," an early adopter of technology who has used SMART Board lessons and Google based web sites to promote creative lesson planning and effective communication with her students.

As a whole, our children have excelled in Ms. Badgleys classroom, and we expect that she will be tremendously successful wherever she chooses to teach.
I would be glad to speak in depth about Ms. Badgleys qualifications, but otherwise offer my highest recommendation. Sincerely, Dr. Allen Selis Head of School