Definition of Sexual Pleasure According to Planned Parenthood, America’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider1, sexual

pleasure is the feeling we get when we are sexually aroused. Things we hear, see, smell, taste or touch may arouse us. This kind of pleasurable feelings may happen in the real world or in our imaginations, it may even occur in our dreams. When our partners or we touch our erogenous zones, we may become very aroused. Although any parts of our skin can be erogenous zones, each of us may have different feelings or sensations when our bodies are being touched, so not everyone have the same erogenous zones.2 There is another definition of sexual pleasure stated in the book named ”With Pleasure: Thoughts on the Nature of Human Sexuality”, sexual pleasure consists of those positively valued feelings induced by sexual stimuli. As our brains have positive sensation towards pleasurable experience, we will achieve sexual 3 pleasure because we can then feel the love from our partners.

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