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A project report is a descriptive statement which provide the required the required detailed information about the idea

generated fore investment. A preliminary project report is a statement of information related to

A) investment, labour , and raw material B) plant and machinery C) technical requirement D) profitability etc. it gives information about Management, financial, economic, technical, Profitability aspect of the project.

it act like a reference guide. It is a basis for obtaining loan The government sanction license or certificate of registration. It is like a controlling device It supplies information It is used as a basis by promoter to take investment It enable to evaluate the soundness of the project

Following are the broad head under which the complete information on relevant aspect is include in the project report 1 general information 2 project description 3 market potential 4 capital costs 5 assessment of working capital 6 other financial aspect 7 economic and social variable

General information Name of enterprise Project title Location Type of organization Name of the firm address

Technical specification of the product to be manufactured. Raw material including the source of supply. Manufacture process. Plant and machinery. Tools and equipment etc. Requirement of land and building. Location and layout of the plant.

Manpower Financial Marketing Other general topic


Background/r esearch

Project specification


Problem analysis



Solution design

Project report is a blueprint of the project. It gives complete information about the technical, economic, financial and managerial aspect of project.