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Deduplication has a maximum flexible volume size limit. If deduplication is to be used on a volume, that
volume must be within the size limit. If an attempt is made to enable deduplication on a volume that is


NetApp Deduplication for FAS and V-Series, Deployment and Implementation Guide

larger than the maximum volume size, it fails with an appropriate error message. If an upgrade occurs to
a version of Data ONTAP that has larger maximum flexible volume size limits, then the larger size limits
will be in effect once the upgrade is complete.

The maximum volume size limit varies based on the platform and Data ONTAP version. This is an
important consideration if the flexible volumes are moved to a different platform with a smaller maximum
flexible volume size.

Table 6 shows the deduplication maximum flexible volume size limits (including any snap reserve space)
for the different NetApp storage system platforms and versions of Data ONTAP. For versions of Data
ONTAP before 7.3.1, if a volume ever gets larger than its maximum flexible volume size limit and is later
shrunk to a smaller size, deduplication cannot be enabled on that volume.


NetApp Deduplication for FAS and V-Series, Deployment and Implementation Guide

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