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Video Season: 1

1- ON A PLANE: IA: would you like drink, sir? B: yes, a diet coke, please. A: ice and lemon? B: just lemon. A: here you are. B: thank you. IIA: coffee? Tea? B: coffee, please. A: milk? B: yes, please. A: sugar. B: no, thank. A: here you are. B: thanks.

2- SOCIAL ENGLISH A: hello, are you Marck Ryder? B: yes, are you Allie. A: yes, I am. B: Nice, to meet you. A: and you. Welcome to the UK. Your hotels in the city Centre. B: how far is it? A: its about 30 minutes if the traffics OK. B: great! A: would you like a coffee first? B: no, Im fine, themks. A: All right, lets go. My cars in the car park. Can I help you with your bags? B: No, Its OK.

3- DIALOGUE: A: good morning, Sir. B: hello, I have a reservation. My names Mark Ryder. A: can you spell that, please? B: R-Y-D-E-R A: For five nights. B: yes, thats right. A: can I have your passport, please. B: just a moment. Here you are. A: can you sign here, please? Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room? B: non-smoking, please. A: heres your key. Its room 425 on the fourth floor. B: thank you. Wheres the lift. A: Its over there. Do you need help with your bags? B: no, Its OK, thanks. A: enjoy your stay. Mr. Ryder B: Thank you