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Take a concept with the help of prepositions build a theory

Article Name: Shareholder Value, Stakeholder Management, and Social Issues Participation: Author Name: AMY J. HILLMAN and GERALD D. KEIM Construct: Shareholder Value Concept: Relationship between Shareholder Value and stakeholder Management & Shareholder Value and Social issues Participation Dependent: 1. Shareholder Value Independent: 1. Stakeholder Management 2. Social issues Participation Prepositions:

Shareholder Value

Social issues Participation

Stakeholder Management

We test the relationship between shareholder value, stakeholder management, and social issue participation, and shareholder value is our dependent variable and stakeholder management & social issues participation is our independents variable. We find the evidence that stakeholder management leads to improved shareholder value, social issues participation is negatively associated with shareholder value. So Social issue participation is negatively related to shareholder value creation and Social issue participation leads to decreased shareholder value creation, but stakeholder management is positively related to share holder value creation. If the stakeholder management leads to increase shareholder holder value creation.