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Published by: Colseph on Apr 24, 2012
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Oklahoma City Bombing

By; Cole Norman

What was the Oklahoma City Bombing?
• It was April, 19, 1995. It was just another regular day for workers headed to the Alfred P. Murrrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. But for Timothy James McVeigh it was going to be the day he killed 168 people and injured over 800.

Timothy James McVeigh’s childhood
• Timothy James McVeigh was born on April 23, 1968. He was what most would call a normal person growing up, until his parents split in 1978. After that he turned into a loner and stayed with his father. Timothy’s dad was an auto worker and was not home very often. As Timothy grew older he tried to fit in at different levels, such as playing sports, being part of clubs at school, and he was even named the most promising computer programmer at his high school. After high school, McVeigh attempted to attend a community college in upstate New York. He would not make it long before he found out that he did not fit in well with the college crowd.

Timothy McVeigh’s young adult life and military career
• After his failed college attempt, he decided to try and fit in with the military. He had known about people who had very successful careers in the military so he gave the Army a go. McVeigh was a great soldier and even got a bronze star for his acts of bravery during the First Gulf War(1990). McVeigh got into the military lifestyle, he was really into guns and the structure of the military world. After the First Gulf War McVeigh then went to Desert Storm. When McVeigh went to Desert Storm is when he started to dislike the military and government. He was shooting people and seeing all the killing of human beings. He tried out for the special forces and he almost made it, but he was not in the shape needed for the special assignment.

Where McVeigh lived and his travels
• When McVeigh left the military with an honorable discharge, he started to travel. His travels lasted only a few months before the Waco Siege occurred. The Waco Siege was a disagreement between the Branch Davidians and the ATF, when the ATF attempted to serve a search warrant and the Branch Davidians fired at the Federal Agents. The Branch Davidians are a group of people in a cult, and live by their own rules. McVeigh went down to Waco to help support the Branch Davidians by selling bumper stickers. McVeigh and Nichols had met while serving their time in the Army at basic training. Once the Federal Government attacked the Branch Davidians. These travels would take him to 40 different states, including Michigan, to visit his friend (who would later help him with the planning of the bomb) Terry Nichols. He called Decker, Michigan his mailing address (this was the home of Terry Nichols). He called it home because he spent most of his time there as well he trusted Nichols.

McVeigh was getting angry
• Over time McVeigh kept getting angrier about what the government was doing to the American people (such as attempting to take away their guns and freedoms). As well he found out about how they where attacking innocent people and innocent buildings and calling it collateral damage. McVeigh decided to start planning a form of action to try and get back at the Federal Government.

Where did it take place?
• The Oklahoma City bombing occurred in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. • The bombing occurred in the 200 block of N.W. 5th street, at the building known as the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
• This building was a Federal building that had Army, and Navy recruiters, also it housed a branch of the Social Security Administration, The United States of America Secret Service, The Drug Enforcement Agency, and a branch of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms). There was even a day care on the second floor. The Alfred P. Murrah building housed approximately 550 employees.

The bombing
• On the morning of April 19, 1995 workers and the general public alike where going into the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When at 9:02 A.M. a bomb exploded outside. The bomb destroyed the building and killed 168 people, 20 of whom where children. This bomb was not a foreign attack, but rather a disturbed U.S. citizen who was an ex Army soldier. The bomb was not just made up and done in a day, it took 2 years of careful planning.

The planning of the Oklahoma City Bombing
• • Timothy McVeigh was the mastermind behind the bombing, but he was not alone in this horrible attack inside the United States. He worked with two other individuals, one of them was Michael Fortier of Arizona, and Terry Nichols of Michigan. Timothy and Terry where the most involved with the bombing, they worked side by side to prepare the bomb, Terry even helped steal some of the equipment used in the bombing. Timothy was the one who delivered the bomb to downtown Oklahoma City. He as well was the one who came up with the idea. Michael Fortier got 10 years in prison because of his role in the bombing. He helped with the transportation of stolen goods as well as monitoring the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City before the bombing. The reason he got into trouble was mainly because he failed to report what was going to happen to any authorities.

• •

Right after the bombing with Timothy McVeigh
• • McVeigh was traveling north in his 1977 mercury when the unthinkable happened. He got pulled over 90 miles north of Oklahoma City, in a small town by the name of Perry, Oklahoma. He was pulled over because of a missing license plate. Just a few moments later he would be arrested for having a gun on his person. When the officer pulled Tim over he found a gun and was placed under arrest and taken to the Perry Jail. Once there he was awaiting court while back in Oklahoma City the FBI where trying to find a bomber. Timothy was in court when the FBI phoned their main officer in Virginia and asked if Timothy McVeigh had turned up anywhere in the country. Then a miracle happened for the FBI, McVeigh was already in jail in a small town just north of Oklahoma City. The FBI (just days after the bombing) rushed to Perry after finding out he was in court about to be released on bail.

• • •

• •

What happened in Perry?
• • • FBI and news casters where pouring into the small town of Perry. FBI soon went to the Perry court house jail, and asked to speak with Timothy McVeigh. Once McVeigh had been taken out of the court room (to be released on bail) they took him to a small cubical and the FBI started to question him. It was right after they questioned McVeigh that the FBI started to realize something, Oklahomans and even people around the country where mad. They realized that someone crazy enough may try to kill McVeigh by gun and hit an FBI agent instead. Once the FBI had questioned McVeigh, he went back to a cell, telling another inmate about how he could not have been the person to commit the bombing, that the person had minor flaws that he did not have. While in his cell the FBI thought of a way to transport him back to Oklahoma City safely the only way that came up was to transport him by the sheriffs van to a helipad and then fly him to Oklahoma City.

The nations response to the attack
• As soon as people found out where the bomber was, the immediately started to surround the Perry court house. The crowd would yell stuff like “Baby killer” and other things to try and bring guilt to the eyes of the bomber. • No matter what anyone said to him he kept a straight face and did not show any emotion at all. • The nation was quiet and simply watched as McVeigh was lead out of the Perry jail and led to a helicopter to be transported to Oklahoma City.

Who where the victims?
• The victims were mostly all what the government call innocent citizens. • The victims ranged anywhere from day care age children, all the way to Secret Service agents. • 148 adults died while 20 children where lost in the blast.

The aftermath of the bombing (and years later)
• After the Oklahoma City Bombing, the U.S. Government decided to put up barricades around all of their buildings simply because they do not want a repeat of history.

Who was the mastermind behind the blast?
• • The person who had plotted and committed the crime was a man by the name of Timothy James McVeigh. The second most involved person was a man by the name of Terry Nichols. His role in the bombing was helping McVeigh plan it out, and steal a few key ingredients for the bomb. He was at home when the blast went off and turned him self in immediately when he found out he was needed for questioning. He currently is serving his life sentence in Colorado. The third person involved with the bombing was Michael Fortier. Fortier’s was involved with the bombing by helping Nichols and McVeigh move stolen guns and survey the building prior to the bombing. He served 10 years out of his 12 year sentence and was released on good behavior. He is now released from prison and living in the witness protection program.

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