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Id Pa Rule Book 2005

Id Pa Rule Book 2005

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Published by: lmajoris on Apr 24, 2012
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Handguns permitted for use in this division must be:

A. Any revolver of .38 Caliber (.357” or larger) or larger that
utilizes ammunition with a rimmed case and is not reloaded
with a full moon clip.

B. Barrel length of 4.2” or less (as measured from the front of
the cylinder).

C. Have a maximum unloaded weight of 42 oz.

D. Be loaded to the division capacity of six (6) rounds in the
cylinder. Seven (7) and eight (8) shot revolvers are permitted,
but may only load six (6) rounds.

PERMITTED Modifications (Inclusive list):

1. Sights to another conventional notch and post type (see
“sights” in glossary for further information).


2. Action work to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is
maintained (smoothing the trigger face, removing the hammer
spur, use of over travel stop, conversion to DA only and
addition of ball detent are considered action work and are

3. Grips to another style or material that is similar to factory
configuration (no weighted grips).

4. Chamfer the rear of the chambers.

5. Shortening of factory barrels.

6. Custom finishes.

EXCLUDED Modifications (NON-Inclusive list):

1. Oversize or heavy barrels.

2. Oversize cylinder latches.

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