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Draft Goals and Objectives

Draft Goals and Objectives

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Published by Matt Ward
Approved at March 3rd public meeting
Approved at March 3rd public meeting

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Published by: Matt Ward on Apr 24, 2012
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1. Empower Local Residents & Strengthen Families
Reason for Goal: Partnerships can assist residents develop their personal capacities and readiness to succeed at family life or education. Financial literacy, parenting skills, and customized support for local residents are critical to individual and collective successes. As residents acquire these new capacities, local community-based organizations with which they work are also strengthened, and can significantly contribute to the individual and collective empowerment of residents living in Greenville. Objectives to be Addressed: Education, Community Building, After-school Programs, Recreational/Cultural/Neighborhood events, Youth Mentorships/Apprenticeship Programs, Social Service Provisions, etc.

2. Ensure Economic Opportunity for Residents & Vitality of MLK Drive
Reason for Goal: Development directly influences changes in employment and income opportunities in communities. Incentives for economic development can formulate a long-range economic revitalization strategy for individual residents and Greenville’s commercial core (MLK Drive). By recognizing the interplay of development, commerce, employment, recreation, aesthetics, tourism, and amenities, Greenville can make significant advances in economic prosperity. Greenville, in conjunction with City officials and private industry should promote coordinated public-private co-investment in order to support balanced economic development, while encouraging the development of a diverse base of retail establishments along MLK Drive. It is equally important to develop incentives to encourage the development or appropriate temporary use of underutilized property. Objectives to be Addressed: Job-training, Employment, Attracting new business that serves neighborhood’s needs, etc.

3. Improve Housing Quality & Neighborhood Amenities
Reason for Goal: Quality mixed-income housing that enhances a sense of community among neighborhood residents can lead to attractive customer-friendly commercial streets, contribute to investments for green spaces that offer much-needed recreational amenities and can be a catalyst to investments in a diverse array of transportation options that can mend the community fabric and revitalize the urban form of Greenville. Objectives to be Addressed: Housing, Transportation, Recreation, Streetscaping & Beautification, etc.

4. Create a Safe Place to Live, Work, & Play
Reason for Goal: Crime continues to be a major deterrent for prospective residents and businesses looking to invest in Greenville. If community members work to improve and maintain the physical neighborhood, and partner with local police, these programs are more likely to prevent crime because visual cues of an improved neighborhood can change perceptions and fears for both residents and outsiders about community involvement and concern. Objectives to be Addressed: Community Policing, Cameras, Lighting, Code Enforcement, Community Watch Programs, Clean Up Programs, etc.
Greenville Community Plan Public Meeting – March 3, 2012

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