Cardinals Word Sort: Short u (CVC) and Long u (CVCe and CVVC) Objectives Students will identify and

recognize short and long u sounds. Students will explain the reasoning of their word study sorts Procedures Begin by reading and discussing the meaning of the words. Ask students what they notice about the spelling of each word. Have students say the words slowly and draw out the middle sounds so that they can identify them. Ask them what sounds they hear in the words. If needed, help them identify if each word is a long or short u sound. As students say the words, have them put them into their own columns and explain their reasoning. Questions: Why did you sort the way you did? What else did you notice about the words we sorted? Next, students will scramble the words and then sort their words onto their word study columns. Check and reflect with students about their columns. Make sure they recognize the patterns (CVC, CVCe, and CVVC). Discuss why built and build are oddballs (they contain the ui pattern but not the long u sounds). In conclusion, have students play “trick your partner” with each other.

Evaluation Students will be evaluated by their sorting and explanations. Resources Word study worksheet with columns Word family cut outs

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