The Run Wrap-up: A smashing success & gratitude that will last a lifetime!

by rebecca on March 18, 2012 by Dr. Dennis Godby, ND | on November 22, 2011 It is expected that being the first run of its kind (four family members running across the USA and living out of an old RV), there were many things that I would have done differently. That being said, from my perspective as: the founder of The Run, one of the four runners, and as the administrator of The Run on the road for four months, I believe it was a smashing success! As I reflect on The Run on the first morning back on the West Coast in Sacramento (after being gone for over 124 days), where the ideas for The Run were germinated, I am filled with awe, inspiration and a tremendous sense of gratitude for all of you that have regularly ready this column and have contributed so greatly to the realization of our dream to inspire the nation with natural medicine and to prevent the I haven t yet written on the finale in Bridgeport, because we were working practically around the clock to get things done so that we could return to California yesterday, and it was not a reflection on all that Jonas, Jeremiah and Isaiah ran into Bridgeport ahead of the motor home; Jonas called me to report on what was happening at the University of Bridgeport, and was so excited and emotional at what he saw when he ran into Wheeler Rec Center, that he couldn t help but call and share his excitement! It meant the world to the three runners who had just completed 3,000 miles!

Images by Michael Gillan leg recoverer to the run