Exercise Week 4 Concept Check 1

MAT/116 Exercise Week 4 Concept Check Axia College of University of Phoenix Lavora Moses Instructor: Mrs. Jenell Sargent Date: January 13, 2012

Exercise Week 4 Concept Check 2 Explain in your own words why the line x = 4 is a vertical line. By looking at the equation you are able to tell the graph will be a vertical line. To the y-axis the graph will be parallel. A graph equation of lets’ say x=a the vertical line going through a, 0. Using any number for y does not change the x value which will always be 4. If I made y equal any number x would still stay the same, as 4. The x coordinate of all points on a graph is the same, creating a vertical line. All of these points on the line are equal and perpendicular distance from y-axis. All x factors on the line will always be a perpendicular line from y-axis.

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