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The Last Theorists!

Bathes Hall Jameson Foucault

Bathes Semiotics
The study of signs and symbols (denotative and connotative) Bathes argues that the interpretation of meaning lies with the audience and depends on the experiences, interests, beliefs and culture they bring with them (multiple meanings)

How could we interpret these texts differently? Flight of the Conchords The Inbetweener Scott Pilgram Hot Fuzz Scream

Hall again focuses on the audience and the different reading they can make of a text But in this case individuality is downplayed and it is more about the relationship between the audience and the producer/institution making the text The Producer will have in mind a way in which they want their text to be read and we as an audience can either accept or reject that reading

Hegemonic Reading
Reader accepts and reproduces the preferred meanings of the text (as set by the institution)

Negotiated Reading
Reader broadly accepts the preferred reading but resists or modifies elements

Oppositional Reading
Reader understands the preferred reading but rejects it

Reading Hegemonic FOTC Catfish Lady Gaga Aspirational TV



Pomo for Jameson is all about the modern day and how it has lost connects to the past. In regards to reality Jameson argues that we make no effort to get to know the real but instead like and get to know the exaggerated replicas of people (simulacra Hyperreality)
Less on concern about the past The entertainment value is more important than historical accuracy/ meaning eg Music Vidoes Historical deafness We live in the here and now (instantaneous)


Panopitcalisation gaining power through watching We live in a society where we are always being watched and want to be watched We like watching other people


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