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II B.Tech II Semester (R05) Supplementary April/May 2012 Examinations ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Time: 3 hours Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks ***** 1. (a) Describe the construction of a dc machine. (b) What do you understand by self-excitation in a dc-generator? What are the conditions for self-excitation? 2. (a) A 480 V dc shunt m otor has output o f 8 kW,when r unning at 750 r.p.m. T he resistances o f ar mature and sh unt field ci rcuits are 1 .2 and 800 respectively. T he efficiency at that full load is 83 percent. Calculate (a) the no-load armature current. (b) the sp eed a t the motor current o f 12A and (c) t he ar mature cu rrent w hen t he gross torque is 60Nm. Assume the flux to remain constant. (b) A 230V dc shunt motor w ith an a rmature resistance o f 0 .1 and full l oad ar mature current of 145A is braked by plugging,while running at a speed of 500 r.p.m. Estimate the value of the resistance to to be add ed in armature circuit to limit the initial braking current to 200A. Find speed at which the braking torque is 75% of its initial value. 3. (a) Draw a general equivalent circuit for a single-phase transformer. How it will changes at very high frequencies? (b) A 13800/2300 V, 50KVA ideal transformer operates at full load. (a) Find the turns ratio and the rated current for each winding . (b) Determine the m agnitude o f t he l oad i mpedance co rresponding to full load referred to (i) high voltage side and (ii) low voltage side. 4. The open-circuit and short-circuit tests were performed on a 50KVA transformer. The following results were obtained: o.c test: Primary voltage=3300V, Secondary voltage=400V primary power=430watts. s.c test: Primary voltage =124 v, Primary current=15.3A; Primary power=525 w, Secondary current= full load. Calculate (a) the efficiency at full load and half load for 0.7 P.F, (b) the voltage regulation for P.F 0.7 (i) lagging and (ii) leading . Describe the principle o f oper ation o f a 3 . p hase i nduciton motor. D erive t he relation between stator supply frequencyand rotor induced E.M.F frequency. Describe the p rinciple o f ope ration o f al ternator w ith neat s ketch and ex plain construction and design of rotor circuit. Write short notes on: (a) AC Servomotor. (b) AC tachometers. (c) Stepper motor. With neat sketch explain the basic princpiple of moving iron instrument (MI). ***** Max Marks: 80

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