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PHILIPPINES : Jose Rizals Time (19th century Philippines) Spanish Period (1565 1898) Spanish colonialism in the Philippines

es 1565 1600 1600 1700 Efficient colonial governance 1700 1800 1800 1898 decline & weakening of Spanish colonial power.

Jose Rizal June 19,1861 December 30,1896 Social Class PENINSULARES Spaniards born in Spain (or Mexico) and resided in the colony. INSULARES Spaniards born in the colony. PRINCIPALIA privileged class composed of indigenous inhabitants that used to be pre-colonial ruling class (former datus and maharlikas) INDIOS native or indigenous population RACIAL COMPOSITION during the Spanish Period in the Philippines EUROPEANS Spaniards from Spain & Mexico MESTIZO or CREOLE - people of mixed European or foreign and Indigenous heritage or descent INDIO indigenous inhabitants FOREIGNERS British, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Hindu, Arabs Biographers of Rizal Austin Craig Lineage, Life and Labors of Rizal (1913) Austin Coates Carlos Quirino The Great Malayan (1940) Camilo Osias Jose Rizal, Life and Times (1949) Rafael Palma The Pride of the Malay Race (trans.1949) Leon Ma. Guerrero The First Filipino (1963) Austin Coates Rizal (1969) Gregorio Zaide Jose Rizal (1970) MERCADO to RIZAL Original surname was MERCADO chosen in 1731 by Francisco Mercado. Meaning Mercado market Rizal green fields 1849 Gov. Gen. Narciso Claveria mandated that all inhabitants of the colony was to adopt a surname. But the new surname Rizal was used after 1872. ABILITIES of young Rizal artist sketches, sculpture writer - At the age of 8 first poem Sa Aking Mga Kabata first drama (performed play) Tagalog comedy