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Criterion A: KNOWLEDGE AMRITA 8 PURPLE. 1. What movement techniques were used in the performance?

? One of the groups that I saw preform a movement/dance for a particle song had different types of movement techniques. Here were the different types of movement techniques that I saw during the performance; Shape, size, pace, flocking, synchronization, Weight balance, different levels, timing. 2. What was the effect of each movement technique? (Why was it used?) These movement techniques were used in this performance because the group wanted the atmosphere of the surrounding to feel the mood and what they were conveying and also they wanted the audience to feel their emotions and grab their attention. Their emotion was calm and to express this emotion they need different typed of movement techniques to bring out the emotion, also the selection of the song to bring a bigger impact. They used shape and size, to explain the emotion. Like if someone is happy they would be big and open, and if someone is sad, they would go down as small as they can. 3. Describe a moment in the piece that was effective in communicating emotion. 4. How was this achieved in relation to your knowledge of movement? One of the groups moment during the piece was effective in communicating their emotion. It was when they went into a diamond from a straight line. They started to use one of the movement techniques, flocking, they were copying one person action. It was very synchronized and the pace they went, to match up with their movement and music. They used space too, so you could see each of their actions. 5. Name another moment which could be improved and state how? The group should improve the moments, when they are standing in a line, going to different levels. They should sharpen the moments and directions better. E.g.

Movement technique

Why this technique was used?