ch:1 half duplx, full duplx, topology:bus, mesh.. defntn of LAN,MAN,WAN.

advntg of netwrk ch:2 OSI model & TCP/IP model ch:3 define composite signal, SNR,throughput. relatn betwn wavelength & frequency, define attenuation, distortion,noise ch:4 read full ch:5 from pdf (PSK,QAM) ch:6 pdf(diffrnc betwn FDM & TDM). what do u mean by asynchronous TDM? ch:7 draw the diag of the classes of transmission medium. what is RJ45? adv & working principle of fiber optic cable ch:10 error correction & detection (pdf) ch:11 flow control (pdf), HDLC frame diag, piggy backing, PPP frame format from book ch:12 diffrnce betwn CSMACA & CSMACD. workng princple of ALOHA & CSMACD ch:15 backbone network, V-LAN short note with diag ch:16 diffrnce betwen GEO,LEO & MEO satellites ch:19 diffrnc betwn IPV4 &IPV6, diffrnc betwn classful & classless addressing, functionality of submasking,NAT,what is unicast,multicast & broadcast ch:20 IPV4 diag(datagram format) ch:21 RARP, ICMP diag, ICMP error reporting ch:22 diffrnc betwn reverse path forwarding & reverse path backwarding ch:23 datagram format of UDP(diag), TCP segment format(diag), TCP control field(diag) ch:24 discuss TCP's congestion control ch:25 FQDN,PQDN, what gen is in generic domain & inverse domain, DNS header format diag, query response diag ch:26 Telnet, FTP port diag

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