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Answer the following: 1. QTP supports three modes of recoding a. High b. Low c. Medium d. Analog e.

a b and d VBS can be embedded in QTP scripts a. True b. False There are four types of exception handling in QTP using Recovery manager a. Application Error b. Test Run Error, Popup c. Object d. Web e. a, b, c Output value is used for reading the dynamic value that appears in a test object a. Yes b. No WinRunner Scripts can be run in QTP, only if we have WinRunner and QTP installed a. True b. False What is the extension of the object repository in the per-Action mode a. .mtr b. .mts c. .tsr d. .tsl e. none of the above executefile is the a utility statement used for executing a .vbs file in a action a. true b. false The default no of iterations for an Action is a. Run on one row b. Run on all rows c. Run on a range of rows d. A or b e. None of the above How do we log a event status to the QTP test results, which is the object used a. Reporter b. Report event c. Reporter.ReportEvent d. None of the above The Data written to the DataTable object at Run Time can be viewed only in the RunTime DataSheet which is in the Test Results 0f QTP a. Yes b. No Which is the utility statement used for stopping a iteration a. ExitGlobaliteration b. Exitactioniteration c. exitAction d. Stoplocal and stopglobal iteration e. a and b The function or Subroutine defined in a action can be called across various other actions by declaring the function and subroutine as public a. True b. False QTP can be used for testing mainframe and any unix applications using

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a. b. c. d. e.

Mainframe plugin Unix plugin RTE plugin A and b None of the above