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Consumer Behavior Topics

Section B Topic The Influence of Music in Advertising Brand Influence: How the Brands You Buy Change Who You Are Does Color Matter Consumer Reaction To Products Endorsed By Specific Celebrities Shopaholic Behavior evaluated in the light of consumer behavior The role of experiential value in online shopping Consumer behavior analysis in selection of a bank Retailing - Choosing The Right Location Consumer Behavior analysis on I lose my Ipod, I lose part of my identity The effect of music tempo on consumer behavior in a restaurant Consumer Behavior in a service context 2 8 3 9 6 11 1 7 4 5 10 Group No Presentation Date 10-04-2012 10-04-2012 12-04-2012 12-04-2012 17-04-2012 17-04-2012 19-04-2012 19-04-2012 24-04-2012 24-04-2012 26-04-2012

Requirements Two Researches (journals from the library Two articles (published and not blogs) Ads and others to support your topic 10 pages font size 12, times new roman or Calibri, 1.5 line spacing, margins of 1.0 all four sides Formal Presentations after the second hourlys, dates will be assigned shortly (presentation will be of 15 mins and all members of the group will present ) HARD /SOFT COPY MUST BE SUBMITTED ON DATE OF PRESENTATION AT

Group 1 Ezaz Rasul Adnan Jaitapker Shehzad Dayala Hassan Group2 Samran Ali Jahanzeb Malik Samarah Anees Group3 Tariq Ali Qasim Marium Javed Anum Hijab Rabia Alavi Group4 Marium Aman Bassir Masood Faryal Zahid Anum Tariq Group5 Sarena Salim Wafa Zehra Naqvi Mohammed Tobeh Kazim Raza Group 6 Zain Saeed

Zara Tazeen Anum Zehra

Group 7 Saad Akbar Ammar Ahsan Junaid Kelker Group8 Aisha Khalil Danish Riaz Qasim Husaini Group9 Hira Shamim Sarwana Muhammed Saad Hamza Mahfooz Ahsan Dinar Group 10 Sara Shahab Lodhi Vinod Perkash Ahsan Dahar Group 11 Syed Samee Amhad Vijay Kumar