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Angkor Hospital for Children Faculty Development Course

Teaching in the Outpatient Setting

Lecturers Notes What are the challenges of outpatient teaching? It might be this (pictures) Balance between seeing patients and teaching, too many patients, too cramped Attitude Good teaching starts with us The best clinical teachers are described as: o Enthusiastic o Clear and organized o Interact well with students The focus shouldnt be on us. Listen more, talk less - When you ask a question, let people respond (avg 1s, give 5s) 2nd slide: Be in the moment dont think about other things when the student is talking to you. Dont text, write other charts, look things up. Orient Them Tell your juniors what you want to see from them - Give examples for each point o What you want them to examine o How to present a patient o How to write a progress note o How many to see and how many to present to you nd 2 slide: Now this doesnt exist but it would be helpful not just for the junior doctors, but the volunteers. Role Model See the patient together (one-on-one or in a group) o Especially with new doctors o Saves time o Teaches much more than just talking alone o Learning as a group can be less threatening and provides accountability (everyone knows what is expected) 2nd slide: What are some things you just cant teach without role modeling? How to ask questions, examine a patient, make them feel comfortable, do a procedure. Dont Get Stuck in a Rut Dont do the same thing over and over again just because thats how youve always done it. Sometimes the way things are always done isnt the best way 2nd slide: Not as drastic as lobotomy just having fun. But very well accepted way of doing something 3rd slide: It took people to do something different from the mainstream and develop antipsychotic medicines Give feedback Positive and negative You did a great job on this chart because you developed a clear problem list Next time, take a little more time explaining how to take the medicines properly. o Be timely o Be specific o Be constructive provide solutions. Dont just say what went wrong o Allow the student to respond o Focus on the positive