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Russian Navy-future Development

Russian Navy-future Development

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Published by: Alexutza Siea on Apr 25, 2012
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We are all aware of the naval power that USA posesses, it is hard not to be aware while the US ships

are cruising the seas and oceans all around the world. There is a strong reason why almost everyone consideres US Navy to hold the first place on the top most powerful navies of the globe. I will try in this brief presentation to make you look East to another country, one that maybe can rise to the status of the chalenger for US Navy. Russia has the longest coastline in the world 38,000 km (its coastline is twice the length of that of the United States), it is washed by two oceans and twelve seas, 70% of Russian boundary lies in sea waters. Russia has land borders with only 18 countries, and by sea it has dealings with and co-operates in the political, economic, commercial, cultural, scientific research and military sphere with some 125 states. During the cold war the Soviet Navy was one of the largest and strongest navies in the world, but after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, due to political and especially economic crises, the Russian Navy as with all Russian Armed Forces is embroiled in the same crises as rest of the countries. The Russian navy also suffered from downsizing. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian Navy has been reduced by half. Russia retained only 66 percent (113) of the 170 factories and enterprises directly supporting naval shipbuilding. The current state of the Russian Navy and the outlook for its future development are the cause of some concern to her sailors, due to, firstly, Russia's Naval power is diminishing, the shipbuilding industry will be incapable of turning out nuclear submarines and ocean going vessels. Secondly, since 1992, the inventory of vessels has shrunk by a half and naval aviation by 60 percent; ageing of vessels and armament varies from 70 percent to 30 percent according to the type. In order to deal with this, the Russian Navy reduced operations and removed from operational status those ships and submarines with less than half of their planned service remaining. This has resulted in the complete elimination of several classes of ships and submarines, remaining the need for many costly overhauls, nuclear refuelling, and a reduction in the navy's manpower requirements, allowing for the elimination and consolidation of some navy formations. No part of the Navy was spared. Russia is still the largest country in the world. It possesses vast resources and has the potential to overcome its economic crisis. The most encouraging thing is the naval units are regularly visiting and carrying out exercises with other countries especially western navies, exchanging officers, which is a good step to improve the image of Russia as well as the Russian Navy and to foster detente. The regular Russian Navy was originally established by Peter the Great (Peter I) in October of 1696. Nowadays the Russian Navy possesses the vast majority of the former Soviet naval forces, and currently comprises :

1. Northern Fleet
The Russian Northern Fleet, established as a modern formation in 1933, is headquartered at Severomorsk and spread around various bases in the Murmansk area. This is the main fleet of the Russian Navy and as currently consists of:
• • • • • • •

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier or "heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser”(1) Kirov class nuclear-powered cruiser (2) Slava class cruiser (1) Udaloy class destroyer (5) Sovremennyy class destroyer (2) Delta IV class submarine (6) Typhoon class submarine (1)

• • • • • •

Oscar class submarine (3) Sierra class submarine (2) Akula class submarine (6) Victor class submarine (4) Kilo class submarine (6) Borei class submarine (2) 2 in sea trials

4. The fleet also has various other leased facilities on the Crimean Peninsula and facilities in Krasnodar Kray. The Black Sea Fleet The Black Sea Fleet. Baltic Fleet The Baltic Fleet. Karantinnaya. Kaliningrad Oblast. patrol ships. . light amphibious war ships and support ships. with its headquarters in the city of Kaliningrad. Caspian Flotilla The Caspian Flotilla. is based in Astrakhan and Makhachkala with its headquarters in Astrakhan. and Streletskaya Bays in Sevastopol which is also the location of its headquarters. The Fleet consists of: • Tartarstan/Gepard class frigate (1) The Fleet also includes a small number of corvettes and patrol ships. patrol and coastal protection ships. light amphibious ships and support and logistic ships. established on 2 May 1783 and is based at the Sevastopol. 2. is based in Baltiysk and Kronshtadt. 3. The Fleet consists of: • • • • • Sovremennyy class destroyer (2) Burevestnik class frigate (1) Neustrashimy class frigate (2) Kilo class submarine (2) Lada class submarine (1) The Baltic Fleet also includes many corvettes.The Fleet also includes many corvettes. and at Novorossiysk in Krasnodar Kray. minehunters. The Fleet consists of: • • • • • Slava class cruiser (1) Kara class cruiser (1) Kashin class destroyer (1) Burevestnik class frigate (2) Kilo class submarine (1) The Fleet also includes a small number of corvettes. established on 4 November 1722. patrol ships. established on 18 May 1703.

2.1 ordered + 4 planned o SVYATITEL NIKOLAY .16 billion) allocated for military rearmament. Borei class submarine . be commissioned) K 550 ALEKSANDR NEVSKIY . missile Bulava. launched 6. Pacific Fleet The Pacific Fleet. The program covering the period until 2015 is expected to replace 45% of the military inventory in the army and navy.Was planned to be laid down in 2010 3.1 ordered .BALLISTIC MISSILE SUBMARINES 1.Laid down in 2004.5. The ship's stability allows the armament and machinery to be operated at up to sea state 5 levels. for the first time in Soviet and Russian history. perform anti-submarine and air defense.9 trillion rubles ($192. Will be laid down in 2012 and delivered in 2016. the development of the navy on an equal footing with strategic nuclear forces.800 nautical miles (10741km). 25% will go into building new ships. An aft flight deck and hangar provides facilities for two Ka-27 helicopters. These are some of the new ships of the Russian Navy: 1. Upgraded Borei II class submarine . a rearmament program until 2015 puts. on sea trials. mine warfare vessels. Out of 4.On sea trials. The Fleet consists of: • • • • • • • Slava class cruiser (1) Sovremennyy class destroyer (1) Udaloy class destroyer (4) Delta III class submarine (3) Oscar class submarine (2) Akula class submarine (5) Kilo class submarine (7) The Pacific Fleet also includes coastal combatants such as corvettes and patrol ships.5 knots.The ship is intended to engage major surface combatants and submarines. Planned to enter service in 1st half 2011 (if her main armament. support and logistic ships and light amphibious ships. planned to be commissioned in late 2012 K ??? VLADIMIR MONOMAKH . an economical speed of 18 knots with a maximum range of 5.12. Recently approved. established on 10 May 1731 and is headquartered in Vladivostok and based around Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.NUCLEAR ATTACK SUBMARINES • Yasen class submarine .Laid down in 2006 2. The propulsion system allows a top speed of 29. as well as fire support for landing operations.DESTROYER Multi-purpose nuclear destroyer represents the fourth generation of Russian surface fighting ships.3 ordered o o o K 535 YURIY DOLGORUKIY .2010.

Planned to be delivered in 2014 2010 and planned to be delivered in 2012 GEPARD CLASS FRIGATE • Gepard class corvette .Will be laid down in 2011 o K 329 SEVERODVINSK 4.Laid down in 2006. On sea trials and planned to be delivered in 2011 Yasen M class submarine .2 ordered .Will be laid down in autumn 2011.6 ordered + 14-24 more planned o o ??? ADMIRAL FLOTA SOVETSKOGO SOYUZA GORSHKOV .2 ordered + 5 planned In 2011 was project suspended. • • Improved Kilo class submarine . Class will not enter into service.need to be confirmed) o B 261 NOVOROSSIYSK .• . Planned to be commissioned in 2014 Lada class submarine .Laid down in 8 July 2011 Planned to be delivered in 2013 o ADMIRAL MAKAROV .[107] Planned to be commissioned in 2014 o B ??? ??? .Laid down in August 2010 [105] Planned to be commissioned in 2013 [106] o B 237 ROSTOV NA DONU .Laid down in 18 December 2010 Planned to be delivered in 2013 o ADMIRAL ESSEN .3 ordered [102] + 3 more planned [103] (probably ordered . Launched 2010.Laid down in November 2011. Planned to be delivered in 2014 SERGEY GORSHKOV CLASS • Gorshkov class frigate . Planned to be delivered in 2015 o K .FRIGATES GRIGOROVICH CLASS FRIGATE 6 ordered o ADMIRAL GRIGOROVICH .1 ordered + 8 planned to be delivered by 2020 o K KAZAN .Laid down in 1993.Laid down in 2009.Will be laid down in 2011.Laid down in 2006 .Laid down in 2009. as it failed to achieve required standards o B 586 KRONSHTADT . Was launched on 29 October ??? ADMIRAL FLOTA KASATONOV .Laid down in 2005 .construction suspended 5.construction suspended o B 587 SEVASTOPOL .CONVENTIONAL ATTACK SUBMARINES In State Arms Program 2011-2020 is planned to build up to 20 submarines.

planned to be laid down in 12.2011.4 ordered o ??? PROVORNYY -Laid down on 26 May 2011 BUYAN CLASS 6. Planned to be delivered in 2012 o ??? SOVERSHENNYY . o ??? ??? . Planned to be delivered in 2012 or later (status unclear) o ??? STOIKIY . commissioned in 2014 and will be assigned to Pacific Fleet.2 ordered + 4 more planned o IVAN GREN .planned to be commissioned in 2016. It will be completed in Russia with about 40% built in France. 7.Production probably ongoing from 2010 but not laid down.2011.Laid down in 2004.planned to be laid down in 2012. commissioned in 2015 and will be assigned to Pacific Fleet.14 ordered + 10 planned o ??? BOIKIY .1 ordered + 3 planned o Alexandrit . Planned to be laid down in 2011.status unclear service by end of 2011 STEREGUSHCHIY CLASS CORVETTE • Steregushchiy class corvette .2 ordered + 2 planned o ??? ??? . Will be launched in 2012 Technological world record is set to Medium-Nevsky Shipyard (SNSZ). It will be completed in France with its rear part (about 20%) built in Russia.o o ??? DAGESTAN .MINESWEEPERS • Project 12700 Alexandrit class minesweeper . launched on 15 April.LANDING SHIPS • Ivan Gren class landing ship .Laid down in 2006. For the first time in the world are successfully implemented completely fill the composite hull of a vessel about 1. planned to enter ??? BUREVESTNIK .000 tons.4. part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).laid down in 1994.Laid down in 2005. launched 1. Planned to be launched in 2011 and delivered in 2012 o . .laid down in 22 September 2011. It will be completed in France with about 40% built in Russia. Planned to be delivered in 2012 o Improved Steregushchiy class corvette .Laid down in 2006. o ??? ??? .AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT SHIPS • Mistral amphibious assault ship .2011. 8.

unknown number of ships ordered o ??? MB-12 .unknown number of ships ordered o 982 Grachonok . Delivery expected in 2011 o ??? D-??? .Launched on July or August 2011.5 ordered for Caspian Flotila.AUXILIARY VESSELS • Project 745MB sea-going tug .Laid down in 2006. launched in 2009. Delivery expected in 2012 10. will be assigned to Black Sea Fleet.10 ordered. 9.LANDING CRAFT • Dyugon Class Landing Craft (project 21820) .o ??? ??? . Will be assign to Northern fleet Project 16609 tug .unknown number of ships ordered Project 21980 anti-terror ship .planned to be commissioned in 2017. It will be completed in Russia with about 20% built in France. o ??? D-105 ATAMAN PLATOV . Active before 24 December Project 21300 ocean-going salvage ship o ??? Igor Belousov .will be delivered in 2011 Project 90600 harbour tug . The first.under construction.Launched on 30 July 2011. launched in mid-Apr. • • • • .

Cruise Power 21. Total Combined Power 54.5 knots top speed.4 x diesel generators (1.650 KW.16 x 3M54TE (SS-N-27) cruise missiles or 91RTE2 Anti shipping rockets Aircraft carried: 2 x Ka-28/Ka-31 Aviation facilities: Helipad and hangar .500 hp each) .300 kW.3ft) Installed power: Boost Power 33.500 hp each) . 22.1 x AK-130 130mm twin-barrel multi-purpose gun . 14.48 x 48N6E2 or 192 x 9M96E SAM .TPU/4 launchers for 91RE1 anti-submarine rocket or torpedoes (UGST or UETT type) . Vinyetka-EM towed sonar array Armament: .Kashtan CIWS . 18 knots economical speed Endurance: 30 days Complement: 300 Sensors and processing systems: .250 KW.560 KW.420 kW Propulsion: .2 x DT-59 boost gas turbines (16.7ft) Beam: 19m (62.675 hp each) Speed: 29.3ft) Draught: 5.533mm torpedo tubes for UGST . Fregat MAE-4K Surface search radar: Mineral-ME Fire control radar: 5P-10-02E fire control radar Sonar: Zarya-ME-03 hull-mounted sonar system.2 x D090 cruise gas turbines (10.000 tonnes (full) Length: 163m (534.Air search radar: Fregat MAE-3.6m (18.DESTROYER Preceded by: Sovremenny class/Udaloy-class destroyers Class and type: Destroyer Displacement: 9.3Ts-14E launchers with 91RTE2 anti-submarine rockets . 1.120 kW.

720 t surfaced .6 × 533 mm torpedo tubes .24.1 × AEU steam turbine .1 × ОК-650В nuclear reactor .14. 52 enlisted Armament: .16 × RSM-56 Bulava SLBMs with 6-10 MIRVed warheads . Russian designation. also Dolgorukiy Preceded by: Delta IV class. Typhoon class Planned: 8 Completed Type: Ballistic missile submarine Displacement: .1 × shaft and propeller (pump-jet) Speed : Submerged: 29 knots (54 km/h) Surfaced: 15 knots (28 km/h) Range: Unlimited except by food stores Test depth: planned 450m Complement: 55 officers.RPK-2 Viyuga cruise missiles .5 m Draught: 10 m Propulsion: .BALLISTIC MISSILE SUBMARINES BOREI CLASS SUBMARINE Name: Borei (Борей).000 t submerged Length: 170 m Beam: 13.

NUCLEAR ATTACK SUBMARINES GRANEY CLASS SSN Name: Yasen (or Graney) Preceded by: Akula class Building: 1 Planned: 10 Completed: 1 (in trials). 10x torpedo tubes (8x650mm and 2x533mm). . 4 on order Active: 0 Displacement: 9.4m Propulsion: 1x KPM type pressurized water reactor Speed: 20kn surfaced.800 submerged Length: 120m Beam: 15m Draught: 8. 35kn+ submerged max Range: unlimited except by food supplies Test depth: 600 meters Complement: 95 [~30–35 officers] Sensors and processing systems: Rim Hat ESM/ECM Snoop Pair Surface Search Radar Armament: 24 (8x3) VLS P-800 Oniks or RK-55 Granat missiles. 28kn submerged silent.500 surfaced 11.

four KT-216 decoy launchers Armament: Guns and missiles: 1 x 100mm (3.2 metres Propulsion: 2 × DS-71 gas turbines and 2 × DT-59 boost turbines. Nucleus-2 6000A Air search radar: Fregat M2EM Fire control: JSC 5P-10E Puma FCS. 2 x Kashtan CIWS systems. 3R14N-11356 FCS. driving two shafts. MR-90 Orekh SAM FCS Electronic warfare and decoys: TK-25E-5 EW suite.850 tons Full: 4. Ka-31 helicopter .200 km) at 18 knots (33 km/h) Endurance: 30 days Complement: 220 Crew: 190 Sensors and processing systems: Surface search radar: 3Ts-25E Garpun-B.9 in) A-190E gun.2 metres Draught: 4.500 mi (7.035 tons Length: 124. one 1 x 3S-90 launcher for 9M317 (SA-N-12) SAMs. 8 x Igla-1E (SA-16) SAMs Anti-submarine: 1 x RBU-6000 rocket launcher. MR-212/201-1. Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h) Range: 4. 2 x twin 533mm torpedo tubes Aircraft carried: 1 Ka-28.FRIGATES Name: Admiral Grigorovich Builders: Yantar Shipyard Preceded by: Burevestnik-class frigate Building: 2 Planned: 6 Type: Guided Missile Frigate Displacement: Standard: 3. 8-cell VLS for 3M-54E Klub and BrahMos missiles.8 metres Beam: 15.

two 10Д49 diesels 5.1 x 130mm Arsenal A-192M naval gun .5mm MPTU mounted KPV machine guns Aircraft carried: 1 x Ka-27 series helicopter Aviation facilities: Helipad and hangar for one helicopter .2 x Palash CIWS .SERGEY GORSHKOV CLASS Preceded by: Neustrashimy-class frigate Building: 2 Planned: 20 Class and type: Frigate Type: Project 22350 Displacement: 4. Total: 65. 9M96 and 9M100 anti-air missiles . 3M54 Kalibr (SS-N-27) anti-ship missiles and 91RE anti-submarine missiles . Vinyetka towed array sonar Navigation: ? Armament: .000 kW) Speed: 30 kn (56 km/h. two М90ФР gas turbines 27.500 tonnes (full) Length: up to 135 m (443 ft) Beam: 16 m (52 ft) Draught: 4.2 x 14.2 x 8 3S14 UKSK VLS cells fitted with 3M55 Oniks (SS-N-26).4 x 8 Redut VLS cells which can house 48N6.500 shp (20.4 x 533mm torpedo tubes .200 shp (3. 35 mph) Range: 4000 nmi at 14 knots (26 km/h) Endurance: 30 days Complement: 180-210 Sensors and processing systems: Air search radar: Furke 2. 4x Poliment search & targeting radar Surface search radar: ? Fire control radar: 5P-10 Puma for A-192M Sonar: Zarya M hull mounted sonar suite.000 shp (48.900 kW).2 x 4 RPK-9 Medvedka-VE (SS-N-29) anti-submarine missiles .500 kW).5 m (15 ft) Propulsion: CODAG with 2 shafts.

2x2 533mm torpedo tubes Aircraft carried: Hangar for Ka-27 Helicopter .6 MW) Speed: 26 knots Range: 3.1x6 VL 3M-54 Klub(91RE2) or . Vinyetka low frequency active/passive towed array Navigation: GORIZONT-25 integrated navigation system Electronic warfare and decoys: TK-25E-5 ECM.1x6 SS-N-29 /Medvedka-VE anti-sub missile .1 x Arsenal A-190 100mm .CORVETTES STEREGUSHCHIY CLASS CORVETTE Preceded by: Grisha Subclasses Built: Building: 4 Planned: 20 Completed: 2 Active: 2 Displacement: 2.5 mm .2 x MTPU pedestal machine gun 14.2x4 VL P-800 Oniks or .5 m) Beam: 36 ft (11.200 tons Length: 343 ft (104.2 x AK-630 CIWS . 4x630 kw diesel genset Propulsion: 2 shaft CODAD.7 m) Installed power: AC 380/220V.664 hp (17.8 x 324mm torpedo tubes (for Paket-NK) or .1x8 VL Kh-35 missiles . 50 Hz.0 m) Draught: 12 ft (3.12x Redut VLS cells . 4 x PK-10 decoy Armament: .1 x Kashtan CIWS-M CADS or . 4 Kolomna 16D49 diesels 23. E/F band Surface search radar: Granit Central Scientific Institute Garpun-B/3Ts-25E/PLANK SHAVE radar Monument targeting radar Fire control radar: Ratep 5P-10E Puma for A-190 HOT FLASH radar Sonar: Zarya-ME suite. bow mounted.800 nm at 14 knots Endurance: 15 days Complement: 90 Sensors and processing systems: Air search radar: Furke-E 3D.

8 x SS-N-27 (Kalibr) AShM in 14UKSK VLS (only 21631) .BUYAN CLASS Planned: 6 Completed: 2 Active: 2 Displacement: 550 Tons (project 21630) .11 m (36 ft) (21631) Height: 6.1 x 100 mm A-190 .949 Tons (project 21631) Length: 62 m (203 ft) (21630) . 3x1 7.1 m (243 ft) (21631) Beam: 9.74.1x40 A-215 "Grad-M" (only 21630) .57 m (22 ft) Draft: 2 m (7 ft) (21630) .2.6 m (9 ft) (21631) Propulsion: 1x CODAD engine ?hp Speed: 28 Knots (21630) .1x4 3M-47 Gibka (Igla-1M) (2x4 in 21631) .6 m (31 ft) (21630) .25 Knots (21631) Range: 1500 miles Endurance: 10 days Complement: 29-36 Sensors and processing systems: Radar: «Pozitiv-ME1.2» flat active phased array air/surface radar Sonar: «Anapa-ME» suite (for export) Armament: .5 mm.62 mm .2x 30 mm AK-630 (AK-630-M2 in 21631) .2x1 14.

600 nm at 10 knots Endurance: 10 days Crew: 45 Armament: .500 t Length: 120 m Beam: 16 m Propulsion: diesel Speed: 18 knots Range: 6.SAM system "Igla" .68 meters Installed power: 1x2500 h.500 miles at 16 kts) Complement: ~100 .2 meters Draught: 2. diesel.1x6 30 mm AK-306 .p. 2 diesel generators x315 kW.Mines LANDING SHIPS IVAN GREN Preceded by: Alligator class landing ship Building: 1 Planned: 5 Displacement: ~5.75 meters Beam: 10.MINESWEEPERS ALEXANDRIT CLASS Building: 1 Planned: 4 Type: Minesweeper Displacement: standard 620 tons full displacement 800 tons Length: 51. 2 diesel generators x210 kW Speed: 15 knots (28 km/h) Range: 1..500 km at 30 km/h (3.

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