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Why use this document

This is a sample payslip showing in detail all possible deductions and additional payments. While the detail of each deduction or addition is not necessary under legislation, a format similar to this is very user friendly for an Employee and is also helpful to have as a reference copy in the case of a NERA Inspection. You may find this helpful as a guideline when creating a payslip for an employee for the first time or when checking against existing documentation. If using a payroll software package, layout and detail may vary considerably from that shown below.

Items highlighted in red are essential items for inclusion.

Payslip, Rev 1.0

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Good Practice Template: Payslip

Employer Name

Employers PAYE Registered Number

Figures Letter

Employer Registered Address

Employee Name

PPS Number
Figures Letter

PRSI Class

Date Period

Monthly Tax Credit

Monthly Cut Off


What is this?


Hourly rate?

Hour Type Basic @1 @2 @3

Number of Hours


Notional Pay PAYE Income Levy PRSI employee (-) VHI

Pay Summary Cumulative this Employment Gross PAYE Income Levy PRSI Employee PRSI Employer Insurable Weeks Pension Employee Pension Employer Cumulative last Employment Gross

Basic Pay Premium Pay Holiday / Bonus Total Pay (+) (+) (-) Pension (employee) (-) Board /Lodging Total Gross Items highlighted in red are essential items for inclusion.

Payment PRSI employer

Total Due


Payslip, Rev 1.0

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