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The 8 Habits Of A Charismatic Rev.

Father Bart Pastor The reason why a lot of people who attended the LSS, was baptized in the spirit, attended the weekly prayer meeting and formation is that they forget to practice the habits that they supposed to be doing. Whether you are the leader or a member, remember these habits of a charismatic to maintain the intimate and spirit-filled relationship with God as a charismatic. I. PERSONAL PRAYER- This is different from the common prayer you have with your community members. This should be your personal quiet time with the Lord. It should be a fixed time and a fixed place and a fixed moment to talk to God. Develop a private and quiet prayer time and listen to what He says and not what you say. GRASP your BIBLE- It should be used on a daily basis. According to the bible itself, it is for the following teaching, rebuking errors, correction and training in right ways (2 Timothy 3:16). With the words GRASP you have told it tight. Every finger represents something. LITTLE finger - means to LISTEN INDEX finger- means READING MIDDLE finger- means to STUDY POINTING finger- means to MEMORIZE (not the entire bible but the most important passages- life verse) e. THUMB- means to APPLY the WORD OF GOD FELLOWSHIP- Coming together as one community. Done at least once a week and more importantly this coming together should be participative. EUCHARIST- The highest form of worship. Its a need for us Christians to be in communion with our GOD and receive HIS body and feel HIS Love. RECONCILIATION or CONFESSION- Do this regularly to bring our connection back to our GOD and be forgiven from the sins we have committed. GENEROUS GIVING- TITHING, this is a strict commandment by GOD Himself. If not done we are like stealing from HIM. Read Malachi 3: 8-10. HONORING the BLESSED MOTHER- we will be blessed all the more because we acknowledge HIS mother, the one who gave HIM flesh while He was still with us. SERVING the LORD- Develop a regular service and you will never be lost and go back to your old life. a. b. c. d.



Live out these regular habits so that you will never let go of the new life God has given.