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Food security

Dr. N. N. Sharma Assistant Prof. Department of Commerce Govt..P.G. College Dharamshala Sanjeev Sharma Assistant Prof. Department of Economics Govt. College Nagrota Bagwan (Kangra)

Abstract- The World Population Today touch the seven billion male logically a cause worry for plants in term of food security. Concern over the bergoning population impede On environment as led to apprehension that world may not be able to feed inhabitation in future but surprisingly expert says the member of people on earth quiz the availability of food is not a problem and nor it will be in near future with the logic that then is sufficient food to feedthe 7 billion today even the estimated 9 billion in 2050. but the question mark which arise in the mind of all of us that inspite of plenty of food still a billion of people facing to be hungry every night while other are enjoying luxary food and life style.--------one billion about one of the third people living in indiawho are hungry and become the man made crisis on food --------in some---------.india when more than 70 % of the total population . Board on agricultural profession and is decreased largest infarm and put in the world working efficiently in agricul;ture and allied so section like ----------------------and logging economical for 16.6 % of the GDP in 2007,% of local work force despite of steady decline of its share in GDP but still it is the largest economic sector and plays crucial role in the whole socio economic development. On the head no doubt India s investment in agricultural research ,extension and -------have made it one of the largest publicly funded system ----------- but if we evaluate the important of such R&D activity is also quite ----------- and even total food production growth was 50% higher than before green revolution.