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Multi-Tube Heat Exchanger

Multi-Tube Heat Exchanger

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Published by Andy Cole

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Published by: Andy Cole on Apr 25, 2012
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Description: Manufacturer: Dimensions (Skid LxWxH): Dry Weight: Operatonal Weight:: HP Vessel Pressure Rating: HP Vessel Temperature Rating

: HP Tube Pressure Rating: LP Vessel Pressure Rating: LP Vessel Temperature Rating: LP Tube Pressure Rating: Piping Temperature Rating: Choke Type/Size: Heat Transfer (Design): Steam Capacity (Design): Main Design Codes:

Steam Heat Exchanger (Tube Type) Brown Fintube/burgess Manning 7.62m x 2.44m x 2.62m 23360 kg 24180 kg 24.1 Barg -29 Degrees C - +224 Degrees C 690 Barg 24.1 Barg -29 Degrees C - +224 Degrees C 207 Barg -29 Degrees C - +149 Degrees C Masterflo P4 0-3” 2000 KW 3.7 Tonn/Hr @ 14.8 Barg and 201 Degrees C ASME VIII Division1. (Shell)/DNV (Drill)

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