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Spinning Triangle     Definition Structure Affects Importance .

Definition The Bundle of untwisted fibers in a triangular shape is called “Spinning Triangle”. This is formed in Ring Frame section. .

.Structure  Two Types. Fibers are tied in better and have fine count but low strength. (1):Long Triangle (2):Short Triangle (1). Long Triangle:It is Formed when twist is not imparted to the extreme point of nip of the drafting rollers.


Short Triangle It is formed when twist can’t impart to the nip point of rollers. . The yarn strength is more than long edge fibers don’t tied-in so hairiness is produced.

the angle is at 45 degree. .Angles In long triangle.e. it is parallel to the rollers i. at 90 degree. In short triangle.

Effects of Spinning Triangle Yarn Quality:- Effects the strength and smoothness of fibers. . Long and Short triangles have their own properties.

Fibers are compacted by suction or other devices and the fiber fly chances are reduced which helps to make the triangle short. compact spinning is introduced. For good quality. triangle should be short as possible. For this purpose.Importance Plays a great role in the quality of fiber. .

Compact Spinning .

com Manual of Textile by W.rieter. Klein .References www.

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