Resignation letter due to study

Back to previous page If you are leaving your job to return to full-time study, use this sample resignation letter as a template for your formal notification. Cheryl Albaster 37 Lilly Street Erskdale TAS 4888 Tel: 0400 000 000 E: [date]

Greg Trotter Team Leader Parrot Bank 641 Jarrah Road Erskdale TAS 4888

Dear Mr Trotter Please accept this letter as formal notification that I will be leaving Parrot Bank shortly as I have decided to pursue full-time studies at university. I believe that this will help advance my career in the long term. As per my employment contract, I am giving one months notice and my last week here will commence 7 June 2010. Thanks for all you have done for me over the last two years. Yours sincerely [sign here] Cheryl Albaster

I wish you.Simple resignation letter 5 February 12th. and the entire team at <Name of company> the best of luck in the future. Your signature <Your name> . I have decided to resign from my position as <Name of postion> with <Name of company> effetive <Date of your resignation take effect>. 2011 No Comments Posted in Sample <Your name> <Your address> <Today’s Date> <Name of supervisor/manager> <company Name> <company Address> Dear <Name of manger> After careful thought and consideration.Resignation Letter Sample. Sincerely. I’d like to thank you for providing me with an opportunity to develop my skill set while gaining a new work experience.

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