April 2010

1. For the following tasks involved in preparing a family meal with the approximate time required for each task, DRAW the PERT/CPM Diagram and a DESIGN STRUCTURE MATRIX (DSM) Diagram. Also, identify the CRITICAL PATH(S) (10 Points) i. 5 minutes) ii. iii. iv. v. vi. 1 minute) vii. tes) viii. ix. utes) x. te) 2. For the writing pen that you are using to write this exam, identify (a) 3 customer needs, (3) 3 key metrics that define the design of the pen, and (c) D raw the HOUSE OF QUALITY DIAGRAM with the inter- and intra- dependent functions. Also, provide metrics for this pen you are using and include brand name and mo del details (10 Points) Call the family for dinner (1 minu Bake the casserole (25 minutes) Bring the food to the table (2 min Mix casserole ingredients (10 minu Toss the salad (2 minutes) Set the table (8 minutes) Start the rice cooking (2 minutes) Cook rice (25 minutes) Place the rice in a serving dish ( Wash and cut salad vegetables (1

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