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Published by: Ganesh Kumar on Apr 25, 2012
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Bio-CARe Format for LOI for RGO Scheme I. Details of Applicant: 1. Name of Scientist: 2.

Current Employment/Details: a) Name of current Employer: b) Designation: c) Date of Joining d) In case not permanently employed give details related to present occupation: 3. Contact Information: Name, e-mail address, telephone number (required), street address (optional), mobile no, postal address, and fax (if any). II. Details of Proposed Research: 1. Title of proposed Research Activity: 2. Affiliation: Name of the institution where the research will be conducted (University, College, Non-profit institution, Research organization, etc.). 3. Mentor /Guide with whom to be associated (Please enclose a copy of the CV and letter from mentor /institute accepting your proposal): 4. Summary of Proposed Program highlighting the following (strictly limited to a maximum of 3-4 pages): a) b) c) d) e) f) A short summary; Objectives including the premise or hypothesis to be addressed; Brief description of work plan and methodology Literature or prior studies/research supporting your premise or hypothesis; Expected outcome/deliverables Proposed duration and budget

III Any other relevant information: 1. Biosketch: (format at Annexure-I) 2. List of publications carried out for last 5 years 4. Have you received any earlier grant as Project Investigator? Please give details Title of project Agency Date of sanction Date of completion 3. List of patents .

List selected ongoing or completed (during the last three years) research projects (both extramural and intramural) as PI and as Co-PI separately. Research Support.Annexure 1 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH DO NOT EXCEED ONE A4 PAGE. List in chronological order previous positions. NAME DATE OF BIRTH EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with initial professional education. concluding with your present position. Do not include publications submitted or in preparation.) DEGREE INSTITUTION AND LOCATION (if YEAR(s) FIELD OF STUDY applicable) POSITION / TITLE (i) (ii) Area of Specialization: Peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order). (iii) Positions and Honours. (iv) (Signature of the Applicant) . List any honours/awards. and include postdoctoral training.

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