Q1. Where and to whom do you currently distribute your products?

Q2. What direction do you see your business going in the next few years? Q3. What specific goals do you have for your business? Q4. What is the greatest profit centre of your business? Q5. What segment of your company would you like to grow? Q6. Are you offering / planning to offer any new products or services? Q7. How do you plan on improving your return on How does the economy impact your business and how has it effected this year? Q8. How does the economy impact your business? Q9. What is the per-unit price of your product, or the cost involved in your service? Q10. Currently, what consumer market is most important to you? Q11. What are some important market changes; are these opportunities or threats? Q12. Who do you consider to be your biggest or strongest competition? 1. 2. 3. Q13. Which competitor currently dominates the market? Q14. What sets you apart from the competition? What do you offer that your competitors do not?

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