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Management of breastfeeding • Preparation of prospective mother Early initiation of breastfeeding Technique of breastfeeding Give no other food and drink Practice rooming-in Time and frequency of feeding 4/25/12 • • • • • .

Lower lip turned with supported outward pauses 4. Slow 2. Body turned toward touching breast deep mother 2.• Preparation of prospective mother Emotional support Good maternal nutrition and health Education of benefit Treatment of flat or retracted nipple sucking reflexed Education of techniques Avoid drugs • Early initiation of breastfeeding Psycological Maximal Colostrum bonding • • •criteria of •4 criteria of good 4 criteria of good effective positioning attachment suckling 1. Close to mother 1. Infant chin 1. Straight or slightly 2. Whole body 3. Sound of bent neck swallowin 4/25/12 g Technique of breastfeeding . Mouth widely open sucks 3.

• 6 Months Give no other food or drinks – Danger of prelacteal feed Replace colostrum Interfere good suckling Breast engorgement • • Rooming in Time and frequency of feeding 8 Times in 24 hours 5 minutes.30minutes 4/25/12 .

Ø Baby is calm satisfied after feeds. Ø Normal motion no constipation. Normal amount of urine :. Ø Normal weight gain (20-30 gm/ day or 150210 gm / week 4/25/12 .6 or more / 24 hours.Determining The Adequacy of Breast Feeding • Criteria for Adequate Breast feeding :Ø Baby feeds at least 8 times \ 24 hrs. Ø Baby sleeps well 2-4 hours after nursing.

green color). short sleep. vomiting. • Crying unsatisfied after emptying both breasts. hunger stools. • Suckling of fists between the feeds.colic. 4/25/12 small. irregular or statiorary fallowed by weight most consistent evidence. • Decreased amount of urine.Criteria of under feeding in breast – fed infants :• Wt gain . • Stays in breast for a long period > 30 min. • Air swallowing . . slow . • constipation or hunger stool ( frequent. • Sleeplessness or v.

Criteria of overfeeding in breast – fed infant :Frequent regurgitation . 1) . 2) Large bulky stools undigested curds. vomiting colics. Management :a) nursing at regular intervals. 6) Excessive sweating at head. (4 hourly ) b) small amount of boiled water to restrain appetite 4/25/12 c) Eliminate excess maternal diet. 3) Abdominal distension colic. 5) Polyuria. 4) Skin eruption sore buttocks. 7) Baby overweight.