The  following  is  offered  as  full  and  final  settlement  of  all  outstanding  issues  between  the

  NSGEU  (Local  42,  Health  Care  Bargaining  Unit)  and  the  CDHA:     Wages       Article  16.01  –  Stand-­‐by  Compensation   The  Employer  offers  to  adjust  standby  rate  as  follows:   Effective  October  31,  2014  –  Increase  standby  rate  (for  8  hours  or  less)  from  $13.50   to  $16.21  and  from  $27.00  on  a  holiday  to  $32.40.     Article  18.04  –  A  joint  review  of  scheduling  practices  on  holidays  will  be  undertaken  with   Union  participation.   Article  22.02  (c)  Record  of  disciplinary  action-­‐Delete   Article  32.23  Layoff  Exception   b)  Notwithstanding  32.24  (Contracting  Out),  an  employee  who  has  eight  (8)  years   seniority  shall  not  be  laid  off  except  where  the  reason  for  layoff  is  beyond  the   control  of  the  Employer  including,  but  not  limited  to,  complete  or  partial  destruction   of  plant,  destruction  or  breakdown  of  machinery  or  equipment,  unavailability  of   supplies  and  materials,  fire,  explosion,  accident,  labour  disputes,  etc.,  if  the   Employer  has  exercised  due  diligence  to  foresee  and  avoid  the  cause  of  layoff.     Article  34.13  Shift  Premiums   Effective  October  31,  2014  –  Increase  premiums  from  $1.75/hr  to  $1.85/hr     Article  34.14  Weekend  Premiums   Effective  October  31,  2014  –  Increase  premiums  from  $1.75/hr  to  $1.85/hr     Wages  to  be  determined  by  arbitration  as  described  below.  

Article  45.03  Members  of  the  bargaining  unit  who  have  resigned  or  retired  since  October   31,  2011  will  have  thirty  (30)  days  from  the  date  of  signing  of  this  agreement  to  apply  in   writing  for  the  retroactive  wage  increase.     MOA  6  –  Satellite  Hemodialysis  Clinics   The  parties  agree  to  meet  and  jointly  undertake  a  review  of  the  provisions  of  this   MOA.     MOA  Hours  of  Work   “The  parties  agree  that  within  90  days  following  date  of  ratification,  a  joint  labour   management  committee  will  be  established  in  order  to  review  the  hours  of  work  of   employees  in  the  bargaining  unit  in  the  Classification  of  Allied  Health  Instructor   (article  14.01  (d)(i)),  and  those  working  in  position  that  were  previously  included  in   the  Public  Health  and  Drug  Dependency  Services  bargaining  unit  (MOA  #5  (2)).”     MOA  11  –  Retention  Incentive   Upon  completion  of  twenty-­‐five  years  of  service  with  the  Employer,  all  permanent   employees  will  receive  an  additional  salary  increment  of  3.5%  greater  than  the   highest  rate  in  effect  for  the  applicable  classification.       All  remaining  Employer  proposals  are  withdrawn.   All  remaining  Union  proposals  are  withdrawn.              

Arbitration  Agreement   NSGEU  and  Capital  Health  agree  to  submit  the  issue  of  increases  in  the  rates  of  pay  to  final   and  binding  arbitration  by  a  Board  of  Arbitration.   NSGEU  and  Capital  Health  will  both  name  a  nominee  to  the  Board  of  Arbitration  and   provide  the  other  party  with  the  names  of  three  qualified  persons  who  are  acceptable  to   serve  as  Chair  of  the  Board  of  Arbitration  by  April  30,  2012.   The  Chair  of  the  Board  of  Arbitration  shall  be  a  person  who  is  generally  acceptable  as  a   labour  arbitrator  and  who  is  available  to  conduct  the  arbitration  hearing  by  June  3,  2012   and  to  render  a  decision  by  June  15,  2012.   NSGEU  or  Capital  Health  may  notify  the  other  party  by  May  1,  2012  that  one  of  the  persons   proposed  by  the  other  party  is  acceptable  to  serve  as  Chair  of  the  Board  of  Arbitration  and   that  person  shall  be  appointed  as  Chair.   If  none  of  the  persons  proposed  by  NSGEU  and  Capital  Health  are  mutually  acceptable,   either  party  may  request  the  Chair  of  the  Nova  Scotia  Labour  Board  to  appoint  the  Chair  of   the  Board  of  Arbitration;  either  NSGEU  or  Capital  Health  may  exclude  one  of  the  persons   proposed  by  the  other  party  from  consideration  and  the  Chair  of  the  Nova  Scotia  Labour   Board  shall  select  one  of  the  remaining  four  persons  as  Chair  of  the  Board  of  Arbitration.   NSGEU  and  Capital  Health  shall  provide  written  submissions  and  documentary  evidence  to   the  Board  of  Arbitration  at  least  seven  days  before  the  hearing  by  the  Board;  the  hearing   shall  be  limited  to  oral  submissions  from  the  parties.     The  Board  of  Arbitration  shall  issue  an  award  which  determines  the  rates  of  increases  in   pay  of  all  employees  in  the  bargaining  unit  during  the  renewed  Collective  Agreement  over  a   term  of  three  years  starting  on  Nov.  1,  2011;  the  rates  of  increases  in  the  award  shall  not  be   less  than  a  total  uncompounded  percentage  increase  of  6.5  per  cent  nor  greater  than  a  total   uncompounded  percentage  increase  of  9.05  per  cent.   At  the  conclusion  of  mediation,  Capital  Health’s  last  offer  for  a  wage  increase  was:   November  1,  2011  –  2%;  November  1,  2012  –  2%;  November  1,  2013  –  2.5%   At  the  conclusion  of  mediation,  NSGEU’s  last  offer  for  a  wage  increase  was:   November  1,  2011  –  2.9%;  November  1,  2012  –  2.9%;  November  1,  2013  –  3.25%     The  Board  of  Arbitration  shall  use  its  best  efforts  to  render  a  final  and  binding  decision  on   the  issues  by  June  15,  2012.