ltt.~E ~ FFI'(]'~L. T.llP.•.. IPS FORCA.E E,' ./. ..•. T . With mte.radive ,CD-ROM



What are. the. most' important things'you need to know to help yOU, prepare, fo~the C1-Ievel O!rtiHc'ateil1 A,d¥;lDlled Engli.$h (CAE) exilm from

Ulrnbridg'e ESOl?
Top Tips for CAE gives vou-someessentlsl advice ('tips'} for e:ach part of -. each of the five. tAE: papers (ReadIng, Writing, Use ofEngl1sh. llsteTling and Spe'ai<ing).lt fS written oy Cambridge E5GL exarrrlners With I1Ti.Inyyears·. exp:eri'ence of'setting a-nClmarking the CAE exam arrdlrreludes.

In the' IJoak
• .gerreral

G~e~fex,amples'f1.nd explanefiens to:showYQ'uex'Q,ctly what each tip means t'ps paper to help you as you revise
sections on howto revise and what to doon the day O'frhi:! computer-based CAE CltB CAE)

exam, and

On 'the CD~ROM

Ehglish for 5peJj~er!! of Other l"nguage5

tlstanl n:g)so that you kn ow what to expect wh en yo u take the exam .. sc,ores.answers. sampleanswers (fortne Writing paper) and Feedback at theend of'ehe test, so thatvoucan chedcyour performance , a video snowing stwle"nts, taking file Speaking test. to give you a dear Idea of w!"yOiu do When you takle tile test

.. a real tAE eX81m for you to try (Reading, Wrffrng. lise of E:ngifsh and



UhiyersHy of 'Cambridge E£QL bXaminq1irons 1 HiJ!:S,R,rJatl €amhrid;ge

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Guide to CAE task types

4 6

How to revise for CAE
,~ Paper 1.: Reading


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Paper 2: Writing


Paper 3 ~Use of Eriglish Paper 4: listening
Paper 5,:Speaking

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What .next afteJ CAE? Installing the CD-ROM

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Unive~sitv of Cambridge ,IE SOL EXDmlnatlons

Top TIps


mE CCertifiicate in Advanced English)





Top Tips for CAE is an essential part of your revision for the Certificate
in Advanced Listening English

Guide to symbols



exam from Cambridge


Each of the five main chapters (Reading, Writing, Use of English, and] Speaking) follows the same structure and 'is based on a
have collected


This symbol introduces

the 'tip' which is usually at the top of the page. Each tlp'Is some useful advice to help you find the right answer for Reading, Use of English or listening. answer to the question, For

Writing, the tips. show you how to write a better and for Speaking" they explain how you.can give good answers which show your true level of English to the examiners.

series of pieces of advice (the 'tips') which examiners from many years' experience Each section is followed

of writing and marking CAE papers.

usually starts with a tip at the top of the page. The tip

by an example taken from real CAE material and a clear explanation to help you understand exactly what it means.


ends with some more 'General tips' for that paper.

This is an ex.tra piece of advice.which important for this particular part

is the

There is also a handy section at the beginning ofthe book.on howto revise for CAE and a very important section at the back on what you should do on the day of the exam.



How to use Top Tips for CAE
Take the Top Tips for CAE book with you and read it when you have a few minutes home: it contains

during the day. Then use the CD-ROM to practise at a real CAE exam for you to try, together with the
and some sample all

answers for Reading, Use of English and Listening the recordings for the Listening

student answers for the Writing paper. The CD-ROM also includes
paper and a video of real students doing a CAE Speaking test. to show you exactly what you will have

We hope that Top Tips for CAfwHllhelp taking



symbol tells you to go to the CD-ROM, where you will find a real CAE exam to try.

you with your preparation


to do when you take the test. Practise with some classmates the Speaking test material performance on the CD-ROM and compare your on


CAE exam,

Cam bridge ESOL

with the students



TOp Tips for CA£is flexible. You can look at a different tip from a
different paper every day, oryou can start atthe beginning with the tlps for the Reading paper a nd work. through , of the tips forth€> Speaking test. Whichever the example and the explanation,carefuHyto understand paper, unti I you get to the end method


prefer, read

make sure that you all the tips for each

each tip. When you have understood exam on the CD-ROM.

try th e reat


University of Cambrtdga ESOLExaminations

- Top lips for CAE (Certificat.e in Advanced English)


only one of which IS the correct answer. (Use of English: Parts 1 and 2) Make a plan It is a good idea to make a plan for your last month's study before the exam. Listening: Part 4) Cl~z~ You are given a text with gaps. Think about what you need to know Remember that CAE is a test of your general level of English. (Use ofEngl. the time that you have to revise for CAE.each question.ish: Port 3) . chemlstrv or history. to talk about two of them for 1 minute without iriterruption.types of "doze' in the Use of Engiish paper. for example. as well as possible. one ofwhich the key word. each followed by a key word and a se-cond sentence containing a gap. There are SOme paragraphs ffter the text. orspaaklng. l. Each question has three or Four options. that vou know exactly what you good exam techniques will have to do In the exam. A 'prompt' word is given at the end of the line.aok back at homework that vour teacher has corrected." Part 2) Collaborative ta. Try to be realistic when you make your plan. The interlocutor gives you some pictures and a deCision-making task to do. Each sentence contains one gap. have to dectde wh ich text or pa rt of the text. where words or phrases are mlssl~g.are two . or wh ich speaker mentions this. So most things that you do in Ellglish will help you to improve . (Speaking: Part 3) .ng: Part 4. Part2) Multiple lIIIatching You read a series of questions and a long text or several short texts oryou listen to recordings by dirferent speakers.e completion You listen to a recording of someone speaking. Gapped text You are given a text with some empty spaces. Ask your English teacher what listening. and you have to find one. which you must -change to form the missing word. (Speaking. You have to use the key word to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. There. You have to talk with the other candidate and make a decision. then you may soon be disappointed when you fall behind. If you plan to do too much. practice papers! Sentenc. or how you need to work on . and you have to choose the correct one for each Conversatioh with the other candidate. an. Ustening: Ports 1 How to revise for CAE It is important to use.TOP TI PS FOR CAE TOP'TIF>S to~CA.reading a story or a newspaper article or llstenlng to an Word forma. (Reading. You have to use three to six words. need to irn prove. for example. _ (Llstenmg: Port 2) Longturn You are given three pictures and you have. Doing some practice papers will help you develop and this will save you time in the exam room. you. Key word transformation A number of sentences. What mistakes did YOiu make? Do you understand where you went wrong? What are your weaknesses? 6 University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Top Tips for (AE (Certificate in Advanced English) 7 .Gapped_!sentences You are given three different sentences for each question. Md~ . (Reading: Parts 1 and 3. Here are some general ideas to help you do this. me doing But don't spend all your revlslonti Thi nk about whatvou English is used. You don't have an exam syllabus listing what information you have to learn asyou do ill. Think about: • • • what you needto how do much time you have how you can fit what you need to do into that time.reading. with each gap correspondlng ro a word. where you have to think of the right word for the gap.d co~plete sentences with information you hear on the recording. For. Part 2 is an open doze. however. word which is appropriate to fill aU three gaps" (Use of English: Part 4) English radio programme may be as useful as doing a grammar exercise.E Guide to CAE task types Multiplechoice You read a text or listen to a recording and then an~we~ questions. Part 115 a multiple-choice doze task. writing. (Useotfngiish: Part 5) must be It is im porta nt. (Read.tion A text containing a number of gaps. where you choose from the four options given.

penn iIs. e friend - you can practise talking to each other iii Englishand can perhaps-help each other with any questions vou Some people find!hey work best in the early mornings while6ther. .. which thev then carry with teokat when th. highUghters and paper.lIst. Oryou could read something on your way to work or school.'tOP TIPS FOR CAE TOPilF!5 F. and then have a. This will a good grammar book a CAE·leve! coursebook (ytnj are probably usfng you do regular classes) one of these jf vocabulary. or If Y. the evenings . your English course (if you are to do something completely different before you go to bed . 8 university of Ca'mbricige ESbl fxflminations Top TIps for CAE (CertIficate in Advanced English) . do .evision for the individual papers in CAE. a bilingual dictionary (one with exa mples of how words • • • break.ey have a spare momenten the bus orin a Enjoy your revision! Rnd some enjoyable actlvltles that help your Englisl:J. Vary what you. !it and healthy will help sleep YOLI get good marks you make sure you :gel enough • • remember to eat well take some exercise .p ens.sernstlmes focus on listeni ng.s atthetlms nave. • notes. read a relaxing book or watch a favourite film. good light ~1"I'd vel)'thing tiley need beside th em. It is sensible If you have access to a computer you can get some of these onlinethe dictlonarles and the examples Of CAE papers. SDm~ students find tt COhvenient to write thlngs like 'Vocabulary on cards. Whatcto yQIU like dolng.a meal or doing some eou!d'list~n to some English 0. if in you like a particular about your or singer.ou are interested in computer games. are time for breaks when Y0l! are revising -many students like to study for an hour arid a half.1'1 an mp3 player. of day which is best for you. Also 11 ave a good su pply of :statioJ'lery'~uch as. neglectany sometimes aspectofthe on writing. you should interest the Think about when and where you study with a ea$ily be able to find something internet. make sure that sometimes 011 YOlldon't • Some examples of CAE papers • a vocabulary notebook language and will also make your revision more interestlng. . or other materials from doing one). If possible. Now here are some ideas to help you orgal1ise your r.QRCAE Have wh at you need to hand In order to prepare for CAE you probably need: Organise your revision time well Allow . half-hour • a good learners' dictionary actually used iii English) . for instance. prefer 00 rnostbJYDurrevi5ion Kee. Could you combine that sport 1)(1 example. in your Free time? with English practlcetoo? FOJ them and cafe. for example. housework Perhaps when you are making..go fo·r a walk.p fit! Don't forget that feeling too: • You may also firrd that there are other good times-and places for' you tostudy.en to songs in English or watch lV or some English-language bVDs. Revise with a English Most people find it best to study at regular times at-a desk.

look up some from the text. of books you have already read in your own • bonks which are. F1Im You may be able to watch s. 10 lJniversity of Cambridge ESOl Ex. However. It is often possible to find for songs on the internet. extra practice (y. This should help you to use some Watch DVDs of English-language a film with subtitles. enjoyable English. Just look up anything that is essential for understanding:. Then when you have nnrshed you can go back and and make Paper 4: Listening Even lf possible you more words a note of allY useful expressions to practise of things • way from an English-speaking country.uage from what you have read.g.TOP TIPS FOR CAl: TOP TI PS FOR CAE Paper 1: Reading Th~ mo~e you read in English before the exam. to their advice and use it in the next piece of a You will learn most if Y0L! elljoy what you are reading. 50 practise making about your own life and experience that you want to learn. For example. of course. stories stories.about your own country or a place you have • Do some romantic children's and vocabulary books are best). So don't choose someth ing that is too difficult for yOIU. with materials which focus on grammar teacher may be able to advise you which best when • • • • Research sentences vocabulary shows that yOill learn you write of talk using structures languagethat or travel Information b een to tr:anslations language about things that are important to you. Don't look up graded readers (well-known to the way that every word in a dictionary when you read as this will spoil your pleasure in reading. easier and more lan. This can make listening and wil~ help to give you <confidence in listeningto Paper 2: Writing For this • • to practise writing regularly in English. it is important Use some of the new vocabulary learned from your reading. Ask them Listen carefully more Interesting to correct your mistakes and also to suggest way of expressing what you want to say. Remember that it d~esn't have to be serious . you prefer serious writing that you do. adapted to your When you read or listen to English. and expressions that vou have of llstening to English. Reading is probably grarnmar and vocabulary. the better you will do In this paper. think aboutthe the writer or speaker is using and pay attention they combine words .. the best way to improve your • • If possible ask a teacher or native English speaker to correct your work. level ofEngllsh).unless. • Try watching a film in English that you have already seen in your own language. . Listen to short program mes in English on the radio or on an Keep a reading diary . Listening to son gs in English can be an enjoyable way and relaxing the words paper. you also need to have a good control of grammar and vocabulary to do well.write a couple of sentences 'i n English English-language of the • about what YOLI have read. it is listening to English.. Paper 3: Use of English This is the paper where doing practice tests may help you most.our thlngs_ There are types of reading: lots of different students who enjoy each ofthese • • • • • newspaper articles sports magazines film reviews. ~twill also help you with the Writing paper. there are lot? you can listen to on television. the radio or the internet. are a long TV channel as much as possible .aminations Top Tips for CAE(Certlficate in Ad~an(ed English) 11 .

Try to make contact with English spea kers visiting your area. we hope that you e. Ma ke Sure that you can talk about yourself. an English-language club ifthere is one in your area. Eachtext is followed by 2 multlple-choice questions 2 marks for each correct answer try to arrange to exchange . Perhaps you could get some work as a tour guide. Paper 1. Above all. agree and disagree. You may need to do all of these things in the exam. What's in the Reading paper? Partl @ }te)(.conversation (You talk for half an hour in your language and half an hour in • • English. where possible. .t:s on the same theme.nly English for half an hour.njoy your studies and wish the very best for the exam. ® 0' 0" gapped text with 6 paragraphs removed 2 marksfor each corre-ct answer We hope these ideas will help you to make the most of vour revision Part 3 @ text with 7 multiple-choice questions time. give opinions" ask sorneunsro repeat or explain. sessions with them.) When listening to English-langl1age films or televlslon. make use of it when you are speaking yourself. Ifthere are students whose first language is English in your area. think 0' Part 2 about the Ianguage that the speakers use and.TOP TlP$ FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Paper 5: Speaking Make the effort to practise speaking English whenever you can. you all 2 marks for each correct answer Part 4 @ liang text or several shorter texts with for each correct 0" 15 muttlple-matchlngquestions 1 mark answer (0 1i hour 15 minutes ) 12 University ef Carnbrldge ESOL Examinations Top Tips for CAE(Certificate in Adv~nced English) . Reading • • • JOin Get together with friends and agree that you will speak Q.

exhibition.P TIPS '~OR CAE O Reading: Part 1 multiple complete question. the exhibitore. new Example Here is an extract from a Part 1 text about developing prod ucts. Some questions - TIP: You won't always be asked to find the answer to a You may instead be asked to cl1oGs{the best option to complete a sentence about the text. by bored products.. Example Here is an extract from a Part 1 text abnut com panles developing products. . so it's i~portant to practise reading texts which help you to recognise these.. . 'The reason the 'Writer gives .:. lt's irn portent to remember the beglrming of the sentence each of the but the tone df the whole that [iI is the paragraph expresses a negative (e. lin other wOrd5. products arecopled byrival.:l5. and one of the questions. Not tel put on it. m their Explanation: I5J l!1 the inventors' @ When visiting the event m. may focus onthe opinions. their products The reasnn the writer gives for the difficulties experienced market awareness de piDyed in the process. living in hope that too approach them and like tlieir Ide.hosinesses. choice Reading: Part 1 multiple choice ~ TIP.. quite simply because find that the timing was vvrong.1lpoint industry'was not..' exhibition.le @ by mally cornpaales is that m are sola too.. [!I discouraged what he saw. m: optimistic [!) is the answer.jnter~5ted. about tile future. thew~ was very litl. they would be more than likely to flne. 14 University of Cambridge E50L EXaminations lop Tips for CAE (Certificate In Adv~nced Engllsh) 15 . The highlighted words in the text show that Explanation: The highlighted words in the textindicate answer. There someone might they were.I' TOPTfPS FOR CAE lO. attitude. their products. I recently vistted an inventor!:'. p'loughing their own specialist furrows. possess no un lqueadvantage. What 11 waste of effort! Even if they had come up wtth a good idea.'attitude~ and feelings that are being expressed.') as you look through four options.looked and sounded like a bunch of a matsurs. eheaply. and one of the questions.g. the writer felt their customers are not loyal to their (E1I sympathetic I to the by exh lblticnorgantsers.

disotientated by all this. Look at the beginnings of words show the links across paragraphs the other paragraphs from the task to see why they were not suitable: • finally. withqutcramppne. 'You'reg9Ing asked ) upth(.the farmer says 'Not yet' suggesting sun) might change the condltiorrs of the slope '. as it would hav..(il'?'. that it: w a s i1'J6IdneS5 to tryand reach the . 'I should have brought sunglasses. And .d~Hthrob behind mY.eto anyone with real mouMtain experience. ExplanaUon: word 'retorted' else. When I had ~t1ally calmed down. The farmerralse:d his face Befor~ I knew wbat was h.and He an ice ax.. Example Here is an extract from a Part 2 text about dim bing in Spain. There was a. It looked like a perf@ctsLI!l1mitday: I I krcked.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Reading: Part 2 gapped text Reading: Part 2 gapped ~ text W ~ n_ P: Look for clues that indicate there is a link between the that you think is the answer. as the speaker has alreadyfailen in the previous paragraph. orie foot failea to gain a hold. missing paragraph is inserted in the text. I/oy still. / went that the paragraph up rapidly . possibly speaker The missing paragraph offering a contrasting is correct is inserted in the text. In the previous paragraphthe paragraph .n to descend s~Qwly.wenty-four hours. Several metres passed. Explanotion:The highlighted to the sun. This does not fitthe order of events.1 had mytre~kingl pole.atthe day's snowstorm. Then I left. So iinstead I bega.appenlng.500 m Sierra Nevada. 'Not yet. which further con firms The next part confirms the choice of ~hat something ' (the • Yet eve/y step tookme further from my rational mind . try eliminatingthe ones you haven't used 50 far. the sky Was a faultless hhje. involve reading more carefully than just matching sfmilar words and phrases..after· the previo. 'I lay stilt' is unnecessarvrepetltlon of 'I lay motionless' in the previous paragraph. but it's still early. The to someone view. Eighty centimetres of snow had fallen during the previol!s ·t. This will W TIP: If YOl!( ate not sure w hich is the correct paragraph to fit __ in the gap. As the sun rose. . trying to regain cOl1tt1Olof my thoughts. Example Here is an extract from a Part 2 text about climbing in Spain. ascending. both farmer z1I1d the tree line behind an~ began my ascent. In the rest' of the text. rolled side:ways as I fell. the highest peaks in the Spanje. it became obvious to me. the shows that: the speaker is responding • has no other contact with people.fJk.-My water bottles ripped free of the rucksack and tum~led" downwards before disappearing. _. was pointing to reaches of the 3. and landed... speaker was and in the one after he was descending.. lying 'motionless'.pe. I mLlmbled. the 5~~p~ Isn't 5Iipp~ry: I rePorted. The which indicate that this paragraph is the correctanswer.eyes. narrowed into slits. 'motionless'. Ilay motionless. Ishrl1gged. 'Well. the upper the farmer incredulously.' It was. anti the parag-raphs paragraph before and after it. at least.:re. myeyef. not 16 University of Cambridge ESOLExaminations Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced EnglIsh) 17 .h mai'nland.

llle. far outstripping sales They have a wide and varied subject matter. the Morisot.. It opens with three paintings from the late 18605 which although they do not exhibit the scintillating 5ket. . A'S with any other area of busines$.Ch of the four 0.. TIP: If YO. Explanation: The' highlight..etyle.')oplet()spoiltheyouthfulldy[!. no olderpl. but Explanation: text. did not know they were: worn brake block that We maoaQed to devise tbe world's final design injust four weeks enjoying the homely comforts of ordinary life. to check YOli are correct.cessful? [!I They introduce us tei recurring themes in Morisot's art . manufacturers wanted Were not to improve sa~e5ofjts them because they replacing out. to capture lively scenes. It could be streZlmlining a food processor or re-branding a service.. sketchiness of her mature style'.abundantly proved vy the current Berthe Morisot (1841-95) exhrbltiOtln l. The part which gives the answer is underll ned in t~ e m is lncorrect as the palntlngs as she portrayed 'the homely comforts of ordinary life'. . the 'thought ?Ina development.1 'do not exhibit the scintillating men. On her honeymoon in 1875. are not sure Whi. no Itwas obvious when it needed replacing . you need to start with a dear brief.raordin a ry life and movemi:lnt. but how 15 one to render it?'That she managed is. than others. the French Impressionist painter Berthe Monsot wrote.. m m It wore out less qulcklv It was such a straightforward It performed more effectively design. X Top Tips for CAE(Certificate in Adyanced English) 19 . [!J m B is incorrect.chioes::> of herrnature. Berthe . with one of the questions. ft may help you get the as the paintings had a domestic focus only . but If you are stuck. X 18 University of Cambridge ESOl Examinations --. with one of Here is an extract from a.t Morisot returned to in la~er years. @ Why was the brake block designed by the writer':!./ m is incorrect.' . Cyclists when For instance. older parts of the text show where the answer than the others. ptlons is co~rect. France.. The product 50011 became the country's number one brake block. first 5i. .ed can be found.'no young women . there is the outline of the client's demands. Part 3 text about the 19th century painter. i the first major 5how of her work for 40 years. one of the country's leading bicycle brake blocks. u try a process of elimination. certainly estab1i5h theyouthful l'mddomestic focus which SOvharaQterlseis her work110 men. Example Example Here is an extract from a Part 3 text about inventions. but young women questions. 'There is ext.alled when it was WegriMIJ out./ (!] They are painted in a style tha. My cbmpany delfvered on paper {Tom the orIginal business the @ start of the Berthe Morisotexhi:bltion? m lSI They reflect Morisot's struggle What does the' writer say about the three pictures at the request. process and finally a solution. company so slIIc. by competitors. people .TOP TIPS FOR fAE TO P TI PS FOR CAE Reading: Part 3 multiple choice Read ing: Part 3 multiple choice ~ O )must TIP: In multiple-cholce questions tile option you choose always be supported by information in the tex~YOu may" find it useful to underline the part of the text containing the answer. This can take longer.

'm::a::-d_.mfj8 our minds.'in':':g:::.r:lg:.~. with the inclusion of a handful of Btories that veer Jrrto magical re2lism. t~at makes BadDirt a -. with some @0 til / questions.. ~.n n':'o~t-. ' to be a good match.. sageebru. 4 words underlined from as the and 9.TO I> TIPS FOR CAE fOP TIPS FOR CAE Reading: Part 4 multlpla matching ~ Reading: Part 4 multiple matching W TIP: Underline key wOfds in the questjons as this is helpful when trying to locate the information in the text that provides the answers. [We were all in the same boat. good read. ~ Catering is mentioned.r.ed English) 21 .\!9 her eariler collt'ctloll.~he very soul of a Wyoming that Annlel !proulx's writing is 50 at horne Inl As a result. Read carefully around where you think the answer comes from to make sure you are correct.anting to get away from child 'talkeomettmee and engage our brains. With ourflr:3t babies.rj. Which review mentions the fOllowing? so me sto ries wh ic h d epa ft so mewhat u nsuctessfiJ!l~ from Prou lx's usual themes a concise style of"'{riting that is very effective the @0 QalSo D 11 Which-group another Which group member attended a group which originally dealt with other branches of the arts? .r.'pu:':.' . The book [Sit uneasi!y Wit~thoseqrounded in the drY earth. and ahandon the main course as it is 'too much hassle'. After returning home.ook It in turns to host the evening. the exa m to high I ight or un d erl i ne where key words in the ques a match for the key may find It useful in thirnk the answer comes m m D This matches the and fierce sunlight .I membef set up 'a group for the benefit of a group wherecaterlng person? group member attended the book being worth reading despite nothaving same force as Proulx's previous one II Which "\ lfalls dowtl though.:. provlalng a I) ::b:O~Lig~t~. chall.vel1 50.. She has ~ masterful ability to condense a character'~ life into pUr11chy[ entenc6S that underpin vivid im~~eBllt Is this creativeness. Group member'S t. is TIP: There may be lntormation in the text that looks very similar to what is In the options.:. Some of the questions don't match this extract.!Bad Dirt make_§ ~ lesser im~re6sion than Cioeo it five otHer mem ers !from the area. c as~ica eCOr s were ~Iay. Explanation: .ct..too much haSSle) nlt~ y._e:. butit may not be close Example Here is one of the extracts from a Part 4 task. o o -_ m mi5ueFIeld o fe m II Thtrty-sevenyeare ago '--decades before reading groups became popul'ar .rr--tt- D Explanation. they kept in touch and beg.-:. their puddings rather make them.lldjfrom Annie Proulx's singularstyJeofwrltnng. J( 20 Un iversrty of Cambrldgs [SOL Examinatio ns Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advam. if you like: says Sue.u.'::.three British women began talking In the materntty unit of a hospital. and re ro JJci>iOl1s f ail1tinfjs dlscusse o butt~e books soon elbowed out the competition. ::.adlng group. as well The highlighted in questions sections 51 1. but several. h.v" but it is not a source of pride . of stories about Wyoming.~t~he~r~e~w~a~s-:a~m:::a::r:[n:::-::::co~. ut it was dro id .s'e~o. a review of a book together with three statements which match the to meet soci.ed. w. 9 reat p~eil5u re is i'\'itUItol . 50 it became a re.' . coupled with a powerful sense of place. enough Example an extract from a Part 4 text about book clubs.'.they ~UY than The group was not for one person. These flights of fantasy m was a matter of pride? These are some of Annfe Proulx's best stories. 'w ~ Here

In Part 2.2. a competition entrv.fCambridge ESOLExaminations Top Tips fer CAE(Certificate in Advanced Engli'~h) . for the task. extracts from letters. a Leave time to check your answers to challenging questions. a proposal or a letter using the information In the material Part 2 @ paper. 1 hour 15 minutes to work ((~0 1 hour 30 minutes th"€ polnts In the task? It is then assessed forthe following: • the organisation and cohesion of your writing • the range of language you have used • the accuracy of your language ) ) Your writing is assessed first of all for content . 22 University o.TOPTIPSFORCAf TO P TI PS FOR CAE General tips for Reading Paper 2: Writing 1 When preparing for the test. pcstcards. em ails. from as many different text types as possible. review. • the register and tome you have selected .have you chosen the righllayout e. report. 2 3 Try to interact with the text and form an optnion about what you're reading. a review sheet. Then you write an article. arrswsr you've c hcsen reflects all parts of the question. etc? • the word length of your writing .g. 1 question from a cholce of S (220-260 words) including an it too short? or much too long? • your overall elffectiveness in deajlng wlth the tasks. etc. 11 report. Read each question at least twlcs before you attempt What's in the Writing paper? Part 1 @ 1 compulsory question (180-220 words) it. a proposal. informal or neutral • the format . Giv~ yourself through the whole paper. try to read as widely as you can.3 and 4 to tryon the CD-ROM. an information letter. 4 5 6 Check that the.formal. diaries. an essay. short articles. read the whole text and all the missing paragraphs before you start to decide whlch paragraph the text. (0 each que-stion oartiesequal marks NOW YOU TRYI VOiU will find Reading Parts 1.a contribution Don't spend too much time on anyone part of the 7 to a longer plece.have you covered all When you have finished you can check your answers. fits in which part of Yo'u read some material (up to 150 words) ~ advertisements. a report.

Do you need 5>llb.&dteJ. or have you re[led on a limited.5 .. It includes mistakes which have been to worry about aulmmodat. T~~t's important- easy to make baSIC slips when you re wrltmg to a time limit.rlYr.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP T'lPS FOIt. Midtown (. il1formal or neutral'? Have you writun mistakes'? Haveyou used a v:aried range of grammar and vDcabulairy. [ can put. YOLI have been working-as a Student Adviser at a Language Academvln your country.t·s work Ilefare~he :nd of theex~m.YOU should makean why.. leaflet. ~~~~------~~--~----~~~~ i! \: HaveyoLl used a suitable layout (e.01 worry!. CAE Writing: Part 1 '" Writing:. no problertl.our (check) i.he"ding~? 15>t I'aragr~phoo Gorrec:t.". 54'>1 In this question. Here is the corrected version. Example Here is an exa m pie of a Part 1 ta~ k. report)'? .Z have to you to ~tay. weeks • de~1 with ~·~udent problems Benefits • fr~ss. up~ ~ at my home. you might startas follows: Isyou r anSWer' i n the appropriate5tyle~ I. 24 .P) /~======================r~" Checklist " Have you addrei55ed the right pel~50n In you r answer"? Have you included all the·points in your answer:? [5 your r-A1ylJoase ~Se . [ can put you up at my home. why you're Included an approprIate who you are writing to and W wrltmg . and wants to earn some money while there. write aletter to Sam describing the job. Ask yourself TI~:.ion.ion paid weekly • flexib[ehours • organiseevents --------'-L_ ______ lots..eference to..make sure you've introductioli.a11(ijuage Academy require5 \\ Part-time Student Adviser • minimum 8..•_ piece of writing the right length? Haveyou 6tarted and finished y@ural15wer appropriately'? Explanation: 1/.hared i Would youi' piece of writing be successful in real life? Would it get the response you hope for? Un iverslty of Cam bridge ESOLExamin atlons Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 2.f. range? Have you used s:uttablelinking words to connect your in the appropriate register? Have you proorre&ldyour answer for grammar and spelling idMB'? --. 'Part 1 do) €:!J . forma i.. is coming to study in your country. YOIl decide to write a letter to Sam about the job.jccommddation.. O TIP: Make sure you allow enough time to proofread y.3u:re. (3d hei. suggesting why Sam should apply and explaining • how to deal with any ofthe problems. Ti'lere's IlDkrwed example.. no prob[em. be a plea. but you witl finlsh next month.e... Example Look at the following underlined. It'd. Using the information in the job description below. There's: no need 1.:d 'be a p[easureto have you to to:tay. Use this checklist to help you to proofread your writing. Your English friend" Sam.

on s/:tIJ$ and the need to tb'ni: -I ./-"o. The best ones will appear on this website" and win you a year offree calls! is the second part of a sample answer.e. pr<.. . who has applied for a job as iii personal to You . media...we want to hear what you think.ciQr.v-·o_b_.nfor remain ca/fri in a CJ-isi-s.r5o..t. Ex.a~. .t Po/!~ na~experience I am rur. The job involves making travel website.:5warK..g in r'¥.£Ijjood . and is.iev:~e~h~~~wa~.5 >/.g for writing these. =S~e~·t:. a~<f.M". text types such and artldes.. Thjs reply' is in the form of a letterratherthan addressed to the wrong target audience rather than readers of the website.IL£- a certaln amount cAJ/'r UYE Nff''l/Ottr zr: of ~Lorli:.6~r:'!.t:v tO~Il~peroo.!.tirne when having a mobile really helped you..fOp TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Writin g: Part 2 W than Example A Writing: Part 2 the question..j..._:_W.see this company's How has announcement on your mobi'le phone an international arrangements.k~!I'::':.K thejobnotJU5t !lood! pe.ample reference for a assistant @ You have been asked to provide apersonal friend Here is an exam pie of a Part 2 task .Ca:b~ryJ and the answer must relate to the job the question. e ~r. us an examnte of a.catei::/...::o~t~h::?"e~====:-!6killerelatedto ~tm~" __ n. • describe give. H'( MOB. Explanation: Writi ng a reference specffied. O @ TIP: . Mast recentlV as a very to ~Mf'.-nt .!:.. the. _ We is alSQ -Grustwodhy.. t.the way you work or • say how lorn! you have known your friend the skills and e.c. The reference should: having a mobile affected.. . rather TIP: Make sure your answer relates'to being t~o general.S.:ld~.I'.A he. d' rr and. it~n d:ifferent . to 17'.to vour annoUI'/C. Send LIS y.C.6n.V/iic. sf/lid in rho!! tzSe.Make sure you as letters.' .xperiencle that your friend would soclallse? Also.our may require Compare it with this sample answer. phone company _:Z~. dealing with film star. Check that yoo Here ls an example of a Pan 2 task... a_b.J~·L.d at_ We .n the job aJN4j$ .'n.d V~)'Y30.!!Y. . Explanation: Look at the sampleanswer below.f'~.'5.<JIt. . 'C_ ~-~ 26 University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Top Tips for CAE(Certifi'cate in A4vanc@d English) 27 L .uL4CtUaJ and ded.dS9. I"<d...'! an a~icle.em aeop star.:t. on /t:6 i'eei.. jot. Hers hadn't had one . likely to btl ue th 'L n :enewJoIJ _ v=o: co~ website.I'fA1".en/!'r<=>.has the.~Jatf!. So 1 ·/te IS Vet-V /'CJfi1. reports.. attending Important social events aild the I\s you use our services ..-.%t>. as it does here.htj1'$~thBftejd .fu:red ot''1ahs«b'ona/.CVid CQ/Yi/l1untC4. proposals know the conventions practi.:. and say what rriighthavf happened if'you bring to the job • explain why yout fri end would be the best person for the job.'. se.

e. all the information YOlu've 3 sentences 2 marks for each correct answer In Part 2. Build your vocabulary why wrlting. Think about who youare writing to. Y()U change the word to fit the gap 1 ma rk for each correct an swer mistakes that tend to make. Check your work. (0 1hour ) Top TIps for CAE (Certifi(. make sure you select the question about most comfortably. leaving out articles? Be aware o Part 4 @ of the typical mistakes carefully forthem.g. you tend to make and check your work 5 questions. Each sentence is followed by a keyword and a second sentence with a gap. Try to write regu larly in English. You write a word that fits all 6 7 In Part 1. words to do with that you can Use in your different categories. Give yourself through the whole paper. that you can write PartS @ NOW YOU TRY! Yo u will find Writing on the CD-ROM.2 to try to work 1 hour 30 minutes 8 separate sentences.. check you have included been asked to. Make sure you are goingto rather th a n writi n'g sorneth ing irrelevant genera 1. e. each containing3 separate sentences with a gap. Do YOL!have any particular you always answer the 0 r too Part 3 @ text with 10 gaps and the stems of missing words. with this . as much as you can ~ reading widely can What"s in the Use of English paper? Part 1 @ text wi:th 12 gaps and 4 multiple-choice options help. one of which is the Ikey word up to 2 rna rks fa r each co rrect answer When you have Finished you can compare your answers to the sample answers.g. what sort of text it should be. Parts 1 and . Learning whole expressions writing calli also be very useful. work-related travelling.accurately appropriately.YOLI mi~ht also try [earning a range of words in words. Before you start wrltlng. 3 4 5 52:1 Part 2 @ for each g1lP 1 mark for each coned answer Make sure you can use a range oftenses. q uestlon. and spend a few mtnures planning what 0' text with 15 gaps 1 mark for each correct answer you are golng to say. You complete the second sentence using 3-6 words.there lsn't tlrns fOT this in the exam..ate ill Advanced 28 University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations English) 29 .TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TUPS FOR CA£ General tips for Writing Paper 3: Use of English to and you are 1 2 Writing is the same as master it without arry other skill ~ it's impossible practising.

000 kilometres ln Europe.: bejn~ sense'/ Explanation: The text is about Swiss railways.rd for a transport system.d. Hereis an example From a text about Swiss raj [ways. Of the four options. will fit with the preposition that precedes or follows it. yellow steamers . hardly existed. OJ'envied m dreamed Explanation. they certainly had no lack of Ingenuity and ide<]s. Here is an example from a text about the rise of aviation.". for example when considering which option W ~ np: Read the whole text. IIconcept Explanation: m slgnlflcance '" [i term m This requires the completion of a set phrase: 'in the modern sense' is a set ph rase. only 'longed' can be followed by the preposition 'for' . The four options may grammar and. to make sure. is the only aoproprlate wo. [!J fill in m go across m take over.TOP TIpS FOR CAE TOPTIPS FORC. I!1traiis Complai nte apout the Impact oftoullet made when touriem in t. v' of some of the most 4 'Some questions 'can test your knowledge of-set phrases. The public £ystem spectacular has 3. 2 Some questions verbs.allan the bUSiB$ or lake same ticket./ be similar in meaning but the surrounding Context will detennine which one is correct. au know about and that you understand the context. At the point5wnere the trains stop'./ I!J keep on Explanation: A phrasal verb is needed that has the sense of 'replace' or 'take their place' ~ so 'lake over' is the most suitable choice. option is the grammatical context determines which correct. Here is B paths m an example from a text about the problems of tourism.vccabutarv ___ for.. f!l aspired..hemodern numbers routes l!J courses wen. and 'routes.u: Use of English: Part 1 multiple-choice doze what it is :I In some questions. If people did not have t:he natural abi lit. 30 Universijty of Cambridge ESDL ExaminaticHls Tap Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 31 . may ask you to choose between different phrasal ' . m [onge.y to fiy whioh they Examples Here are some examples of the different points which can be tested in Part 1.:. .

it.. who share the same who share just genes. .. identical twi ns. Dar~ Skies Association. on 0- 1 Relative pronouns Themaln cause ofllight i1luminate\far more lights. most of . linking e. whales Some populations a decrease h<i1ve d. the two parts of tested in Part 2.. but also'. examples of the different taken kinds of words that can be TIP! Sometimes yo~_ma~ ~eed to rea~ a large chunk oftext word IS raqulred . that street lights can waste money Explanation: The missing word is "only'" as It is part of 'not only . Examples Here are Some It may be necessary to complete a structure. pronouns. . 4 Prepositions .Althougl1 .. 2 Phrasal verbs It was pointed ... which .brought~.' maintains pollution In the UK is flvetnillion street. University of Cambrldge ESOLExaminations TOJ] TIps for CAE (Certificate in Advanced 32 Engllsh) J3 . 6 Set phrases When one calf mounted . corttact.. They are from two texts about light pollution which are separated '~ully-5hielded in the text.ention of the public iln 1990) 50% of the ~ same genes were less likely to have the ~~~ same level of musical ( The problem was 5 Verbs Explanation: From readlng of kilfe. 'fJ to see which Examples 1 ~ wo rd. only ... verb.. out ... verb other words tested include articles..TOP nss FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Use of English: Part 2 ~ open (.. close .. . However ..wle around the Use of English: Part 2 open doze W TIP: Read the whole text and then read carefully gap 1. KesBarchersfoul1d that identical twins.. which is spread across the chunk 2 It is the structure of text.. non-identlcaitwil1s.. it becomes dear that a link is needed that contrasts the abilities of the Identical and non- 30 year's. auxiliaries.. and cause environmental pollution..g.. efficientb': which .... tenses and forms... these lampe are more: expens. .just needed for every five of the old type.arlJl sky. are left:. the att. The correct answers are in the gaps.. of and killerwhales. exactly the same pehod that in prey species.e:clfned over the past has seen the chunk Q. is .s mather stayed in 811 the tilfle. ~11 atrack. :to.ive. four-are order to select a word with the correct meaning ... help pmserve the beauty David CriilwfQrd of the lntemstlonal 'but they also the st.. 811 n'ight.0 see what kind of word is required.. for you.readmgwhat goes before and after the gap willllot be enough to give yoU the answer. tended to have the same levels of musical ability . noun.f text. lights not . important to read ami understand the text betore the gap in 3 Conjullctions ...

It. so we at Heafthcare flav!'. Explanatjon: You may need to: ® STAND to our ~t eurlbeatable prices. You must make sure in each case that the spelling ls correct.g. diving full sentence (not Just the line) before on your answer. and we're offering them customers to 9depths of G) ExnUSIVE The correct 265 metres. The correct answers have been put in the gaps for you.meaning that it can't be. EXCEPTbecomes exceptional add a prefix to the beginning and a suffix to the end of the word e.t to see is about. and can s"tay ®DEEP @EXCEPT for 18 rn lnutee. above the rest . improved because of its excellent quality. The emperor penguin feeds UexdusiyeJy at sea.P: You should read! the W_hOle. These eOLJtetandin~ products are only avallabis by post. as both adjectives have to be extremely positive.and 'unbeatable' in ® . f~ir example a negative each or a plural. one oft. (you CD must be plural to match the preceding for a company called verb 'are'.s missing! The context may determine that the missing word is.rt3 word formation Use of English: Part 3 word formation to W ~ TIP: There wilL be different kinds of c~ange5 you need to make to the words at the end of the line. Example Here is an example from a Part 3 text about vitamins. We know there are large . This gives 'outstanding' in ® . The penguin haiS Gliunusually thick plumage which underwater keeps it warm.TOP TIPS FOR CAf TOP TIP'S FOR CAE Use of English: Pa. USUAL becomes unusuallv. EXCLUSIVE becomes exclusiveLy make a change to the spelll rig 'Of Explanation: We know that word.meaning excellent. text carefully firs.o minimise heat Joss. has developed an Oexcep:fional tz:i lent forsurvlving in Antarctica. DEEP becomes depths • • add more than one prefix or suffix e.g. the may also _need to make a word plural) e. answers have been put In the gaps for you. look carefully see what kind of word is needed and then think form required.he wodd'~ harshest environments. and this helps in deciding which form ofthe given word you need in ® and @. ® BEAT • • add a suffix to the end of th e word e.. and its flippers and legs are CD VARY @) USUAL specially adapted t.g. The text is clearly promotional. and to make it easier to se'€!what kind of won II j. 34 tlnlverslty of Cambridge E50l Examinations Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 35 .yariatiohsln each person's vitamin requirements. Read deciding Example Here is an example from a Part 3 text about penguins. about the W ~ what it TI.g.created a range of great vitamin :supplements to match your nutritional neezie. Hecttncare.

It W ~ TIP: Read all three sentences and see if you can find be associated word that fits one of the gaps.ihe missingword three of the sentences . From a practical much too small for them all.. If you're late. well he was able to ----- the hOUB6 15 of water is'? Exp/anation. other gaps too.0 It was when I was playing basketball _____ myarm.d.cpect. np: Decide what sense and be kind of word is need@. ~_ the stamps on all the Karl was irritated bec~u~e he couldn't see the~.your opInion and Will decision you make. that 9fmoney because he moto rway I fellilnd .ecame _____ A train to seethe procession that those at the of the crowd couldn't see muc~. thei r current _ I I~I yoU a pl~ce at our-table. so pleaseetand James flew from Australia to London and Journey for a few days in Singapore.. So many peopl. edge of the platform.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOPTIPS FOR CAE Use of English: Part 4 O gapped sentences Use of English: Part-4 gapped sentences 11. Make sure the word three sentences. Day-au know what the 170lUng of view. which fits in all three of the sentences. which fits in alt Explanation: The missing word in the three sentences is point.a noun or an adjective? grammatically correct in all three sentences. EXplanation: The missing word is broke. the I re:. choose fits in all Examples Here are some sentences from a Part 4 task. Rosa has asked us to p6stweget. is the verb save:.ForexamPle. :. Thinlk of other meaning~ t. Then check to see If It fits the YOll may not necessaril~ be the same part of speech . you whatever Examples Here are some sentences frQI11~ Part 4 task. Myfitther was fined _____ quite a lot ie coming from-the the 100 kmEpeed limit on the. a noun and all adverb). 36 University of Cambridge ESOL Exam'inations TOp Tips fmCAE (Certificat€ in Advanced English) 37 .isita The missing word must make verb •. which fits in all three of the sentences.ha~ might with that word.. we'll Fernando served match. ~ of doing that parttoular j~b.. ExplanatiOn! The missing word is back. (used as a verb.

up' d...Iearnt Spanish beforehand. c1nema ~ith us this evening but It'seems he has . .I can only just Iiftn'!1 into the car: ...vt. Billy . This bag ANY ISM Examples Here o. ha5:n't any intention .TOP TIPS FOR CAE Use of English: Part 5 l'tJ..: If you remove 'at all'.. (HANGED John aprefln.. . 5£1 W more wlJrds. ~~==~==~~~~~~==============~'i soon as I turrJ:ed my mobile on it started 1. hlad. AVOID The hiStorian wore gIOV~6 . 11': YoU ShOU. to avoid damaging. Explanatioti: 38 I) TOIl'!Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) negative + perfect participle University of cambridge E50L Examinations 39 .. You must not being tested. COrning to the cinema with us t.e 3-6..etted not having learnt.. . :sDmeSpanish beforehand.. tu "ned my new mo"ile on . . :3 Explo'nation: infinitive + gerund ExpLanation. fra:gile documBnt~ he wa.just.. studying would not be dama. you will lose marks.d to carry on dr'lving./ of Pa_1t5 questions . a:ny heavier I wDuldn't . ld on~y us. . . ./< Explarration: perfect infinitive + synonymous phrase 3 The historian woreglov6650 that the fragile documents he' waf. Examples Here are seen e exa m p les (with answers) from Pa rt 5.. JUST i .. REGRETIED some When he all of giving .riving...tarted to riri(1. to havec:hanged l1i5 mind about... it has BnQwed ' . If you remove 'new' this sentence would he correct.. . did Ia. the EXplanation. Don't addaoy words that are net necessary. SLIGHTlY Thlp yea:r. he Wi$hed he had .. TIP: Remember keywordtransformaiions Use of English: Part 5 ~ key word transformations W that there is always more than one point decide what kind! of additional language you need to complete the second sentence. .ged. Explanation: ...ny way.e as much thi5 year as las-t year. r'agr.If t. 51ightly lese than it . .h~s bag was. .word s to fi Hthe gap.deofded net some examples (with answers) heavy that . despite being 'In his nineties . 2IDespite betng in his nineties Mr Archer is absolutely determlrre. the sentence would get full marks. when it e. . If you add change the key word in a. INTENTION Mr Archer . be ableto Hft it /-~==============================~ 1 It hasn't snoweq quit. . X As 4 When Billy went to Tenerife. comparative + condlticnal clause 2 John said he was Goming to the. year .... .0 ring.$'?tudylng. toT enerife. into the car.hls evening.

adjective. 40 University of Cambridge ESOl Examinations 1 Top Tips for CAE (Certificate ill Advanced Engllsh) 41 . See which learning strategies ofareas suit you best. 5 short therned monologues rnatchlngq uestions 1 mark for each multtple- correct answer 2. verb.lOP liPS FOR CAE TOP TI PS FOR CAE G1eneral tips for Use of English Paper 4: Listening 1 Think about different reading ways of learn ing vocabulary. Read the instructions Part 2 @ YOLI a longer llstenlng text with 8 sentence-completion so that don't spend 0' questions 1 mark for each correct answer You will not get a mark If the Part 3 @ a longer listen irng text with 6 multlple-cholce and examples on all parts of the paper o Part 4 @ [{] questions 1 mark for each correct answer with 10 carefully to make sure you know what kind of answers you ate expected to give and how to show your answers on the answer sheet. Keep a Part 1 @ 3 short texts with 2 multiple-choice each text 1 mark for each correct answer questions on [{1 will help you Look carefully atthe titles of texts as they understand whetthe main theme is. Make sure your handwriting' The answers to Parts is clear and easy to understand. 3. When you have finished you can check your sheet) paper to try on the CD-ROM. In the exam. and 5 must be lin capital letters. 4 Approximately (including 40 minutes 5 minutes to copy your answers onto the NOW YOU TRYI You will find a complete Use of English hour to work answ. record of them. Give yourself1 through the whole paper. What's in the Listening paper? l forms of new words you come across adverb) and any collocations. for exam pie widely. plan your time carefully too much time on anyone part Check your spelling carefully. spelling is incorrect. dependent Practise the different (noun. like set 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 It's im portant to blJild your knowledge phrases. prepositions and phrasal verbs.

going to offer musioand drama 0@urses. foot:b41llllmean. 42 University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 43 . hilt they were ~.. Explanation: Explanation: The highlighted answer is section The highlighted sectiolfl of th e text shows that Ii] is the in the text shows that the (ciiti"es. of course. speaker's oprmon.I coneerned about new activity schemes . How does Q hostels? m iii [f) the woman feel abcut the future of youth worned bV the way charges are increasing holiday. bU1:the vaet majority are !?till in tq rough cities problemfer meie the.some l'IOstd-6 are . with part of the tapescript. accommodation upset at the proposed closures 111 my day.'Doit forreal' initiative .that the woman feels concerned.. There . true - to close. recent changes illl vouth hostels due to peop le's desire to stay in-cities rather than the countryside. and nobody'e.: u 0.? the ~ountry. new places..meeting new people. . so it makes economic eenee. rock Qlimbin!i:l. The people's whole experience isn't rea Illym<lde very different Just because you turn up'fn a car... tog-ether with part of the tapescript.orrect. try to identify Listening:: IPart: 1 multiple choice ~ the question.for walkers. @ are m In the woman's opinion. t ~ remote It's hostels'? some are-going u WOMAN: I don't think they have: The idea is the same as . together Example Here is a question from a Part 1 task about vouth hostels. .lOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FaR CAE O listening: Part 1 rnultlple choke TIP: When deciding options which ofthe three multiple-choice where the speaker answers is c.m.l1red it these days. youth hostellir!g \'las ~bout a cheap place to stay . answer ..entirely happy about that. now "the countryside. use their cars when they're enjoy improved OR IE! S " MAN: @.aboot cl06Ef10down sotn@ of the more a:< ::::J ICL.ln it all._youth hostels In certainly. Why\ie they ruined " MAN: WOMAN: What's all thi!S. attitude or feelings. discovering ever c. under-used. car) are also mentioned.. [I.jth hostels. W np: In some ~~estions you will b: asked to identify a . but-youth hostels still provide good value for money.. so' be Slife to practise listening to texts where these are exp ressed. is that wha~youth host'glsareai:z6IJt'? Charges are going up.about Y0l. More ofa ~.although words from the ather two options countryside.. Example Here 15-aquestion [rom a Part 1'sJusttha-c expectations have 5hifted ~ they're not so prer.

P:You rna. one possible word whkh you Examples Here are some sentences from Examples a Part 2 task. something which . are in see from the sentence that the word tofiU the to be the name ofa montl1. gap wl II be sornethfng that is edible to ail insect..ants. Sarah mentions the use of male glow-worms.. in which a conservationist Here a re some' sentences fro:m a Part 2: ta sk. ill darrger..Yhe. You and think about the ty'pe of information that might fit the gap before you ants.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIP'S FOR CAE Listeni ng:Part 2 sentence completion. together with th e parts of the tapes crlpt where you can find the answers. You hear the names of tour You can in tile text" but only one months. in wh ich a conservatlonist is talking about. so we could cQns:lder'reducing the numbers of street lights We have.. OUJWidll!..k. g Sarah tells us about a teenagerwho on a 0 . .. were thought several gI0W-WOrm~ o . nd a enalls. . yOu'll have a good chance of seeing them if you ..a type of insect called a glow-worm. June.m.. 'Use of' suggests that this is probably not something natural ln their environment. They g~et a shock when they discover i:t:sactiJally Explanation: listen rer an object which confuses male Explanation. A W T. which appear to disorient them. Sometimes locating as in this example where "tiley' refers to "people' eat the answer can depend on referencing" and 'it'refers to the thing glow-worms 44 llnlversltv of Cambridge ESOl Examinations Top Tips for CAE (c~rtmcate ~nAdvanced EngLis.spatted half a dozen glow-worms on ~ footpath.lune or p055~blyJu~y . to to beth IIMgSh. .lt dUt.. From the sentence. and wh~t~1~W-Worh15.I'though people oft:en think they're'on~y around up to the end of . ~S5ume it'5{ilOing Cl 't'V' . we calli guess that the word in the glow-worms. files or even leaves..I. S'O the correct answer is 'footpath'.ar. They can be vis ible right up to -5eptimber . called Sarah is talking about a typl!'of insect called a glow-worm.go..h) 45 .. JlIly and September- gives the answe[ . confuses e. the males really seem to need darkness in order to see the females glowing.__ The-time to look tor the glow-worm . leaves and snails .May. together with the parts of the tapascrlpt where you can find the answers.. in Europe is between May and Exp.-as The glow-worm's diet consistsof •.orethan think could fiU the gap. Several things are mentioned .et: trampledon' by players making their way to and from 'the court.lanation: ~~============================~ You need to listen for a place where you [recently received a call from a teenager" who rang rneln a etate of alarm to say she was o~ a tennis court when she .. ~ ~ Listen ing: Part 2 sentence completion np: Read each sentence before you begin l.• .snalls . beglt'1rling in May.but sneils are the things they eat.ften ~.a._September_. might find Explanation: gap is likely a glow-worm: 'Trampled on' tells you that the glow-worms danger. so the answer is 'street 'lights'. g In most parts of Europe.fl£l worried they mi~lht g. "People o.

you m m He 'WC\5 disappointed by poor sales of early novels..and the relevant part of the tapescrlpt.elf21 nieBsolid shed that I knewwowldl1't fall doWl1.bUsh iii name. but ~got m.n'ly wrote short stories as he was tired of being rejected.' ~ '-- She'd been. choice on the second listening.. m is: is wrong because he believed at the beginning that novels would establish his name as a writer. and confirm your O TIP: I~y~u fi.Y novels published firet... my publisi1err. myfirther wasa car ea lesman.• m Expl:unutiom m. Ididn't start off writil1g short stories. c. go ask your mother. for rnyeelf in the literary world. he'd say. iY u vast open spaces .and wrltll'lg a.1 only wrote the stories be"au6~ I was sick of rejeoction.v' @ Why did Herbie stories? change from writing novels to writing his short I!J He learnt a lot from his parents' balanced view of life.v m in greater demand. it marie ueual tCi' kick off with a novel? Strangely enough. were sf higher llterary worth than lOWer my !?fgh~ and wrIte a few stpries. before writing more.. 'Don't talk to h: c. '"@ m g lIII What does Herbie. Example H-ereis a question from a Part 3 task.called Herbie OtwaY. shei'dbe. short story was a bit like building mys. S His Father's support wascrucial fair Herbie's early writing. And when neither was accepted.lOP TIpS fOR CAE TOP TI PS FOR CAE Listening: Part 3 multiple choke . telling her friends about myself. and does not referto his parents' opinions about formal education (D). but admitted this was 'inmy ignorance'. l.oortofgloIVin0. try ehmmatmgthe options you know are wrong ../ words in the tapescrlpt show you that the correct answer 46 University ot Cambridge ESOL Examinations Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 47 ..0 esta. teU us about his opbringing? His mother's pride in him gave him self-confidence. I!l His parents saw thevalue of having-a formal education. aeked for more 5UC~ etortee. ~ ~ of the Austraiicm outback and passed his know-how 011 to me. so she was the one with the brains< and edlJcation. The correct answer is therefore m.. his mother's support (C). . I'd watch her my little achievements.:: U l!1 W 0- why did you start your writing career with short stories? Isn't. andthat fed good Explanation: and are incorrect because Herbie only mentions learning from h is father's hala need view of life (B). (1" interviiew with an Australian novellst. " INTERVIEWE~: n. I HERBIE: me about to about that.ten. 50 I wro-:te two. Example Here is a question from a Par!: 3 task. r!J Heknewthat He was advlsed te try something short stcrleswere less ambitious than novels.. HER6IE: know. and the relevant part of the tapescript. but if I showed him a poem I'd written. and So he knew all about the he'd been a horse trader. briefly./ m 15 wrong because although he wrote two novels they were not accepted for publlcatrcn.rld it hard to get the. He was tough and smart. He assumed short-storles Now. you hear the recording twice. [!J is wrong because he o.. it was my agent who told me. Listening: Part 3 multiple choice Use A ~P: l~ol< through the option . the first listening to select the most hkely answer. answer to the question.Giteron. Well.arid don't forget. an interview with an Australian novelist called Herbie Otway. a fancy f1chool. .just made me ::. Sbe. I thought in my ignorance: that a novel would !.fore you lis.iethe thllilg 1. The highlighted 151.

. an optirnlst having a treat liki ng oth erpeop le accountant musician news reporter careersadvisor fitness trainer appreciating ordinary things not being under pressure of time reaUsirig. I wouldn't want them tv have someone else doing their books . \~========================~ Explanation: The speaker clearly says what makes him happy.j ng a piece and notes. it's great. it gives me a rea I feeling / I don't always< get 'the notes rig"'t. as IndrviduaJs. SPEAKERl l II When 1'111 practlsin~p of joy although I think we have to learn what makes us. happY. but there wi[( be lkey words and expressions that indicate the The words you hear will not be the same as the words in the tasks. there will be information more than one answer 1001< attractlrve.from the list what happiness Involves for each overcoming dlfficulties bei ng. business advice and doing their books. people'.that'e what..generous . 'a special occasion'...trffee. TIP. business advice. statisti ci a Ii Choose @ speak. NOTE: This is one of two matching tasks in Part 4. These indicate that-the speaker is a musiclan. Some people unusual Explanatiorr: Th e key wo rd sand exp ression 5 here are: prac.ambit! on llbrarian " SPEAKER 1 'g piece. Example Here is an example from a Part 4 task. not himself lt's important to carefully. In the texts which may make yQU listen to. Example Here is an example ~rom a Part 4 task about happiness. @ YOIl hear five extracts in which cashier people are talking about thei r OCCI. I do like clients to feel 'that 'they'd come backto me for to make 'having a treat' seem attractive speaker is talking about 'some listen answer. makes me Ihap~.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Listening: Part 4 multiple matching Listening: Part 4 multipLe matching W ~ TIP: Read through both tasks. as ah This begins hut in fact the " .I patlens.. Explanation. Ijust sit here and savour agoed Oup GI1'e. 48 University of Cambrldge !ESOLExaminations Top TIps for CAE (Certificate in Advancced EngHsh) 49 .bei ng. Listen carefliUy to check your answers. NOTE: This is one oftwo matching tasks in Part 4. but he a Iso refers to at the beginning have to have a special occasion or something but those things aren't necessary forme . These indicate that the speaker is an accountant. W t"JIIl. or uplift[ng.tis. The key words and ex-pressions are: clients.

In Part 3. In Part 2.. Practise SOme Part 3@ you carry outa decislen-maklng task with the other candidate and try to reach a decision Part 4 tasks so bestfor you ill approaching YOLI ca n see what method works the task.TOP TiPS FOR CA_E TOP TIPS FOR CAE General tips for listening Paper 5: Speaking Wh:at's in the Speakingtest? Part 1 @ Part 2 @ conversation between the interlocutor and each candidate . Use the pause before each listening 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 to read through all the required.for Parts t. number or phrase for"Part 2. so U5(! the second listen check your answers even if you think they are correct. to In Part 1. Check that you have followed the numbering correctly . etc.a social exchange 1 Ma ke sure you use the preparation time to read and listen to the lnstructions for each part so that you understand what you have to do. If you're not sure of an answer. ing questions and think aboutthe type of answer thatis You hear the recordings twice. 3 and 4 and a word. Remember that the answer needed wilLbe a letterA. as the correct answer may come later in the ltstentng. have a guess. C. range of vocabulary • your ability to link together what you hesitation • your pronunclation say. remember not to choose yOllJ answer too soon. 50 University of Cambridge ESOl Exarnjnatlons Top "TIps for CAE (Certincate in Advanced English) 51 . withouttoo much • you r ab ility to initiate an d develo p comm un ic ati 0 n with you r partner • your overall 'effectiVeness in deaUng with the tasks. Don't leave a blank space on your answer sheet. You may have understood more than you think. 9 • yOLlr accurate and appropriate stru ctu res use of a range of grammatical • your use of C!. remember to focus on the question stems 50 you can match theanswer to the closest option when you listen. Part 4 @ further discussion related to the task in Part'3 Remember that your final answer is the one you copy onto the answer sheet. . (0 15 minutes per pair of can didates ) YOUII' speaking is assessed on. hear and! make you compare and speculate and answer a question about 3 photographs sure you complete the sentence so it is grammatically correct. B. rememberto write the el<:(lctword{s) you.

hey feel welcome there. I'd say it's helped me to under5tand bit a more about how my own language workel Explanation: Each highlighted answer above gives I've faund that because I can speak another language. depth than what I CANIDI DATE. Well. I think visitors a Iso like the fact that people in my country are very hospitable . obviously learning to read and count were really important . So' have on with other On a socfallevell people. I've been able to' make frrends with response Itothe Question. linkers and cohesive at least two'points in devices people from other countries. In fact. too. or them Examples Here are some questions and sample answers. especially in my I'm usually qUite up to date with the Job Idonow. learnt howtoget How do you keep up witl1 the news? I don't buy a newspaper vet)! often but I watch the neWS on TV when I can. I try to read news ma~azir1BS sometimes becaU5IJ -the 2 /~--------------------------------Ir. 52 University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations To P Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 53 . with in the text. news. 4 £NTE RLIOCU TOR: Well. greater understanding It'~ given me a of ather cultures. /~~--------------------------~ INTERLOCUTOR: What were the most useful things you learnt at school? CANDIDATE.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Speaking: Part 1 interview test is a general conversation so use it to relax and Iinkyour 3 INITERLOCUTOR: A W TIP: The first part oft~e prepare yourself points together for the What do v.without those IIcouldn't studieda'il the other 5ubjec'ts. but I try to keep up with 'the blgger e:vents ~thil1gs going on around the 'World AlsO'.TERLOCUTOR: What are the benefits of speaking: another language? articles often go intO' more see on TV. rt's helped me in 'the news webeltee. I dQn't follow all the small de"tailsin the news. There's areal mix of urban and rural life -you can enjoy the citi6:s. Tryto and develop what you say. gnd that CANDIDATE: was really think tourists would lind between you and the Interlocutor.they always say 1 'I. I a Iso look at different country. get far away from to 50me!Very remote countryside. interesting about your country? CANDIDATE: rest of the test.

You can find the pictures for this task on page 56. You need a reasonable wine! to beableto sail i'lnd yourealmost l10und 'to get soaking wet. 54 U'niversity of Cambridge ESOL Exarminations Top Tips for CAE(Certifkate ln Advanced English) 55 . Ithink the competitors might have chcssnto Ii.l they've found thattl1ey have -c ::.well.eOP. [well. W 1 minute avallable and that you coverall Example you give an extended Here is an example of a Part 2 speaking task and part of a sample answer.h Pic.competitors probl el11s. whereas the other i$ an aerial o view of a mawr race. CANDIDATE: ~. ~ 25 botYlsports can be dependent on the weather.p. The candidate's answer is good as it compares the two pictures and also addresses both the other points within the the points. on water. Both of judgement and skilt though sports one >.tiom filt the question. a nd wet 1 :. 50 that mightg1ve t:he.18 racing. They show people taking part in djfferent races.1!us<. but g: one shows a sallmg race that looks a5 thOugh it ~ cou Id be on the sea.t lot sport. they're bDt. with a lat of spectators.t. some ::c :s: people are simply addicted to the adrenaHne .is on land and che other is. IIfTiERLOCUTOR: Here are YOI. MechaniGal failure might ~Iso l:!eiln issue during the motor race. ~ a talentforthatparticular requirll:..from trying to win in thes. Also.: take part bec.rush they get.ur:eSOf.IT pictures. ::a ~ As for what·difficulties they might have .e sports.: conditions Can make motor racing even more :::r: 5: hazardoLJ~than it afready is..TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Speaking: Part 2 ~ TIP: Make sure long turn answerto Explana.

56 University of Cambridge ESOl Exa m lnatlons Top Tips for CAE (CertiRcate in Advanced English) 57 . the chances of winning must be elim. And I imagine that unlese you're very skilled_it'd be extrc::mdy easy to fall over and then you'd be out of the race a!to.. .ample Here is an example of a question which the listening candidate had to answer in Part 2.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Speaking: Part 2 long turn ~ W TIP: At the end of your partner's turn. You can find the pictures on page 56. to Ex.tihere-arB 50 many people taking part. . INTERLOCUTOR: Which race do you think would be the most difficult to win and why? I think the 5kating CANDI DATE: race might be the hardeGt. You have up 30 seconds to say what you think. but at tile same time provides enough relevant language to cover the task. you will be asked a question relating to the same set of pictures. .gether. Explanation: This is a good answer as it is short and to the point.

Ahd I Buppose .for this part. if the company introduced a gym or an exercise class Iike_ the picture in the top right.. You can find the pictures choose two changes which would be the most popular. after agreelng. but . You can And r~-------------------------------------IriTERlOmT-oR: CANDIDATE A: First. expands on the idea. "-J ~ TIP: You need to interact suggestions your partner says. And INhat about. You have to of introducing and then choose two changes which would be the most popular.SO wnat dB you think. etaff wouldn't have to go cA"lDIDATIE B: to a nursery before yOLI went to work. Then decide which two changes would be the most near-your kids and you wouldn't have-to 5pend popular. f rst picture'? Well. using DI DATE A: They could easi'lygo after work..ianation: The candidates use thelrtlm$ a fitter workforce one. make and respond to what W A TIP: YOY have to work with another candid.. '? interact well wlth each'? AbsoJljtely . Invite your partner if he/she is keeping quiet. . Not many companies have those.he staff wOlc. YOl:J're right. who knows. Explanation: opinion The first candidate invites 'their partner to give an can also and. Yes. and express'd certainly be popular. the highlighted words. you have to Imagine that a company wants to improve working conditions discuss the changes the company the pictures on pages 60-61. that'B right.. so encourage your partner to join in the discussion don't try to do all the speaking to contribute yourself.. CAN CANOl DATE A: No. You have to and then is thinking of introducing Example wants to improve working conditions discuss the changes it is thinking on pages 60-61. that's true.TOP liPS FOR CAE Speaking: Part 3 collahorative task Speaking: Part 3 too - collaborative task with your partner.. as shown in CANDIDATE B: CANDIDAl"E A: Hmm. though peltlaps t. And. Intonation be used to encourage YOLlr partner to agree or disagree. it would mean that. for its employees. CANDIDATE B: . Example In this example of a Part 3 task. talk to each other abolilt what [effect That'd b~ pretty tim!'} drivilng tt's a workplace nursery for children. popular in ~y opi'niOf:1-·you'd be these changes might have on empl. ~j:1eutthe. 58 UnIversity ot (ambridge ESOLExaminations Top Tips for CAE(Certificate in Advanced English) 59 . you have to imagine that a company for its employees. Whatdo you more effectively.oyees. ate. do they? elsewhere to get their exerclee.where they could get away from their desks for' a bit. O"'you a~r. opinion and inviting comment. might be a more productive think? language of agreement.lld prefer to have a really coni1fortable staffroorn . so they could Exp. CAN DI DATE A. I gUflS$ In this example of a Part 3 task.

TOPTiPS FOR CAl TOP TIPS fOR CAE • • effect might these changes Which two changes would be the What have most 'onetnployees? popular? 60 University of Csmbri dge ESOl Exam tnatlons Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced Eng{Ish) 61 .

. I have mixed views on that n. The test is carefully timed and it is to keep to the timings.. and the script for the interlocutor. Try to keep talking in the different parts until the interlocutor says 'Thank you. To be honest.. given the exact me . expressing ideas and giving opinions. and you will feel more confident 62 Univ'ersi1y of Cambrldgs ESOL Examinations Top TIps for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) 63 . As far as I'm concerned ... Ask for repetition if you are uncertain a bout what to do.ay help YOU: Giving your opinion In my view ... Generally speaking..hlnk .. That's a difficult rei Gay . alone for 1 minute about a selection of photos: speculate about the photos .ve your opinion in Part 4.. ... 3 4 5 6 everything you want to. but on the other hand .TOIP TIPS fOR CAE TOP TI?S FOR CAE Speaking: Part 4 ~ . These phrases m. If you ask 1 2 Make sure you speak loudly and dearly enough for both examiners to hear you during the test. I Gouldn'ta_gree more.. I don'tthink that's always true.... questio n .. 7 8 9 aernember that you are being assessed on your language and not your ideas . I'm afraid I dot1'tagree. but ..' Don't worry if the interlocutor important stops you before yo u have said You will be. time specified I'm not sLire what I think about that: .. The examiners can only award you marks for the language you produce.. Try to use a wide range of grammar and vocabulary during the test.I'd go I think along with that. Agreeing and disagreeing AbE>olutely. discussion General tips for Speaking TIP: You will be asked to gi. I t.. in the test.don't just describe them.. Try to relax and enjoy the test! NOW YOU TRY! You will find a video of a complete Speaking test to tryon the CD·ROM. together with the yOIJ pictures the test. Yes. Practise with when take a partner. For Part 2 practisetalking For Part 3 practise working with a partner: discuss different pictures. you're right.

answersheet. if the Rules and regulations For any exam you tai<e. ' If yoy do not feel wen on the "day of the examlnatlon or think that your work may be affected fCH any other reason. Tell the 5up. . tlme and place otvour e). miss any part ofthe ~xamtnation~ VO'u will not nQnnaUv be given a grade. glve anything to another candidate... The lnvlgltator will come to help you.or if the question paper is iliGQrtlpleteor CAE (CB CAE). Ilfyou<llTiVe late for any part of the examtnation.and the..or attemprto use." cheat.Also. ' Advice and assistance dU'r~ngthe examination • Ifyo uare not sure ablout what to do . So. The.t~f. • the Questions.(. you can also ask the examination supervisor Make sure YOlil are on time • • Know the dats. we have prepared wh at to do some easierifyou make sure you know what toexpect and what you will have to do before YOllgO to the exam centre Of place where yOl)! take your(AE exam. • Listen to t. . supervisor or ililVigilator. tell the allowed to drink plain. report to the supervisor or lnvlgilator. CAE TnI' TIPS FOR CAE What to do on the day Wry few people'like exam Advice and lntormatlon We hops that all our candidates will have .etvis'or oril'lvigrta:tor atonee if you think you have. be. and will notbegiven.. tnstructlons are 'lIsa written en the questi?ll paper.n and arrive well before the start time. positiv~ experience taking exams.accepted. You 'may not be allowed to take the if you are not examlnarlon. If you.lct attention. ask your teacher.ra ise your ha n'd to a. pencils and erasers). copy. badly printed. switch off your mobile phone and any other electronic device.. any expleriatlun of . or break anybJ the rules during the examlnatlon. stili water from a plastic bottle with a secure lid.amincatio. stop writing immedlatelvwhen you are told to do . college lD or dr'iving licence) and Instructions fortakingthe test -v ~ I • • • your Statement of Entry for each paper you take. • You must . Make sure that you have readand understood all the ilhlormatibn and advlce below before you go into the exam. • 'i'\ou must not ask fot. 64- University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Top Tips for(AE (CertIficate in Advanced English) 65 . On the clay of the exam.TO I> TI PS fOR. the wrong . if you are admitted. a dictionary. • use. talk to or dlsturb other candidates durlng theexarniuation smoke or eat in the examination room.. passport.. ' qUeSstitm paper. you are However. • provkle a valid photographic proof of your Identity (for example: national identity card. .h!? supervisor and rea9 the lnstruotlens earefully. The supervlsor'will tell you whe~e vou heave to PHt them.. advice and i nfo rmation so th at you know reare iiJny problems on the day that you take your exam. Re:ad through the Cambridge ESOL rules and regulations below and if there is anything you don'tunderstand. not all of your work may sure. See page 68 if you are takrng Computer-based You must not . use correction fluid on the answer sheets. take anything from another candidate. hut you can make the day of the ot taktnga Cambridge ESOLexam. • • only have on your desk what you need to complete the examination (pens. Tine supervisor wilUell \L_OU what you have to some rules and regulations about what you must do 8!11di what you mustn't do dutjing the exam.

~£._ 1II~lr.H '&. but here are the main things you need to AJ!CCEIFG.~~ know: . • ~. answer sheetfs) and any paper used for rough work before '!">t"'" __. i"6' T .ti. -= Answer sheets (for the paper and pencil test) On the... they won't know if your answer ls correct or not. it is important that you use an eraser to rub outthe answer you don't want.~~.!.:~~~A. when you ~·~s~~~£~ ~~1CI~~1::.) ..---- .e E. If the examiners can't read your writing.Wrt.~" "" However.!.~.). but you need to make sure • answers your writing is clear for the exa miner. It is very important that you use a pencil to write your answers on the answer sheets.g~. correct answer you must transfer is. IIIABsENT~wrrH~~\~ . Cor 0'.1!~~. You Can cross outany mistakes you make.!!... a cirde around the box.I. Use of English and Listening papers. PG It answer sheets which the supervisor ~. 11'~£ £g:i!!.~Jt #l'J!.day you take the ex.'iionntlo .dldiltlt S. DOl1"t.. is ~~..~~~!ij.. please clearly.u.put won't 'see' this. not on an answer sheet..4 "A B c.gii1. you can write on the question paper Candidate 1 Answer Sheet - while you decide candidate .UO~ Df:t1ll1l6 dsn..:.!t DP.J1.g~J.g~!.£. If you change. type If you are taking CB CAE you your on the screen and there is a word counter-to help you.'ngJ."'=Jt=:!I~~IIID"!.I~NI!I!W~ [!'_~_.. E:~liTIitl.. etc.gnilllJR leave the examination • • You must nottake any information relating to the examination questions or answers outofthe examination room. Tipsfot CAE(Certificate in Advanced English) 67 .am.i.:Ii~ .J."j: ~a~~.__ ~ •• ~••~~ _ ••• .. Paper 2 Writing You write your answers for the Writing paper on the paper itself.I~ Re... can can't leave the room .~Iii~!l.:"J::::1 jj. Where you have to choose an for example. Do notmakeany nolse near the examination room. 'EXanrim.£.\!...' 17 ~!£.ti94!»~ ~"f!tIlllI'1IIII • • • • • III • • write • If you have to write a word or phrase for your answer.!.!~~fj.i~~~lg4t~ t_"CD"P'GH eI!!I-==-r=~"_I'I.. ~..K~I. has collected your question c3r11~rd"BieN~B il~'lolJJU<!'f'IIo.l!t~1 ~~&. *. 1~..9 5: How to compLete the answer sheets You can see an example of what an answer sheet looks like on page 67..<I'iI . what the have made a declsion.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE Leaving the examination room • •' •' eM Paper 1 Reading Candidate Answer sheet the . ~ICII~P*"""~ paper..)F='8 your final answers onte the will give'YQu for the 1 . B.Jt££!-'b.~ ~ Gandldata ND. and Db not leave the examination permissicnof The su pervlsor You must wait you the supervisor room for any reason without or lnvlglletor will tell until the you when you supervisor room.~~~ ~ I~.u.ading. You must write your answers in pen not pencil.. (We u-se-a special machine to check some of your answers a nd it can only' 'see' pencil rnarks.h. There are instructions on the answer sheets to tell you !how you should fill them in..~J1 answer (A.$::!l. .h 19 ~:!~~!. your mind about an answer.~ A. you must make a clear pencil mark Inside the box you choose.£. • !!II • ~ • • • • • • - • 15 ~££A~L~_~ l"!i.!!!j. 66 University of Cambridge ESOLExamination:s Top. because the machine .~£.

This computer equipment to centres with the appropriate 71p'sfor CAECD·ROM looks like a CB real (B CAE exam does not include all tile same available features. • • . Therslsa. The only thing that is different is that YOLI take the Reading) Writihg. which shows you how many words. There 15 a word. Remember that the Speaking paper for CB CAE is carried out in the same way as the paper and pencil exam. there are teltain fe.:o!Jntel.atllres of the CB testthat will help YOu: • • • • There 'is a. <. Your results ate available online justthree weeks afteryou take the test. the exam. and tralnlng.TOP TIPS roR CAE Computer-based CAE (CB CAE) There is a computer-based internationally recognised ver~. • You are able to use headphones during the Listenlngpapehso you adlustthe volume if you need to. so if you decide to change something it is easy to do so. NOTE: The CAE exam on the Top CAE exam. You can edit your answers on screen during. This means you oan read part of a text again if you want to check something. You can register forthe When. If you prefer to take the test on a computer there ate otheraspects of CB CAE that. tutorial that you can watch before taking the test.may be an advantage: • You can take CB ~E at a range of dlfferenttirnes in the year~ exam as little as two weeks beforetaking it. but the exam for CAE that leads to :the Cambridge ESOL certificate. On the Reading pap-er you can scroll through the longertexts. which give.clork on screen which shows you how much time.s_yo'll advice on how to complete your answers. you have written. . 63 U nlve fsity of (am btl dge ESQl EX<lmi nations Top 111'0. Youcae alsogo backwards and forwards through the sections. you should contact your exam centre to find out more.yoLlI have left. Use of English and Listening papers 011 a computer. The-tasks areexactlvthe sameasforthe paper and pencil test. You • write yom answers on screen for the Writing paper.ion of CAE is If yOlJ are interested in doing (8 CAE.for CAE (Certificaie in Advanced English) 69 . you are taking the exam.

pkg»file tor Mac as X: Insert the Top Tips: for CAE CD·ROM into your (O~ROM dr-ive.ndows Insert the Top rips for CAE CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. rg/recogilition o Search the database for the specific information and wher€ you can use CAE. both for 1 2 3 as a package ('. English. wh ich interests you. CAE is a well-respectedCambridge ESOL examination. CD-ROM. The Top Tips {or CAE icon will appear all your Desktop.ROM Please InstalUng the Top Tips for CAE set your screen resolution to 800 when you take the exam. This will launch the Taking the next Cambridge .. have' a look at the Recognition www. you will need to enter the administrator's After the installation application will reside as a folder named folder.X (10. wh lch are open to you when you pass CAE.CambrldgeESOL .CambridgeESOL. Windows will automatlcallv launch the Installation 2 3 4 wizard forinstalUrng Using CAEfor work or study AU around the world. If not.TIps_for CALexe from the CD-ROM. Double click the icon. have Autorun enabled. Top Tlps for CAE from yow' Ehglislh. A Cambridge ESOL qualification can be result. 70 University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Top Tip. For Mac OS. the Start menu. you may be thin king about studying in a company where you need to use (ambridge ESOL website: abroad or working 5 database on the Top Tips fOf CAE. the next level Proficiency ESOL exams for you is the (ertificateof in English (CPE). Follow the lnstallation Afterthe lnstallation wizard steps . vou can access the application from the Start menu. Top TIps for CAE Inside the applications 7 8 Double click the Top tips for CAE folder to view its contents. Wi. Mac OS X will display the contents of the work and further ~tudy. For the future. Sim ply click continue on the mstaner s Welcome screen to proceed with the installation. Then double click the Top Tips for CAE 'file to launch Top Tips for CAE. the Top Tips for CAE Candidate Support website at: www.differeni: countrles recognise CAE as proof of YOLlr level of E. If this is something To linin stall the application. start is a greatachievement your Top Tips When you receive your results and certificate. Ifvou.3 or Later) Top Tips {orCAE is distributed you need about how in the database.any companies ami educational institutions in .candl'dates. You can find more information 4 5 6 Installer. Double click the file 'Top Tips forCAE. about (PE on our lust before the Installer copies the files. 50 here are some suggestions: you will probably to im prove your to thin k about what you call do n ext to continue for CAECD-ROM.TOP TIPS FOR CAE TOP TIPS FOR CAE What next after CAE? We hope that you successful will enjoy studying and you for CAE and! that YOLI wi II be proud of your CD-. is completed.nglish when YOll are looking for a job or applying fora place to study.sfor CAE(Certificate in Advanced English) 71 . Using the information yOtl can find out about the many posslbllltles. You can also launch shortcut the application click by double llntnstall clicking the on the 'Desktop. M. x 600 to get the best out Of For M~crosoft. double click the Top:.pkg'. completes..ESOLexam If you are thinking of the Cambridge of continuing your English studies.

.Mac as x. 10 To uninstall the application move the Top Tips for CAE folder from the Applications folder to the Trash. I' I Le. vers. Recommended: XP please contact as at: mbri'd.r TOP TIPS FOR CAE 9 NOTE.00 MHz G3 pmcessor with 256mb of RAM or more .3 or higher or faster. ~~wooTIll~®~ .00 MHz processor or faster. CD drive &a. or if you have some suggestions to make Top Tips even better. ESOlstakeholderrelations@Ca or Vista.:lrnln\! English -ageLhEor 72 Un i\ll:'rsity of Cambridge ESOL Examinations .:To easily open Top Tips/or CAE. System requirements For PC Essential: Recommended: Windows capabitlties 4.geESOl. If you want to tell us how Top Tips has helped you with your revision forthe CAE exam. with 256mb of RAM 2000. you can drag it to the Tell us what you think We would like to know what you th in k about Top Tips for CAE.lIdio or more For Mac Essential.

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