February 23, 2012 David Lor and Joe Parise Metro, Records and Inormation Division LorD@metro.

net, Re: Public Records Request PRA-0004242 To Whom It May Concern: Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my public records request involving a January 9 incident where two Los Angeles County Sheriffs had an altercation with a woman on board a bus that was recorded on cell phone and released to the general public via NBC 4. We requested a release of the video camera footage that was recorded by the camera on every Metro bus. You rejected that request citing Government Code 6254 (b), 6254 (f), 6254 (k) and 6255 (a). We have some questions regarding each exemption. Government Codes 6254 (b) and 6254 (k) only apply when there is a lawsuit involved. If there is a lawsuit, could you please provide information such as case number so that I can follow the case and/or determine whether we agree that these exemptions would apply. Government Code 6254 (f) applies to law enforcement agencies. While the video is of a law enforcement action, the camera and films belong to Metro not the LASD. While 6255(a) is somewhat subjective, I would like an explanation of how the agency believes with holding this video from public scrutiny is in the best interests of the public. A video copy of the altercation was already released to the public. All we are asking for is a the view from a different angle with different start and end points. Unless there is a lawsuit that we are not aware of, we see no legal justification for denying our request. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward to your response. Damien Newton Editor, Los Angeles Streetsblog

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