DiversityCh1-Living & Non-Living Things


Chapter 1: Living and Non-Living Things

What are some of the things Tom saw in the Botanic Gardens? .

Examples – animals. plants .What are living things? Living things are things which are alive.

Living things in the Botanic Gardens .

made from things which were once alive or have never been alive. Examples – dead leaves. Non-living things are things which are dead. books. pens .What are non-living things? Non-living things are things that are not alive.

Non-living things in the Botanic Gardens .

Is it a living thing? What do you think? .I’m not sure… This leaf has just dropped from the tree. It is still green.

Is it true… • … things which can move by themselves or make noise are living things? • … plants and animals are the only living things? • … seeds are non-living things? .

.There is a diversity (great variety) of living and non-living things around us.


Using a table to classify things .

What do living things need? Corrine needs food and water. Does the robot need food and water? .

Should Corrine put her pet tortoise in a covered plastic box? Why? .

Living things need… .

So they probably don’t need air. Are Tom and Corrine correct? Why? . I don’t think they need food.I don’t see plants eating. I don’t see plants breathing either.

Why do plants and animals need air and water? .

Living things can reproduce .

Do the young and adult animals always look alike? A Tadpole will grow and become a… Frog .

A will grow and become a… .

A will grow and become a… .

Some animals reproduce by laying eggs Their young hatch from the eggs. .

Some animals give birth to young alive .

. Some plants reproduce from spores.How do plants reproduce? Some plants reproduce from seeds.

sound.Living things can respond Living things can respond to movements. . touch or light.

Is it true… • … anything that can respond is a living thing? • … plants cannot move? • … only animals can respond? .

.Do you have responses which are automatic and cannot be controlled by you? Give examples.

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