Com (Final)
Answer any One Question from each course: Max. Marks: 10 MCO-16 Course – VI : Financial Management 1. Distinguish between systematic and unsystematic risk with suitable examples. OR 2. Mr. Bean Iron Company is considering to install a machine which costRs.1,00,000 The machine has a life of 5 years, and has no salvage value. The company’s tax rate is 50 per cent, and no investment allowance is provided. The company uses straight line depreciation. The estimated cash flows before tax from the proposed investment

proposal is as follows. Sl.No. Year Cash Flow Before Tax 1. 2006-07 20,000 2. 2007-08 22,000 3. 2008-09 28,000 4. 2009-10 30,000 5. 2010-11 50,000 Compute the following: a) Pay back period b) Average rate of return c) Net-profit value at 10% discount d) Profitability index
MCO-17 Course – VII : Industrial Relations Explain the role of Governments in settlement of Industrial Disputes. OR Critically examine the latest conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO). MCO-18 Course – VIII : Labour Legislation What are the salient features of the minimum wages act-1948? OR Examine the ‘Health’ provisions under factories act. MCO-19 Course – IX : Training and Development Explain the various methods of training. OR Explain the recent techniques in training need assessment. (TNA) 20 MCO-20 Course – X : Organisational Behaviour Suggest a suitable corporate leadership style in the wake of turbulent economic conditions. OR Change management is the order of the day- ‘comment’.

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