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Show Your Power

Show Your Power

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Published by Joy Koli

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Published by: Joy Koli on Apr 26, 2012
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Show your Power

He is the Lord and He reigns on high………He is the Lord Spoke into the darkness, created the light……He is the Lord Who is like unto Him, never-ending in days?....He is the Lord And He comes in power when we call on His name….He is the Lord (Chorus): Show Your power, Oh Lord our God (2x) Your Gospel oh Lord is the hope for our nation…..You are the Lord It's the power of God for our salvation………….You are the Lord We ask not for riches but look to the cross…………You are the Lord And for our inheritance give us the lost…………..You are the Lord (Chorus): Send Your power, Oh Lord our God (2x)

This is how we overcome

Your light broke through my night Restored exceeding joy Your grace fell like the rain And made this desert live Chorus: You have turned my mourning into dancing You have turned my sorrow into joy Your hand lifted me up I stand on higher ground Your praise rose in my heart And made this valley sing (Chorus) This is how we overcome This is how we overcome

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