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18 TRAVEL Visit the clay courts the pros use to get away in Monte Carlo. MASTER CLASS Features: 25 Our experts help you improve your game. 79 MADISON AVE.4 COPYRIGHT© 2012 BY THETENNIS MEDIA COMPANY LLC. CANADA AND OTHER COUNTRIES. (See page 32 for a chart that compares the specifications of each racquet.O. 32143-3188. U.ALLOTHERSUBSCRIBERS. 79 MADISON AVE. 46 agrown-up game./yEAR (INCLUDES GST). $18 U. AND ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES. WITH THE JANUARY/FEBRUARY. SUBSCRIPTIONS. by Nick Sol/ettie. CANADk $3S U. POSTMASTER: SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO TENNIS. NEW YORK. PLEASE ALLOW EIGHT WEEKS FOR THE CHANGE TO AFFECT DELIVERY.) 34 Killer Forehand A six-step breakdown of how today's top players hit the most effective shot of all time. USTA MEMBERS. PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT NEW YORK.sA AND POSSESSIONS.O.SUBSCRIPTION RATES.TENNIS. $so U. PSYCHOLOGY The long walk to victory.s. one stroke at a time Racquet Guide 2012 We've battle-tested the best new racquets in the world to arm you with all of the information you need to select your secret weapon and defeat any worthy adversary.A. NO. u. 8TH FLOOR. 48.CHANGEOFADDRESS OR SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS: SEND YOUR MAGAZINE LABEL ALONG WITH YOUR NEW ADDRESS OR DETAILS OF YOUR PROBLEM TO TENNIS. 123900]. 2 tennis. ADDRESS ALL NON-SUBSCRIPTION CORRESPONDENCE TO TENNIS. FL 32143-3188. NEW YORK. BOX 433188-3188 PALM COAST. P. TENNIS (ISSN 0040-3423) IS PUBLISHED EIGHT TIMES A YEAR (MONTHLY. ART. NY.S/YEAR. 8TH FLOOR. PRINTED IN THE U./YEAR. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER/DECEMBER ISSUES COMBINED).com May 2012 COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY GORMAN STUDIO . Julia Goerges' backhand down the line. TITLE "TENNIS" REGISTERED U. PHOTOS. NY 10016.COM. JULY/AUGUST.s. NY 10016. CANADIAN GST REGISTRATION NO.. MANUSCRIPTS AND ART THE PUBLISHER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR RETURN OF UNSOLICITED MANUSCRIPTS. VOL. (800) 990-8782 OR MEMBERSERVICES@USTACOM. OR NEGATIVES.4 6 8 56 CHRISSIE'S VIEW CONTRIBUTORS COURT OF APPEALS FINAL WORD FIRST SERVE The essentials you need to get the most out of your tennis lifestyle 10 GEAR The most stylish bags ever built to protect your prized racquets.S.. FOREIGN (386) 246-0427 OR TENNIS@EMAILCUSTOMERSERIVCE. PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE. REPRODUCTION WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. 123688483RT****.s. BOX 433188-3188 PALM COAST FL.s. AND CANADA (800) 666-8336. by Tracy Austin S6 HOW TO ••• Hit a scissor kick overhead.COM/BACKIS5UES.. BACK ISSUES: WWW. CANADIAN DISTRIBUTION-IPM AGREEMENT NO.. by Sian Seilock 48 GREAT SHOTS 38 Wilander on Wheels Behind the scenes of Mats Wilander's remarkable traveling tennis clinic. FOREIGN. 20 NUTRITION What you need to know about organic food. P.


Every day she would pick my four siblings and me up from school and take us to Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale. My dad played professionally. as there's enough pressure on them being my sons on a tennis court. My three sons all started playing tennis at the same age I did-six years old-and there was a special bond between us. but the moms deserved their share. This was an era when mothers didn't typically work outside the home. So this month. and also play with them. get together with the other moms to share stories. I wasn't the only child with this luxury. I could teach them. Watching them compete. Martina Navratilova and Tracy Austin. but I always wanted her at the Slams. yet at the same time provided compassion when you lost. it does come at a cost: mothers spending less time with their May 2012 . Times obviously change. FL. The park was full of moms hitting with their kids." The typical tennis mom. and I'm playing every point. and throw out the occasional: "Go Nicky!" It couldn't be more enjoyable. I value it even more now that I'm on the other side. I remember playing her when I was 11 years old and her continuously hitting drop shots to bring me to net and then lobbing over my head. to play tennis. but I believe my competitiveness actually came from my mother. I can go to their soccer or lacrosse games. playing doubles with other families and developing a tennis camaraderie." Then I'd usually lean in close and whisper: "But get your first serve in and don't make any errors. it was really my mom who did the heavy lifting. Put me in the stands for a high school tennis match. however. however.Mother's Day • As much credit as my dad got for being my coach and inspiration for my tennis career. laugh. Those courts at Holiday Park don't have the same familial atmosphere they once did. It's far more stressful for me than when I competed. My two oldest can even beat me now. passionate subset that helps make this sport go-the tennis mom. Once I became a little more independent. I'm careful not to let my kids see it on my face. She was all business when she stepped on the court. They coached and understood the game. She was my first true practice partner-feeding me balls and having rallies when I was too young to play sets. &sSU') • Chris Evert General Partner. no nurturing between the lines. She also spent practically every weekend taking me to junior tournaments. is possibly the most agonizing feeling in the world. I'd like to take a moment to recognize the small. While it's wonderful that women today have more opportunities to work and seek financial independence. a practice that continued into my professional career. either. but I can't imagine not having that early tennis influence from my mom. Before a match I would tell them: "Just have fun and relax. and the youngest isn't far behind. to name a few-also had mothers who were very active in their tennis development. Tennis Magazine 4 tennis. with a special day to appreciate her contributions to the family. For many players the male coaches always got the accolades. she traveled less frequently to the smaller tournaments. When I reached the pro tour I realized that many of my peers-Jimmy Connors.

or visit . the other has won 16 Grand Slam titles and counting.The 2012 CLS AMG. Game. a 550-horsepower bi-turbo V-8 engine and the world's first fully active LED lights. ©2012 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz The best or nothing. match. LLC For more information. 2012 CLS 63 AMG shown in Iridium Silver metallic paint with optional equipment. You're looking at two of the greatest. set. MBUSA. call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES. One has a completely new stylish design.

ca THE TENNIS MEDIA COMPANY LLC CIRCULATION MANAGER Matt Bramble mbramble@tennis. for his pro- Education.jhanna@tennis. PhD. in sports Sass works in numerous including tennis. (450) CLI ENT SERVIC ES MANAGER Oren Carton.griffith@tennis. She has received grants from Science the The National and of Foundation with a custom-designed with competitive Championships Grand Slams. ron@focusmm. has written books on to and and mental John.1 Cynthia Sass nationally whose is a nutri- MANAGING PARTNERS George Mackin. (212) 636-2733. Miller GENERAL PARTNER Chris Evert GENERAL MANAGERAndyNelson CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Mike Sultan GROUP PUBLISHER Jeff Williams jwi IIiams@tennis. She won her second US Open women's singles title in between Wimbledon ingwith in 1981. Robert L. was the first full-time boarding to combine intense GEAR EDITOR Justin diFeliciantonio. Since retiring as a player. DIGITAL MEDIA & AD SALES AdamMilner.88. SENIOR EDITOR Richard Pagliaro. Board-certified as a specialist dietetics. CANADA (626) Sonny Drive. athletes sports. (800) 666-8336 6 tennis. RickMacci Stan Smith Dennis Van der Meer John Yandell TECHNICAL ADVISERS David Bone Bruce Levine Dr. u.3 on The New York Times Best Seller List last SALES DEVELO PMENT 01RECTO R Rory Racey Ellis. it school players that have a world Andy May 2012 +I SUBSCRIPTIONS & ADDRESS CHANGES PO BOX PALM COAST. John L. Department many TV programs is recognized motion ofthe sport.j-ranked the youngest professor 10 players that When known player who in 1979 ever US Open champion. ON N6C 6B2 PUBLICATIONS AGREEMENT #40612608 Ien Media 433. contributed She is also the nutrition consultant to the NHL's New York Rangers and MLB's Tampa Bay Rays.COM emcgrogan@tennis. and Lose MI48044 (313) ON LI NEE 0 ITO R Ed ADVERTISING NEW YORK PU BLISH ER Mason Josef Beranek. Sharnoff EDITORIAL DIRECTION ro Clarey TENNIS . 32'43-3. Jon Wertheim INSTRUCTION EDITORS TracyAustin Nick Bollettieri Peter Burwash Allen Fox. rellis@tennis.TENNIS This Month's Advisory Board: Tracy Austin former became is a Sian Beilock chology University is a psyat the Nick Bollettieri coached has Rick Macci and worked reached ranking: has trained with five NO. into Hall since CREATIVE DIRECTOR EXECUTIVE EDITOR SENIOR WRITERS EDITORS·AT-LARGE ASSOCIATE EDITOR SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER PRODUCTION DIRECTOR PREPRESS MANAGER CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ian Knowles Michael Dolan Peter Bodo Stephen Tignor Tom Perrotta Andrew Friedman Corinne Cummings Tom DiPace Stacey Rigney KentArmstrong PaulAnnacone Christopher Joel Drucker Cliff Drysdale Brad Gilbert Billie Jean King Douglas Robson Cindy Shmerler Allen St. azinczenko@tennis. Her findings on performance high-pressure during situations in Tennis Academy Venus and Serena SOUTHEAST EN OEM IC SALES 01RECTOR John Hanna. the USA Network. ocarton@tennis. David G. he founded lettieri in Florida tennis training academic Bollettieri numerous MIDWEST Ron Frederick. (212) 636-2751. the IMG Bolin 1978. and all four Junior Macci was inducted the USPTA Florida of Fame in RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO: Bleuchip International ADVERTISING RECORDS COORDINATOR Monica Brandon.jdifeliciantonio@tennis. (770) 650-1102 x125. Focus Media.s. (212) 636-2807. as well as on CNN. an analyst in 2010. worked tor for both joined Tennis as a commentaNBC and She as Channel The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.amilner@tennis.48167 WEST COAST Jeff Griffith. EDITORIAL MANAGING EDITOR Scott Gramling sgramling@tennis. mbrandon@cmgla. Macomb. the 1980 mixed doubles her brother. (586) DIRECTOR. FL . Drop Pounds. Austin has have been featured on the court curriculum.jeff.88. and those won title team- of Chicago have gone on to rank NO. (212) 636-2732. reached MAR KETI NG 01RECTOR Allison Zinczenko. jmberanek@sympatico.(212)636-2727. ken@focusmm. has resulted 120 USTA tion and health expert most recent book. Ken Stubblefield. Jennifer His abilityto and correct strategic deficiencies in morethan National and Maria Sharapova.1 in the world. Capriati analyze technical. mwells@tennis. Cinch: Conquer and the author of Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain RevealAboutGetting It Right When You Have To. Box 25542 London.

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While an occasional reflection from mirrored sunglasses might be a distraction. Colorado Springs. If your brother somehow could angle his head properly at just the precise time. not less dense in the center than in any other USTA Comment 22.. Eighth Floor. He has taught the rules to officials for more than 20 years. I ~) % ~~. in particular. Ashland. Got a question? Write us. Appendix II of the ITF Rules of Tennis states that the "stringing pattern must be generally uniform and." Butthat's an awful lot of ifs. Should we have lost the point because my partner was racquetless? String Theory A customer has asked that when I string his racquet I skip every other cross string. Be sureto give him a discount forthe string you save. In a recent match my brother's mirrored shades sometimes reflected rays into my eyes. Emailitto: courtofappeals@tennis.of FOREVERMARK. but it made me wonder.. and if he did so intentionally-and if someone could prove it-it would be loss of point under Rule 26.COM 8 tennis. NY 10016. had his racquet slip from his hand on our side of the court.: How competitive are you and your brother? Is he also wearing ayellow shirt that hides the ball? You can always ask him to remove the glasses. 3---('. but nothing in the Rules orThe Code would force him to do without them. fax us ..KY Perfectly. Except where noted. NJ • • " :: til 0 '" " '" co '" . corr. -Maura Houston." What you are describingwould appearto create a "generally uniform" pattern. I played on blindly because he wouldn't have been able to see without sunglasses.. Is this legal? Rebel Good is a member of the USTA's Tennis Rules & Regulations Committee. answers are based on the ITF Rules of Tennis and USTA's The Code.. the player shall win the point. Mail it to: Tennis InBox 79 Madison Ave. in midrally.. Y? ~ ~ ! ~ -:t~ Blinded by the Light My brother and I play on a brutally sunny May 2012 . We continued play and won the point. Cranford. New York. "If a player is hindered in playing the point by a deliberate act ofthe opponentes). ~ .. group. FOREVERMARK <ore v ermadr . email us.paoies.Less than the world's carry inscription. '" til '" :. ~ Racquet Down The humidity was stifling in a recent doubles match and my sweaty partner. -Jerry Groce. this diamond one percent diamonds of can the Forevermark Our promise is as unique that as the COURT ojAPPEALS WITH REBEL GOOD one for whom it is intended. Orfax it to: (212) 636-2720. right? Dropping your racquet on your side of the net is neither a cause for a let nor considered a hi ndrance for either team. This will create wider gaps between the cross strings than between the mains. could I could have requested he take them off? -Sean Gardiner.s part of the De Beers. CO You wereyelling"Mine!" on every shot. it's not a hindrance."You won the point.1 says that "such an occurrence is not sufficiently unusual to justify a let. - OUR 24TH YEAR! Rated Top 3 in the World 8 Years Running* *TennisResortsOnline.5. black out dates may . © 2012 Marriott International. while the pro shop takes care of all your merchandise needs including Nike. Round Robins Fine Food & Lodging Top Level Professionals Call Now For Reservations 1-800-869-0949 Win a Sugarbush Tennis Vacation for 2! Go to www." Take a swing on one of the nine hydra courts or on the hard surface court.9201.Test your skills at the Grand Hotel Marriott. NH Waterville Valley. European Afterward. Point Clear. Weekday on Monday.netennisholidays. Wednesday For information call 800544. resort view rooms. VT North Conway. NH Vero Beach. recently named one of TENNIS Magazine's 'Top 50 Tennis Resorts in the US. GOLF CLUB & SPA A part of Alabama's Resort Collection on The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Offer is per room. Phone 251. .com ~LAND TENNIS HOLIDAYS 2. FL Complete Recreational Facility with Indoor Courts Video Analysis. Subject to availability. or visit MarriottGrand. TENNIS breakfast PACKAGE includes a deluxe resort-view room. use of a ball machine for one hour and one half-hour group clinic. one-hour private tennis lesson for two.\\arnotl GRAND HOTEL MARRIOTT RESORT. relax in the hotel's 20.3. plus appropriate taxes and fees. certain restrictions may apply. buffet for two. & 7 Day Packages FOUR LOCATIONS: Sugarbush. - One Grand Boulevard. Inc. Rate is for weekday.9933 rates from $296 per night available or Friday nights. on tennis packages or to make reservations. AL 36564 MarriottGrand.000-square-foot spa or at one of the multiple resort Babolat and Wilson.

The bag comes in a variety of classic and bold color combinations.. o " . weather or wet clothes.. insulating ThermoGuard and MoistureGuard technologies will protect all of your costly string jobs and frames against extreme temperatures. PVC-free materials. What's more.HEALTH 20 · THE BAG HAS IT! Wilson Tour 15 Pack Always treat your equipment with the respect it deserves MSRP:$100 Wilson's Tour rg can hold up to ig racquets. black &gold. SHOES AND MORE AT May 2012 +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS. :0 Vl 10 tennis. black & pink and straight-up blue. RACQUETS.COM/GEAR . including red &white. it's made from environmentally friendly.


Likethe Prestige bag pictured above. Two adjustable padded shoulder straps and a large main compartment let you easily carry up to eight of your favorite sticks. 12 Prince Rebel Collection Pack MSRP:$69 The Prince Rebel's multiple storage compartments enclose up to 12 racquets. The bag's PVC-free materials help you keep away from endocrine-disrupti ng plasticizers. this moistureand temperature-protecting unit can carry up to eight sticks. 12 May 2012 +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS. The "Prestige Red" of this limited-edition Monstercombi should appeal to fans of Head's long-running player's racquet. Head Prestige Monstercombi Edition MSRP:$100 Ltd. Head Murray Monstercombi MSRP:$10S Andy Murray's bag of choice. air-mesh backpack straps ensure a smooth ride. RACQUETS. shoes and even a cooler. The bag's padded backpack straps fit ergonomically onto your shoulders while thermal linings keep your strings fresh from tension-ruining heat. the Tour Team has plenty of space and an array of pockets to holster your full arsenal on game day-from upto 12 thermal-sealed racquets to clothes.COM/GEAR . a separate shoe bag and plenty of accessory pockets ensure you can hoist everything you need when you hit the court. this one too is made with PVC-free materials. as well as a pair of shoes and all of your on-court odds and ends. Think it might be too heavy? Not to worry. Two adjustable padded shoulder straps. SHOES AND MORE AT TENNIS.Prince Tour Team Green 12 Pack MSRP:$89 Prince's top-of-the-line racquet pack.


You can also personalize the bag by creatingyour own label at Babolat's Web site. Gamma Tour Team 12 Racquet Bag MSRP:$90 The Gamma Tour Team's three compartments can hold up to 12racquets. towels or whatever else.Babolat Team Line Racket Holder X9 MSRP:$70 Babolat's Team Line Racket Holderfeatures main compartments that can fit upto nine of you r favorite sticks. and an accessory pocket for bits and pieces. Tecnifibre Tour V02Max12R MSRP:$99 The TourV02 Max has everything a serious player needs: three large compartments that can stow up to 12sticks. and they are thermal.and moisture-protected so your stuff doesn't get ruined in inclement weather. 14 tennis." which integrates air mesh foam into the shoulder straps for a more plush feel. RACQUETS. Padded and adjustable backpack straps keep your shoulders feeling fresh for the match. a ventilated shoe compartment.COM/GEAR . as well as side storage for all of your additional tennis kits. The bag also features "Ergo back Technology. clothes. Solinco Tour Team 12 Pack MSRP:$79 The TourTeam has two six-racquet compartments that are lined with climatecontrol Iing "Temprotectnology!' Additional pockets provide plenty of extra storage space. balls. SHOES AND MORE AT May 2012 +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS. adjustable (and detachable) padded backpack straps make everything easier to bear. The Tour Team also includes a twopiece center handle-just in case you prefer to lugstuff around the old-fashioned way.



Tecnifibre V02 Max Backpack




Wilson Tour
Large Backpack

K-Swiss Large Training Duffle

Babolat Team Line Backpack

The V02 Max Backpack's varied compartments can batten down two racquets,as well as a change of clothes, a pai r of shoes, or anything else you need on-court. Padded and adjustable backpack straps keep hands free for racquettwirling.

The Tour Backpack can tote everything from racquets and shoes to valuables and apparel, thanks to its iive different pockets and compartments. Its ergonomic straps keep everything comfortably and snugly fastened down.

K-Swiss' Large Training Duffle is equally suited to pack your tennis or gym gear. A large "U-shaped" zippered flap provides easy access to your stuff. And a top-loading wet compartment keeps your shoes or (to be) laundered clothes separate from everything else. The bag also includes a daisy-chain webbing for clipping accessories.

Babolat's rouge-colored Team Line Backpack locks in one racquet and has additional front and side pockets to hold all of your loose ends. What's more,you can personalize the bag on Babolat's Web site.

















and glamour is at every corner of the event." But it's not just his on-court prowess that the world's NO.• It's the ideal time to visit Monte Carlo Bay Hotel for a ••• A s a seven-time champion at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters." Nadal says. Rafael Nadal may be biased when he says it "is probably my favorite of all the tournaments. with the sea right there. And the hotel where we stay is one of the best on the circuit." The Monte Carlo Country Club has hosted Monaco's annual championships since 1928 (the tournament itself dates BY REBECCA WALLWORK . "I love the fact that it is played at a tennis club-a real tennis club. where members play every day.2 player loves about the event. there is over 100 years of tradition. "The view is amazing.

Its current membership includes Monte Carlo resident Novak Djokovic. a 30-minute drive away. but the real draw of the venue. contemporary alternative to Monaco's iconic Hotel de Paris (which also enjoys privileges at the country club).) For the fastest and most glamorous transfer from Nice to Monte Carlo.montecarlobay. www. You might see him today. just down the street. and you too can play on the world's most beautiful clay courts.GETTING THERE The closest international airport is Nice-Cote d'Azur International Airport. bars and restaurants. you can take a Heli Air Monaco helicopter ride. including the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo. to Nice. a Jacuzzi. The four-star Monte Carlo Bay Hotel opened in zoog and is a large." Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. "We have turned our small size into an advantage. a new gym overlooking the ocean. back to 1896). there's the elegance and prestige of simply being in Monte Carlo." he says. sauna. "This is the only place in Europe I can play in a T-shirt in December. (The flight from Paris to Nice is about 90 minutes. +[ CHECK OUT MORE LUXURIOUS DESTINATIONS BY LOGGING ON TO TENNIS." says Rolex-Masters director Zeljko Franulovic. many of whom stay there frequently. you'll get a 50 percent discount on your day pass at the venuethe courts are obviously off-limits during the Rolex Masters in mid-April-and can stay where the stars do during the tournament." Case in point: "Djokovic was here yesterday. snooker room and swimming pool. The hotel is part of Monte Carlo SBM. but you can connect from a long list of European cities. year-round. 98000 19 . who has been running the tournament since zoog. At the Monte Carlo Country Club.COM/TRAVEL May 2012 tennis. In most tournament cities. so guests receive a card granting them access to all of the other properties. The helicopter company provides transfers to your hotel. "It's a family. Flights are seven minutes and start at €110 each way. getting to the venue entails endless logistics. Guests have the use of Monte Carlo Bay's sprawling gardens and sand-bottomed The 2012 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters takes place at the MCCCApril 14-22. four restaurants. If you stay at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. At the MCCC. There are no direct flights from the u. Sure.s. Its 334 rooms and suites have stunning views of Monaco and the Mediterranean. this access means mingling with the glamorous set who play on the club's zt clay and two hard courts. two squash courts. it means a short drive or dash up the hill from the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. as well as a heated indoor pool. It also means access also to a popular restaurant. according to Franulovic. a collection of the principality's most iconic hotels. the Cinq Mondes spa. Monte Carlo. 40 Avenue Princesse Grace. The four-star Monte Carlo Bay Hotel hosts luxurious amenities and stunning views suited for the best tennis players in the world." says Franulovic of the club's terraced design and intimate feel. is the way it's run: "We are a small club that happens to run a big tournament. The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel also has its own helipad for private transfers and a jetty for arrival by boat. several bars and the on-site Bay Casino with 145slot machines.

organically produced foods cannot be given antibiotics. and far fewer nitrates. and Lose Inches. The nutrition consultant to Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays and the National Hockey League's New York Rangers. and the nutritional and health benefits of reaching for organic options more frequently. smaller waist circumferences and lower body-fat percentages than those with lower intakes. A study that compared the nutritional content of organic and nonorganic chicken found that the organic samples were leaner and contained more healthful omega-3 fatty acids. because these substances contaminate ground and water May 2012 +I FIND MORE WAYS TO CREATE A WINNING DIET AT TENNIS. which are not only disease-protective. The term "organoleptic" refers to the sensory properties of a particular food-its taste. which are considered "good" fats. the "snap" of a string bean or "crack" when biting into a crisp apple). more than 75 percent of Americans choose organic foods at least occasionally.. triggering an unhealthy domino effect that can impact you if you become ill or injured. That is key. as well as 50 percent more vitamin E. and further research has linked pesticide exposure to obesity in children. Organic Food Tastes Better .• Separate the facts from the fiction of . Organic Foods Provide More Nutrients A report by the French Agency for Food Safety found that organically grown foods contain more minerals and antioxidants. aroma.e.. In addition. research shows that pesticide residues from conventionally grown foods may be a factor in rising obesity rates. appearance. to such health problems as diabetes and Alzheimer's. which have been linked ___ ---J By law. But there's a lot of debate about the merits of going organic. 20 tennis. Cynthia Sass is the author of Cinch! Conquer Cravings.. including tennis players. a powerful antioxidant that supports immunity. and about 30 percent have recently begun purchasing organic products. The Food and Drug Administration now says that more than 70 percent of bacteria that cause infections in hospitals are resistant to at least one of the drugs most commonly used to treat infections. Without knowing which was which. but a recent University of Florida study found that people who consume more antioxidants had lower body mass indices. size. firmness. mouth feel and even sound (i. as a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics.. trained tasters rated the organic apples as tastier. • BY CYNTHIA SASS A ccording to a recent report from the Organic Trade Association. An analysis of organic milk found that it packs 75percent more beta-carotene. and sorting out fact from fiction can be tricky. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture has contributed to the rise in drug-resistant germs. Rats exposed to pesticides gain considerably more weight..COM/FITNESS/NUTRITION. she works with a wide range of athletes.ASPX . Here's the truth about the terminology. One apple study compared five pairs from an organic farm and a nearby conventional orchard.__~ Better for Your Physique Organic foods contain more antioxidants. Organic Benefits Go Beyond Nutrition Organic Foods May Be . Drop Pounds. color.__~ Forty-three percent of organic food buyers cite bettertaste as a major reason for purchasing organic fruits and vegetables. and there's research to confirm the taste advantage. Several published studies have shown that organic versions of foods rank higher in organoleptic characteristics.

• . SPORTS NUTRITION 83483/FEBRUARY 2012 LITHO IN USA a Abbott Nutrition © 2012 Abbott Laboratories . for the best selection of 2012 gear + great deals on past seasons! FAST & FREE shipping 800. • Shop MidwestSports.EED GEA .3305 .

Pure Tennis .


Tennis editors and recreational players participated in our evaluations. We requested at least four samples of every racquet reviewed.) This list of specs starts on page 32. comfort. balance and beam width-so players can compare the frames' specifications. (Allvalues represent strung racquets. NJ Midtown Tennis Club. TenaflyJiL. NY CourtSense Tennis Training 88 . maneuverability and overall playability. Columbia University Special thanks also to Grand Central Racquet. In some cases. But once you find that special racquet. Each tester was encouraged to try a racquet for as long as it took to get a feel for its particular playing characteristics. testers returned to a frame a week after they fI rst hit with itjustto be sure that they liked it. control. head size. May 2012 tennis. TEST BY JUSTIN DIFELICIANTONIO PHOTOGRAPHY BY GORMAN STUDIO DE2 COMPREHENSIVE BREAKDOWN YOU NEED THE OF EVERYTHING TO KNOW NEW ABOUT STICKS YEAR'S Special thanks The following c1ubssenerously for racquet playtestmg: provided court time CityView Racquet Club. Each model was strung with the manufacturer's recommended string and tension to optimize the frame's playing characteristics. for technical assistance. New York. NY The Dick Savitt Tennis Center. one that feels like an extension of your arm. Racquets were then distributed to play testers based on their level of play. you'll know it was time well spent. Courtside Racquet Club. weight.'WE HOW" Racquets in our annual guide were evaluated using a number of criteria. Lebanon. • • • • • a pro shop in New York City. We also compiled quantitative data-such as racquet length. Queens. including power. It will take time to digest the information in this guide. with Tennis' racquet advisor Bruce Levine lending his expertise throughout the process.

_ HEAD SIZE: 100 SO.1 OZ.. the maximum allowed by the International Tennis Federation. a brand synonymous with Asics125 MSRP:$189 HEAD SIZE: 12S'-=S"'Q. Bottom Line: Tried and true instrument for intermediate to advanced baseline grinders. compact strokes. playtesters reported. power-baseline game. the _ high-performance running and tennis shoes. flat strokes and slice backhands. test out the Pure Drive Lite. _ 22-25-22MM(LITE) STRING PATTERN: 16X19 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM LONG TO NTRP: 3~(PD)i 3.0 The Pitch: Asics has designed three innovative Babolat Pure Drive/Lite _ MSRP: $189. .S-26-22. WEIGHT: 10. Ifthe Pure Drive is still too hefty for you.with head shapes nowiderthan conventional 100 and 105 square-inch frames. STIFF(LlTE) _ _ BEAM WIDTH: 23.$""8""5L\. Buttheyshouldfeel great in the hands of players with traditional.... according to Babolat. IN. playtesters were impressed with the 12S'Sexceptional reach at the baseline but especially at the net. feature atypically long main strings-elongated by more than an inch-which Asics claims expands the sweet spot for more forgiveness and power.'C!M~M!!.JThe Pitch: Now in its seventh generation. BALANCE: EVEN SWINGWEIGHT: 303 FLEXIBILITY: VERY STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 28MM STRING PATTERN: 16X22 IDEAL SWING: SHORT NTRP: 2. the 116's extra six square inches of head size made keeping the ball out of the net that much easier.3OZ.STRING PATTERN: 14X 21(109).'..~": . HL (PD). Bottom Line: Provides ample power for players with slow. LENGTH: 2?5IN.. it's easier to handle and a breeze to swing-a great choice for junior players still honing their strokes. game-improvement racquets. to be exact.0 tester claimed the Asics 109 offered a surprisingly mobile feel and "bulldozer power.5TO 4. Bottom Line: Avery powerful and forgiving stick for early adopters and players who lack mobility on the court. 2·5TO 4. WEIGHT: 11."'IN"'. Other playtesters who were at first skeptical ofthe 109'S look fell in love with it after experiencing how easy the longer strings made putting balls back deep when jammed or out of position. the Pure Drive is constructed with Woofer technology. As one 3.. The Asics 109 and 116. The Asics 109 and 116are clearly not for players with Western grips who hit with lots of pop and topspin.the Asics 125is no wider than a conventional 118square-inch head size.5+(109). LENGTH: 27..5 playtester remarked. from club and colleges players to KimClijsters. While net rushers and spin doctors should take heed that this isn't the most subtle of sticks. generous sweet spot and rigid stabil ity gave them what they needed to fight the battle from the baseline. 287 (116) FLEXIBILITY: VERY STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 2S. As always...!. These elongated main strings enlarge the sweet spot for supreme forgiveness and power.6 OZ. (PD): 10.:. While it won't be courting any players who hit lots of topspin with near-modern strokes. which selectively filters out unwanted vibrations (high frequencies) and preserves useful sensations (low frequencies) for optimal feedback.. EVEN(116) SWINGWEIGHT: 321(109).T"'E).:. HL (109). is now in the business of producing innovative game-improvement racquets. One 4.'. IN. 26 tennis. LENGTH: 271N. 298 (LITE) FLEXIBILITY: VERY STIFF(PD).():!LI. ' Asics 109/116 MSRP:$189 HEAD SIZE: 109 SQ._. most of those looks turned from confusion to delight." What's more. agrommet system that expands the sweet spot and increases dwell time by engaging more strings upon impact.SMM (PD). 16X22 (116) IDEAL SWING: SHORTTO MEDIUM NTRP: 3. 3 PTS. At about an ounce lighter. 9. the Asics 125"had very good ball velocity with a light feel.(I:Q). well as Graphite Tungsten (GT) materials that strengthen the frame for added stability and power. though not uncontrollable power" on volleys and ground strokes... the Asics 125's behemoth. ' ..5 (116) The Pitch: May 2012 . Less experienced playtesters found that their ground strokes and returns had much more oomph-the most some ofthem had ever experienced-particularlywhen blocking balls struck right atthem. . the balance of power and control they need to playtoday's fast-paced. IN. according to Asics. HL (LITE) SWINGWEIGHT: 308 (PD). the 12Sshould be a hit with players with traditional swings who are looking to add the most power and depth possi ble to thei r games. but its main strings are much longer-15.5inches.4 OZ.25IN. WEIGHT: 9. racquetball-like shape drew quizzical looks from playtesters.116SO.(LITE) BALANCE: 4 PTS. How It Tested: Naturally. (lOg). Babolat Pure Drive has been updated with Cortex Active Technology.5TO 4·5 Wli. But after testing it out. How It Tested: Playtesters were thoroughly impressed with the security the Asics' snowshoeshaped design provided them on court. How It Tested: The Pure Drive offers players of various ages and ability levels.6 OZ.(116) BALANCE: 3 PTS. Likethe Asics 109 and Asics 116. grinders said that the Pure Drive's open string pattern. 27 . who felt that the 107 provided "too much power" for a long swinger "who hits a flat ball with little topspin. SHOES AND MORE AT TENNIS.0 The pitch: The Dunlop Biomimetic 700 features a series of synthetic systems that. Still. LENGTH: 27. including serves-but only ifthey found the sweet spot and swung with authority. a honeycomb-like. the Donnay Pro One's 21-millimeter beam represents a new direction for the storied brand.Babolat Pure Drive 107 MSRP:$189 HEAD SIZE: 107SQ. Iam a novice at net.2 IN. even on off-center hits. WEIGHT: 11. a surface application inspired by sharkskin that improves aerodynamics for more racquet-head speed. the ball just died and the racquet felt dead. the Pro One is a lightning rod: When struck right. How It Tested: Inthe right hands." a proprietary tubing that yields racquets with solid-core constructions. which allowed them to impart plenty of spin on serves and ground strokes. Strong intermediate and advanced playtesters reported that the Pro One added significant pop to every one of their shots from the backcourt. Dunlop claims. sparks fly. In keeping with the Pure Drive design.0 playtester.HL SWINGWEIGHT:318 FLEXIBILITY: STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 21MM STRING PATTERN: 16X19 IDEAL SWING: LONG NTRP:4·0+ _ Dunlop Biomimetic 700 MSRP:$210 HEAD SIZE: 11 SQ. the Pro One is injected throughout with "XeneCore. "On mishits. surely.HL SWINGWEIGHT: 298 FLEXIBILITY: STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 22-25~3." The Pro One also exhibited granite-like stability. this isn't a problem for everyone. How It Tested: The Pure Drive 107 hasthe largest head size in the Pure Drive family.2IN.~M~M~ STRING PATTERN: 16X19 IDEAL SWING: SHORTTO MEDIUM NTRP: 2.COM/GEAR May 2012 tennis." On the other hand.9'HEAD SIZE: 97 SQ. the 107 weighs in well under eleven ounces-the racquet equivalent of a featherwhich allowed easy maneuverability and bountiful swing speed to baseliners and doubles players with short. "It had almost too much head speed. WEIGHT:10. These biomimetic technologies include Aeroskin. WEIGHT: 9. BALANCE: 2 PTS. which Babolat claims dampens vibrations for comfort and restores more energy from every impact for maximum power.HH SWINGWEIGHT: 302 FLEXIBILITY: STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 24-28-26MM STRING PATTERN: 16X19 IDEAL SWING: SHORTTO MEDIUM NTRP: 2." said a 4. allowing players a considerably bigger sweet spot and greater margin of error for more power and depth. like all Donnay models of late. beginners with slower swings and older players who have lost a bit oHorm should appreciate the Pure Drive lois extra forgiveness. the 107 is constructed with Woofer technology for an expanded sweet spot and Graphite Tungsten (GT) materials in the hoop and core for added stability and power. Said one 4.0 playtester.40Z. Donnay claims that-compared to most conventional sticks. IN.5 Donnay Pro One 16x19 MSRP: 24. "The ball flew when Ididn't swing long and hard. the playtester continued. LENGTH: 2 IN. And likethe Pure Drive Lite. The Pitch: Now James Blake's weapon of choice. Bottom Line: Ideal fortheweekend warrior. How It Tested: Ifyou're in the hunt for a forgiving.5 oz. look no furtherthan the Biomimetic 700. Playtesters deemed the 700'S oversize head easy to handle all over the court. but that's not to say it's a sweet spot with the greatest power potential. never jarringortwistingin playtesters' hands. determined strokes.5 playtester. _ The Pitch: The Babolat Pure Drive 107 features an updated Cortex System." Bottom Line: Beginner to intermediate doubles players will like this maneuverable racquet for all-cou rt play. light and head-heavy frame. What's more. IN." said one 4. RACQUETS. "It's the best volleying racquet I've used. +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS.7 oz. playtesters responded positively to the zoo at net despite the stick's head-heavy balance. BALANCE: 3 PTS.5 playtester put it. improves performance by enhancing processes observed in nature. BALANCE: 5 PTS. which has made a name for itself producing ultra-thin beams as narrow as 15mm. "There were no bad vibes." Bottom Line: Avery solid racquet for strong. As one 3. but hardly missed.5TO 4. 0 LENGTH:2. hard-swinging baseliners. which are hollow-solidcore racquets return more energy to the ball and better absorb shock. the 700'S low weight made "hitting outright winners somewhat difficult-the sweet spot is generous.5TO 4." Though. and HM6 Carbon. high-modulus carbon fiber that dampens vibration for comfort.

MP)__ BEAM WIDTH: 19MM (MID): 21MM (PRO.(PRO)~C!:::1. they're fine tools. produced a very nice feel at the net. the RZR 98 and 98T include a triangular beam shape as well as an angled throat and bumper. a material that changes its behavior under dynamic loading. "Off-center hits don't so much as wobble the frame .lt held up nicely on the baseline. Bottom Line: For creative. The RZR 98. WEIGHT: 12. '- . MP) LENGTH: 271N. IN. HL (~2.J_ _ The Pitch: The Gamma RZR was designed and developed with the help of the independent research group Black Racquet Labs.. 328 (98T) FLEXIBILITY: FLEXIBLE (98).0 play tester.5 playtester commented.There's not a lot of play in the string bed. FIRM (MID. fast swings..Q). The Pitch: Now in its 2Sth year of production. OS) MSRP:$210 HEAD SIZE: 98 SQ. 11.E)i3l5i~_ FLEXIBILITY: FIRM (PRO.9OZ.. WEIGHT: 11. (MID). MP). control and racquethead speed." If the 98's weight is too low and you'd like a more classic. said one 4.§).. the D30 molecules lock together. To this end.3ll. one of the world's lightest high-performancefibers. was assigned the daunting task of creating the world's most aerodynamic racquet. 98 SQ. MP) MSRP: $22Sc---::-::-:-:-:-::-::c::-:---:-::-:---:--:::-::-:-. IN.all meant to reduce wind drag and speed up your swing. WEIGHT: 11oz. FLEXIBLE (OS) BEAM WIDTH: 21.67 PTs. 107 SQ.0+ (MP). accordingto Head.0+ (~~2. try the 98T. The Prestige has been further modernized with Innegra...5OZ.lZ. The 98's head-light balance and decent heft was perfect for intermediate play testers who play an all-court game but spend most of their time swinging out on the baseline.g__QL(g8T) _ BALANCE: 4 PTs. HL (98T) _ SWINGWEIGHT: 310 (98). This is especially the case with the Prestige Mid: Its tiny head size.lIT. More evenly balanced and lighter than the Prestige series.. How It Tested: The RZR 98 and 98T offer excellent controlled power with a medium to long swing. LENGTH: 271N. noted that such maneuverability came with a price: Off-center hits nearthe top ofthe hoop felt jarring at times. its flexible construction. FIRM (98T) BEAM WIDTH: 22MM STRING PATTERN: 16X 18 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM TO LONG (2. the Radical is still manufactured with D30 dilatant foam. HL (MP) SWINGWEIGHT: 33Q. 18X 19 (OS) IDEAL SWING: LONG (PRO. OS) BALANCE: 4 PTs. improved stability and more control. When you swing hard. flat-hitting play testers said._z PTs. OS): 2. hefty feel. The Prestige is designed for players with May 2012 .lnnegra is built into the carbon fiber of the frames. Bottom Line: For accomplished baseline players who grind-and can also volley-with precision. "Solid would be how I'd describe playing with the Prestige Midplus. IN. Pro. which increases their strength without adding significant weight. The result is reduced shock. But if you're looking to put extra wood behind the ball. MEDIUM TO LONG (~ _ NTRP: 4. Head YouTek IG Prestige (Mid. HL (PRO.MPL IDEAL SWING: LONG Head YouTek IG Radical (Pro.. (PRO. the Head YouTek IG Prestige is the racquet of choice for touring professionals Gilles Simon and Robin Soderling. (OS) LENGTH: 27 IN. more controlled feel. IN. 4. Lowvolleys felt stable. MP.L.. MP) SWINGWEIGHT: 3. try the Radical Oversize. Bottom Line: For proficient all-courters who expect absolute reliability and control. (MP..5+ (OS) The Pitch: The Head YouTek IG Radical features Innegra fibers to increase stability without weighing down the frame. absorbing the impact for a softer. (PRO): 11 OZ. (PRO). 18X 20 (MP).. And like the Prestige." Playtesters who preferred more control gravitated toward the midplus' dense string pattern.J1. HL (PRO): 8 PTs. LONG (g8T) NTRP: 4. however. the Radical Pro and Midplus are not bludgeons.CM!. HL (MID.I IIIII I I . How It Tested: Playtesters agreed: The Radical is built for a blend of power. IN.. 12OZ..5+ (PRO). which was surprising. on touch shots. 28 tennis. B. "felt softer at net.. Those looking for more stability should test-drive the Pro. . MP).". and added extra stability on volleys and overheads. J - --- Gamma RZR 98fg8T MSRP:$180 HEAD SIZE: 98 SQ. Moreover. seasoned counterpunchers who want a blend of power and control. the foam maintains its relaxed configuration. How It Tested: The iconic Prestige continues to deliver outstanding control and feel allover the court. MP) STRINGPATTERN:16X19 (£RQ):18X20 (MID.(EBQ)i310 (MP)_ FLEXIBILITY: STIFF (PRO).5MM STRING PATTERN: 16 X 19 (PRO). (MID).R. which includes extra heft to withstand the hard knocks of the modern game. Gamma claims they succeeded. (9Ji).-HEAD SIZE: 93 SQ. (PRO. increasing the racquet's stiffness for more power. 3.. (MP) BALANCE: 6 PTs. while those looking for more spin opted forthe Pro's more open pattern. MP). It's very dependable.2OZ. The Radical MP is light and versatile enough to give creative players the maneuverability they need to hit precise angles and move the ball around the court." one 4. Playtesters. thin beam and exacting sweet spot are only forthose with the most superior oftechnique. while lettingyou know when you miss the sweet spot.

" Bottom Line: Raw. Head YouTek IG Prestige S/Radical S MSRP: $210 ~: $200 ( 29 .__ HEAD SIZE: 9. HL (2§) _ SWINGWEIGHT: 330 (9S). longer strokes on the baseline and competence at net.HL SWINGWEIGHT: 315_(~)220 (R. flexible player's stick we reviewed this year. I could see this being quite a weapon.)." Bottom Line: Great choices for ambitious. comfortable precision for intermediate (98) and advanced (95) players. IN. (95).. coupled with a relatively flexible frame. The EX03 inserts reduce vibration and expand the sweet spot for more power and control. remarkable touch and dwell time. How It Tested: Intermediate play testers with aggressive baseline and grinding styles of play felt more than confident with the Warrior 100 in tow. As one strong a. the racquet "wasn't above average on finesse volleys. Bottom Line: Laser-like. plus Head's new Innegra technology. However." one 3.IN (95):98 SQ.J. WEIGHT: 11. the 98 came with a caveat: its extra forgiveness.. according to the company.COM/GEAR May 2012 tennis. "and I felt my strengths there-spin and placement-were enhanced." Playtesters who found the 95 too heavy to wield relished the Rebel 98'S lighter weight However.)c_ _ FLEXIBILITY: FIRM BEAM WIDTH: 22MM (P.5. has been updated with improved EX03 string suspension inserts.1OZ. baseline punisher. some all-court players criticized the Warrior 100'S response on touch shots. SHOES AND MORE AT TENNIS. (98).L__ STRING PATTERN: 16 X 19 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM TO LONG Prince EX03 Rebel 95198 MSRP:$189 HEAD SIZE:9SSQ.----. +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS. fluid swings raved about how the 95 delivered smooth feedback and stability. which allow the strings to respond more freely upon impact for a bigger sweet spot as well as more power and control. it plays like a 98.)_ LENGTH: 2 IN. "I play most of the time onthe baseline.0 play tester.5. which now utilize a thermoplastic resin for reduced vibration and improved feel. Said one 4. (P. the S series is designed for developing players who are working hard to improve their games but aren't quite ready for the big time. "I would recommend these racq uets to strong. like the Rebel.IN. Yet.5. IN.g playtester remarked.AOZ. RACQUETS. There was an optimum amount of power but I never lost control of the ball. 11.5 play tester with a Western forehand and two-handed backhand reported.3 oz.1OZ. while both racquets have pop and move fast through the air-the Radical S more so than the heavier Prestige S-they're not so powerful that they will stymie the development offaster. H L (2S).iA PTS.Q. (98) LENGTH: 271N.".J-. (R. (R. FIRM (98) BEAM WIDTH: 20MM (95): 21MM (g8) STRING PATTERN: 18 X 20 (95): 16 X 20 (911). Prince claims that the EXO' inserts liberate strings from restrictive grommets.5. either. you ng players with two-handed backhands who are looking to develop all-court games. How It Tested: The Prestige S and Radical S are sticks with training wheels. Play testers with long. 322 (98) FLEXIBILITY: FLEXIBLE (9S).. _ BALANCE: Z PTS. WEIGHT: 12 OZ. high-performance fiber that's integrated into the frames' carbon fiber to increase their strength without adding weight. delivering a stable response on hard-hit balls.5 play tester noted.1.As one 3. Lighter and more maneuverable than each oftheir heavier counterparts.S. and well-controlled power from all parts of the court. produced a jarring sensation at the string bed's tip on off-center hits. developing players.!l2QJ!:Uill. "The sweet spot is relatively generous for a 95. MEDIUM TO LONG (911)_ NTRP:4.s+ (95)~. a light. Playtesters also noted that the stick added smoke to their ftrst serves._ IDEAL SWING: LONG (25).5. How It Tested: The Rebel 95 was the most comfortable.)c_ _ BALANCE:4PTS. WEIGHT: 11. 23-SMM (R.S. LENGTH: 27 IN.. which are now manufactured with thermoplastic resins. The Pitch: The Prince Warrior 100. due to its relatively thick beam.-. BALANCE:4~P~T~S~.z8.H~L~ SWINGWEIGHT: 320 FLEXIBILITY: STI FF BEAM WIDTH: 24-26-22MM STRING PATTERN: 16 X 19 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM TO LONG NTRP:3-s+ 100 _ The Pitch: The Head YouTek IG Prestige 5 and Radical S include all the innovation of the older racquet lines. Prince EX03 Warrior MSRP:$189 HEAD SIZE: 100 SQ." It was no slouch at the net._ The Pitch: The Prince EXO' Rebel 95-the racquet of choice for touring professional Gael Monftls=-and EXO'Rebel98 have been updated with new and improved EXO' string suspension inserts. 100 SQ. In the right hands.

(MP). basalt filters out unwanted. It was great in all facets ofthe game.". Wilson claims.Q.3. racquets that blend the playing characteristics of intermediate and advanced players' sticks. Bottom Line: Asmooth. IN. Overall. higher response and added stability over previous V. 3 PTS.. BALANCE: 2 PTs.222. 110So... TO SHORTTO MEDIUM (lOS) NTRP: 3-5+(100). How It Tested: Ifyou're an exacting playerwho loves to customize a stick to the idiosyncrasies of your own game.-'-:-OZ.. (2211. Although some playtesters thought that the Juice's thicker beam deadened some ofthe feel necessary to hit deft slices or angled volleys. then flatten out shots when I was in an offensive position.22). Volkl claims this mixture offers more dampening. Bottom Line: A perfect choice for no-nonsense power baseliners. IN. 26MM(lOS) STRING PATTERN: 16XlS 0. Oversize features a larger. the beam's rigidity paid dividends in the ground game." i. OS) _ MSRP:$240 HEAD SIZE: 102 So. proprietary material made from natural volcanic rock that is woven into the frame to resist vibration.e.3 Cl.5OZ.1. 27.(lOSI_ WEIGHT: 11.(100). while the racquet's low swingweight caused some lack of stability on mishits.HL 0. steady and cushy racquet for beginners and intermediates who place a premium on comfort. 3.6 INCHES@)'-_ WEIGHT: 10. a high-tech material that's surrounded with carbon nanotubes. 2·5TO 4.l.0 baseliner with a semi-Western forehand and two-handed backhand. As a 4.5~5. MPcould get the job done at net. likethe Pro Staff 100. while the V. EVEN(""0".(OS) LENGTH: 271N(MP).( _ FLEXIBILITY: VERY STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 25-26." Furthermore. but it's awfully hard to take it away. l". Classic was introduced in the mid-1990S as one ofthe first "tweeners.0 TO 4.2MM(!QQ). Wilson Juice 100/108 BLX MSRP:$220 HEAD SIZE: 100 So.(MP1." said one 4.0 playtesters claimed that.d5.58OZ BALANCE: 8 PTs. The long-time club favorite now encompasses Organix.=. also includes Amplifeel handle technology for additional stability and comfort. Nonetheless. 16X19_CJ.Q.!i.A OZ.. head-light balance and thin beam was a "perfect situation for after-market customization"-i. 30 tennis.5 to 4.) 3".0-level players said that the stick was highly maneuverable and comfortable.O". the V.O~S)J_ _ FLEXIBILITY: FIRM BEAM WIDTH: 25-22-28MM(M£)." Try the Juice 108 ifyou're a beginner or an older player looking to add morethan a little "juice"to your game.J.. There's also a vibrationdampening technology in the handle to further enhance the frame's feel. LENGTH: 2Z-"IN-".0 playtester with an Eastern forehand and two-handed backhand put it. How It Tested: The Juice 100 is a middleweight: light enough to generate racquet-head speed for dependable spin and pace. with awesome feel. high-performance carbon fibers that are woven together into a solid and powerful mesh.2. "the Juice enabled meto hit heavier topspin to defend. delivering cleaner feedback for better feel. individually nickel-anodized. a few 4. Midplus "hit without vibration.3Ql!l. lOSSo. Bottom Line: This year's most customizable player's stick is great for developing juniors and the technically astute. IN. Advanced 4.racquet of Nickel-Mesh.(lOS) LENGTH: 271N. HL(MP). _ BALANCE: 4 PTS. playtesters complimented the control-oriented feedback of the Tour 8-as well as its extremely quick feel at net-making the racquet also a good choice for fast-swinging juniors still building their games.Q._ SWINGWEIGHT: 31sl!QQlCL. choice for WTAtouring pro Victoria Azarenkaand Juice lOS BLXare engineered with basalt fibers. the stick "felt a little dead on volleys. adding heft to the frame in the form of lead tape. The California-based solinco claims that this material en hances the frame's strength and stabil ity. jarring frequencies before they reach the hand.HL(05) _ SWINGWEIGHT: 3Q3. heavy enough to withstand the force of your opponent's own artillery fire. HL SWINGWEIGHT: 280 FLEXIBILITY: FIRM BEAM WIDTH: 21MM STRING PATTERN: 16X19 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM LONG TO NTRP:4. more forgiving head size and extra length.Solinco Tour 8 MSRP:$180 HEAD SIZE: 98 SO. models. the Tour 8 is for you.~ WEIGHT: 10. IN. 26-23-29MM__ STRING PATTERN: 16X19 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM (MP). How It Tested: Playtesters reveled in howthe Volkl Vl'Sstring bed played like a springboard: Power and spin shot off of it.e.. On off-center hits. IN. the V.5 (OS) The Pitch: The Volkl V. The Juice.§) __ IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM LONG(100)..(100). SHORTTO MEDIUM (05) NTRP: 3.27.S"')'-. and with adequate power and spin.. As one playtester noted. the Tour 8's rare blend of light weight.5 playtesters agreed that. it's easy to add weight to a May 2012 . neutralizing torque on impact for greater power and control.\.5TO 4·5 (MP). "When Iwas backed up behind the baseline.Q).0 and 4.0+ The Pitch: The Solinco Tour 8 is made with Volkl Organix V1 (MP.S"." For those in search of an even springier ride.5 (lOS) The Pitch: The Wilson Juice 100 BLX.

. The Elone 100. Bottom Line: For nimble.5 OZ. the Six. WEIGHT: 10. IN.STIFF (]QQI_ BEAM WIDTH: 23-24-19MM(2ll)j~-23MM STRING PATTERN: 16X19 (9Jl).f+ ~I- Il rf . many said that. Although it has only a slightly larger head size.(gl!). with a beam thin enough for a more advanced player's stick.0+ Wilson Steam _ 100 BLX Yonex EZone Xi 98/100 MSRP:$220 HEAD SIZE: 100 SO. O.0 playtester.0 playtester said.3. exacti ng feel of the Pro Staff Six.HL (]QQ) 3 _ SWINGWEIGHT: 321(2ll2. BALANCE: 3 PTS. which allows for more string movement and an expanded sweet spot. +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS.5. "I lost a bit of depth near the top of the hoop:' one 4.-+~ ".Af. r-» j I .. medium weight frame. How It Tested: The Elone Xi98 should appeal to intermediate all-courters with traditional grips who like the sensation of a head-light.One 100 BLX MSRP:$230 HEAD SIZE: 100 SO. rounds the corners of the racquet's shaft for an ideal level of flex. 1 I I =1 :f/ j.. WEIGHT: 11.5 player-when hit in the sweet spot. SHOES AND MORE AT TENNIS.5 The Pitch: Inan effort to eliminate unwanted vibration when you miss the sweet spot.._.. "I liked it immediately.One is "an ideal candidate for customization. accordingto the company..10"'0eJ)'--.5 players felt the racquet was "a bit too light" for their tastes." Playtesters also noted that the stick felt very stable all over the court. Said one 4. and Ireally liked its stability and control on volleys..IN. The Pitch: The Wilson Pro Staff Six. How It Tested: All-court players with longer swings who like the classic. LENGTH: 27. proprietary material made from natural volcanic rock that resists vibration.. .2SIN=-. I .r ~. Noted one 4. ~: \l ~:1 '~J . accomplished all-court players (98) and intermediate baseline bruisers (100). The Steam also includes Wilson's Double Hole grommet design. LENGTH:27.COM/GEAR May 2012 31 . As one 3.3g_(. "But it was otherwise solid from the baseline. expands the sweet spot and increases maneuverability. 100 SO. ~~ 'iTT Ilj~ I _l I I 'r f-J. IN." Playtesters were also impressed with how much zip the Steam could impart on their ftrst serves.5TO 4. Ifelt like Igot good access to topspin as well as slice-atthe baseline and transitioningto the net. How It Tested: All-court playtesters with classic and Eastern strokes gave the Steam props for its head-light heft and maneuverability. light weight and low swingweight allowed them to generate more than ample racquet-head speed. Wilson has constructed the Steam with basalt fibers.HL SWINGWEIGHT: 311 FLEXIBILITY: STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 23MM STRING PATTERN: 16X20 IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM LONG TO NTRP: 3.5 player made clear. Although some with Western grips reckoned the sweet spot was a bittoo low in the string bed. "I loved theweight and feel in all parts of the court. Although some 4. playtesters found that the Steam's extra quarter-inch length gave them the leverage they needed to carve slice backhands straight and true through the court. which translated into more power and spin. The Elone Xialso incorporates Oval Pressed Shaft manufacturing..0+ (g8). (1. "I just wanted to keep serving. all agreed that the Steam could add some pop to volleys.2 IN.5 playtester with Eastern grips and a one-handed backhand. Bottom Line: For intermediate.Q.One 95 but fmd its heft too much to bear should consider its more forgiving cousin. 16X18(100) IDEAL SWING: MEDIUM LONG TO NTRP:4.. round hoops.' I I . Wilson Pro Staff Six.5TO 4-5 (100) The Pitch: The Elone Xiimproves upon Yonex's trademark construction with Extra Isometric a retooled square head shape that cuts down on the space found outside the sweet spot in conventional.HL (2ll)~ PTS.. Its thinner beam offered control. should scratch the needs of baseline bashers seeking a racquet with more weight in the hoop of the frame.. as well as widens the shaft face for increased stability. WEIGHT: 11OZ.(g8).P. RACQUETS.One 100 BLX-like the Pro Staff Six.m. Yonex claims this design reduces frame vibration. the Six." While many playtesters said the racquet lacked stability-"it twists a bit on non-center hits.One 100. playtesters said the racquet added sign incant depth and spin to their shots thanks in part to a larger sweet spot.One 90 and 95 BLXfeatures basalt fibers woven throughout the frame to eliminate unwanted vibration on off-center hits. MSRP:$250 HEAD SIZE: 98 SO. which places inserts made from basalt and graphite inside the handle for additional comfort and better feel. HL SWINGWEIGHT: 297 FLEXIBILITY: FIRM BEAM WIDTH: 19-22-21MM STRING PATTERN: 16X18 IDEAL SWING: LONG NTRP:4.Q2~--: _ BALANCE: 6 PTS. . which was surprising given its sub-n-ounce weight. the 98 delivers clean feedback and no bad vibes.~ ~ ~ ~ I.6 OZ. all-court aggressors who like to knife through the ball.(100) LENGTH: 27 IN." Bottom Line: Aversatile and quick-swinging racquet for strong intermediate all-courters." said another 4. The Pro Staff also includes the Amplifeel handle system. IN. 11OZ. on the other hand. Playtesters reported that the Six." Finally.One's larger head size._ FLEXIBILITY: FIRM(9. BALANCE: 5 PTS..~ Ill.

5 playtester. LENGTH: 21 IN.5OZ. I came away from each point thinking it had helped me out in some way.25 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27. orO. the EZone l07"had a reassuring feel on volleys.58 10·5 10·5 11·3 lOA 10. WEIGHT: 10.5 playtester. I developed a comfortable rhythm. Length is measured from the cap of the handle to the top of the head. we've filled this chart with all of the pertinent technical information.) 27. grapefruit-sized sweet spot. Meanwhile.2 11.25 27 27 27 STATIONARY WEIGHT (OZ.6 11 11·5 11 10·5 32 tennis. IN.25 27.One 100 BLX Wilson Steam 100 BLX Yonex EZone xi 98 Yonex EZone Xi 100 Yonex EZone Xi 107 NTRP:2.5.6 11. How It Tested: The EZone Xi107 is a thickbeamed stick designed for players-doubles specialists in particular-who've played the game a longtime but still don't have all the on-court power they need.) lOA 9·6 9. according to Yonex. Bottom Line: Older beginner and intermediate players should wield this racquet confidently. BALANCE" PT.) 109 116 125 100 100 107 97 110 98 98 93 98 98 98 98 107 98 100 95 98 100 98 102 110 100 108 100 100 98 100 107 LENGTH (IN. increases the ball's dwell time on the string bed for more spin and control.91 FLEXIBILITY: STIFF BEAM WIDTH: 2Z-2!. the Yonex EZone Xi 107 is constructed with an Extra Isometric design to red uce frame vibration./-2. the bigger the sweet spot.25 27. shorter racquets are more maneuverable.~. Oval Pressed Shaft manufacturing.9 12 11·3 11 11 11·5 lOA HEAD SIZE: 101 SQ. Stationary weight is how much the racquet weighs when FRAME Asics109 Asics116 Asics125 Babolat Pure Drive Babolat Pure Drive Lite HEAD SIZE (SQ. its oversized head offers extra real estate to fmd the large..1 11." The catch. "I couldn't place lobs. The bigger the head.6 27 27." said the same 3. and vice versa.P.1 10·3 lOA Yonex EZone Xi MSRP:~250 10Z Babolat Pure Drive 107 Donnay Pro One 16X19 11·5 9·7 11 11·9 12. Longer racquets give you more leverage on serves and greater reach on volleys. expand the sweet spot and increase maneuverability. Head size is the area of the racquet head in square inches. While exhibiting average maneuverability at net.HL SWINGWEIGHT: 3.!MM STRING PATTERN: 16X18 IDEAL SWING: SHORTTO MEDIUM Dunlop Biomimetic 700 Gamma RZR 98 Gamma RZR 98T Head YouTek IG Prestige Mid Head YouTek IG Prestige Midplus Head YouTek IG Prestige Pro Head YouTek IG Prestige 5 Head YouTek IG Radical Midplus Head YouTek IG Radical Oversize Head YouTek IG Radical Pro Head YouTek IG Radical S Prince EXO' Rebel 95 Prince EXO' Rebel 98 Prince EXO' Warrior 100 Solinco Tour 8 Volkl Organix V1 Midplus Volkl Organix V1 Oversize Wilson Juice 100 BLX Wilson Juice 108 BLX Wilson Pro Staff Six. of course.2 27 27. 12 11.25 27.1 10. The Pitch: Likethe 98 and 100." said one 3. "and over time along the baseline.THE SPECS / To make it easier to compare racquets. May 2012 .25 27·5 27 27 27. is that with all that oomph some precision and feel is lost.

the greater the maneuverability.strung.5 or 3. the looser and more powerful the string bed 33 . HL 5 pts. HL 2 pts.5-27-23 27-29-24 14X 21 16 x 22 16 x 22 16x19 16x19 16x19 16x 19 16x 19 16x18 16x18 18 x 20 18 x 20 16x19 16x19 18 X20 18 x 19 16x19 16x19 18 X20 16x20 16x 19 16x19 16x19 16x 19 16x 18 16x 19 16x18 16x20 16x19 16 x 18 16x18 Short to Medium Short to Medium Short Medium to Long Medium to Long Short to Medium Long Short to Medium Medium to Long Long Long Long Long Medium to Long Long Medium to Long Long Medium to Long Long Medium to Long Medium to Long Medium to Long Medium Short to Medium Medium to Long Short to Medium Long Medium to Long Medium to Long Medium to Long Short to Medium 3·5+ 2·5to 4. faster strokes. HL 3 pts. HH stands for head heavy and HL for head light. Flexibility refers to the racquet's construction.0 to 4. while others taper from one width atthe top of the head to another at the base of the head (listed as two or three numbers). We categorized frames as flexible. Pt. A flexible frame bends more and gives you additional control and feel. NTRP recommendations will help you target racquets that are appropriate for your skill level.5 22-25-22 22-25-23 21 24-28-26 22 22 19 21 21 22 21·5 21·5 21·5 23·5 20 21 24-26-22 21 25-22-28 26-23-29 25-26. HH 4 pts. which represents a 1/8th inch difference between the racquet's balance and its midpoint.5 4·0+ 3·5 to 4·5 4·0+ 3·5 to 4·5 2·5to 4. stiff and very stiff.5 4.5-26-22. HL 5 pts. HL 1 pt. the more open the string pattern. firm. RACQUETS.0. HL 3 pts. HL 2. Some frames have a constant width (one number).5 $189 $189 $189 $189 $185 $189 $249 $210 $180 $180 $225 $225 $225 $210 $210 $210 $210 $200 $189 $189 $189 $180 $240 $240 $220 $220 $230 $220 $250 $250 $250 +I GO ONLINE TO CHECK OUT GRIPS.0 4.0 3·5+ 3·5 to 4·5 2·5to 4. start by looking for racquets that have an NTRP recommendation of 2. (If you're a beginner.5-25. HL 8 pts. beginners have more compact. slower strokes and advanced players have longer. Typically. HL Even 3 pts. HL 4 pts.67 pts.0+ 3·5+ 4·5+ 3. HL 4 pts. HL 4pts.5 2·5to 4. The tighter a string pattern. HL 4 pts.5 4·5+ 4·0+ 3·5+ 4·0+ 3·5 to 4·5 3.HL 8 pts. HL 6 pts. HL Even Even 4 pts. HL 25 25 28 23. A light racquet will be more maneuverable. SWINGWEIGHT FLEXIBILITY BALANCE BEAM WIDTH (MM) STRING PATTERN IDEAL SWING NTRP PRICE 321 287 303 308 298 298 318 302 310 328 317 310 321 315 320 315 330 290 330 322 320 280 303 308 315 312 297 311 321 312 307 Very Stiff Very Stiff Very Stiff Very Stiff Stiff Stiff Stiff Stiff Flexible Firm Firm Firm Stiff Firm Firm Flexible Firm Firm Flexible Firm Stiff Firm Firm Firm Very Stiff Very Stiff Firm Stiff Firm Stiff Stiff 3 pts. HL 7 pts. If you don't know what your NTRP rating is. HL 7 pts.COM/GEAR May 2012 tennis. the stiffer and more control-oriented the string bed is. In the Balance column.5 3·5+ 2·5to 4. HL 2 pts. HL 8 pts.0 to 4.0+ 2. String pattern lists the number of main strings (up and down) first and crosses (side to side) second. Swingweight is how heavy the racquet feels when you swing it as measured by a Racquet Diagnostic Center.2 26 19-22-21 23 23-24-19 24.5 to 4. the lower the number. HL 4 pts. HL 6 pts.) Price is the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Thick racquets tend to be stiffer and more powerful. while thin frames are more flexible and provide better feedback. HL 4 pts. HL 3 pts.0+ 4·5+ 5. Beam width is a measure of the thickness of a racquet's sidewalls. HL 4 pts. while stiffer beams offer more power but less control. ask a tennis pro. stands for 1point. SHOES AND MORE AT TENNIS. a heavy frame will be more stable.0+ 4·5+ 4·5+ 3·5 to 4·5 4. Ideal swing is the type of swing for which the racquet is best suited. HL 3 pts.

34 May2012 .


com May2012 .36 tennis.


as they begin. On this North Carolina morning. for example. hit their slice backhand with a topspin grip." ("For me. so the striker has no chance to even think about lowering his or her May 2012 . For as many as three weeks per month during peak times.) Some of the instruction is more personalized: Noticing one participant hitting ground strokes from on top of the court's boundary. After teaching regularly for more than two years. For example. so I'm going to leave it all on the court for you guys. it's the forehand. Wilander advises the group to "use the warm up to practice your least comfortable shot. him and maybe. the two men lead eight players in some light calisthenics. NC. Djokovic. The legendary Swede isn't talking to a stadium full of fans. he and his business and teaching partner Cameron Lickle travel from town to town in a Winnebago. the most improbable of tennis clinics BY ANDREW FRIEDMAN On It's the end of an eight-day tour. It's a sunny Saturday. "Don't hug the baseline. overheads. and the men are there for Wilander's tennis clinic. his clinic. As they do. when he hasn't been traveling to a Grand Slam tournament as an analyst and reporter for Eurosport. or home with his family in Sun Valley. and begin a series of drills covering all aspects of the game: volleys. a lot of club players. ID." he confides. has been on the road. he hits lobs in quick succession. then divide them up into two groups. That's right." says seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander. He's the only guy who can do that." The drills are clever and effective. on adjacent courts. or-as they like to call it-WOW. For the past two-plus years. When he corrects this. Maybe you saw Andre Agassi do that. for example. they offer both instruction and correction. 47. now. but to a small group of club players assembled around him on a hard court at the Olde Providence Racquet Club in Charlotte. he says. Wilander has noticed some common pitfalls in recreational games. and they see the benefits 38 tennis.A weekend tour with Wilander Wheels. Wilander. ground strokes and serves. a mode of transportation that inspired the name of their venture: Wilander on Wheels. to train players to keep their heads up on their overheads.

Now in its third year. To secure bookings. that the next thing they knew. who has a Bachelor of Science in Economics. ("People are so excited. overnight. hat happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. going from club to club. and he and Lickle memorize everybody'S names within minutes. with a starting price of $6. "To hit a ball off his strings is an exhilarating experience. who detests flying and hotels but loves camping and being on the open road in his Winnebago. he clearly relishes meeting people around the country. literally. 'Sir' here?" he asks a group of young men in North Carolina. both physically and tonally: "Don't say. he and Lickle hit the ball harder. ing at them with fresher eyes than their regular teachers. A typical club visit includes three sessions. addressing them like old friends. he says. and the players. A watershed moment occurred when a piece about WOW ran in the Wall Street Journal in 2011. one for beginner-level men. This is a game of anger." says Wilander. Lickle says he discovered 133missed calls on his cell phone. who played the club where Wilander plays. WOW offers a number of set and customizable packages. ("Why does everybody say. he says they're ecstatic. 'Stop laughing. The notion of stepping on court with a seven-time Grand Slam champion probably seems daunting. make the volleys tougher. but this one in Charlotte added a fourth: one for juniors. includes three 90-minute clinics for up to eight students each. socially fearless u." Wilander says." he says.'" Wilander advises a junior player whom he notices scolding himself. remembers everyone's name instantly. "It was awesome. 'I should have done that. Lickle worked his way up and down the California coast. and talking to them about themselves and their local culture." summed up Lawrence Fuller. and provides a personal flourish to every lesson. With the kids. eat it up. Beyond the primal thrill of hitting with somebody of his caliber and celebrity. going after every shot-it's amazing that he does this. The seven-time Grand Slam champion travels by Winnebago. The company's origin story began when Lickle=-a charming. or just thrilling. The clinic was such a success. Wilander instantly recognized Lickle's professional caliber and asked Lickle to help him train for an upcoming seniors event. The most popular. they are look- in the first clinic on this day. This clinic continues for an hour and a quarter.200 emails. "I tell my wife. the WOW guys tone it down. The man loves tennis. he sets participants right at ease. ''We would have gotten there but it would have taken a few years." That he does.'" For the advanced players. one for women and one for advanced men. honey. and not just because he has a champion's discernment. "Do they just teach you that when you're growing up? It's great!") And well-meaning club directors who have their members wear name tags for the clinics are wasting their time and office supplies: Wilander has the students rip them off. Wilander believes that people who join in his clinics receive tips they've never heard before. at all levels. after which Wilander and Lickle pose for pictures. Since he and Lickle have never met most clinic participants before. they had registered the Wilander on Wheels name and were running a start-up venture. He flew the idea by Lickle. Lickle would spend the next 48 hours at a local coffee shop writing up a business plan before joining Wilander for his Nevada clinic.000. Wilander. As they began conducting clinics. Naturally social and curious. some Las Vegas-based attendees of an annual fantasy camp at which Wilander regularly taught in Vermont commented to him that the travel had become prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. as was a trial clinic they put on in Sun Valley.S.of adjusting. (Extra clinics can be added as they were W May 2012 tennis. At about the same time. "I answered 1. "It blows me away every time. former captain of the Academy's tennis team and Futures-level player-was visiting Sun Valley and hitting at Participants are stunned by Wilander's down-to-earth personality. "Over the next two weeks. word of mouth 39 ." Participant Todd Badgley found Wilander inspirational: "Keeping your feet moving all the time.The next day." But when addressing a group of adult women. sign autographs and talk with the participants. or students. but the idea for Wilander on Wheels came about almost by accident. Other frequent improvements include getting players to constantly move their feet (he and Lickle remind them of this ad infinitum during their clinics) and reinforcing the most fundamental thing of all: Keeping their eye on the ball. The pair tailor their clinics to the audience. "Just do it differently next time." The exponential increase in interest took the company to the next level. had the idea to bring his camp to the group. Naval Academy graduate.") But Wilander might be the most congenial Hall of Famer you'll ever meet. It's agame. May 2012 . takes the loft over the driver and passenger seats. Wilander flies home and Lickle gets the Winnebago to the next hub. they park for the night. Southern California. like the one that Wilander and Lickle perform during the French Open with two German gentlemen who travel to Paris to play doubles with the wow team. Depending on the hour. adding six hours to the journey so the ever-curious Wilander could see the Mexican border. or sometimes in the parking lot of the next club they'll visit. Eric. the greatest pleasure is using his powers to help players move past their individual foibles. which helps raise funding to find a cure for Epidermal Bullosa. "that's the reward. Out of 14 days of the US Open last year.or eight-day swings for himself and Wilander. where they played beach tennis before pulling out of the campgrounds. The price of these sessions is arranged on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the team's availability and geography. For an additional $4. (The clubs are free to sell tickets to the events. others grow naturally out of a first booking or Wilander's time at the Slams. DC. or drive to the next town. accustomed to sleeping anywhere from his Naval Academy days.lander~ greatest pleasure is using his powers to help players move jiast their individual foibles. it is also starting its own charitable enterprise. "For me. In Charlotte. Or when they chose to drive southwest instead of northwest from Arizona back to Idaho. Atlanta. club pros and maybe a local tour player." he says. he answers questions and tells stories about the men ickle tries to schedule seven. just as many great chefs order turkey clubs in every hotel on earth. He's also happy to offer his opinion about today's top players. In the afternoon. knifing volleys at his feet. After the exhibitions and the cocktail receptions. shortening the length to 75minutes each).in Charlotte. either docking in a campground. In 2011. gather their equipment and pile back into the Winnebago. often as perfectly arching lobs that loop overhead and land right on the baseline. using clubs in Forest Hills and Long Island as their temporary headquarters. It's only in these moments that it becomes clear just how much Wilander had been holding back all morning. "the MW [Mats WilanderJ Foundation to help raise awareness for the organization DEBRA. he used to play however." He finds the reversal gratifying. Lickle lived out of the L Along with business and teaching partner Cameron Lickle. but most of the balls come back. For those who can afford it. 40 tennis. where the team performed four of them. to stop along the way and enjoy the scenery. Winnebago in the parking lot of the Westside Tennis Center the entire time." Lickle says. the package also includes Wilander's participation in a doubles exhibition. he unfurls his legendary or emailingwilanderonwheels@gmail. then two more clinics. New Jersey. Wilander usually mingles during lunch or a cocktail reception once all the tennis is done.000. to exploit them to the end. He is more than happy. During the social sessions. Florida. and many use them as fundraisers for which Wilander happily autographs memorabilia to be auctioned off. As WOW keeps growing." Find out more about Wilander on Wheels by calling 787-GET-GAME. The guys try to take it to him. many of whom played college ball." he says. when the long days are done. typically involving himself. The routine: Wilander usually drives and picks the music (en route to North Carolina. itwas Dire Straits).) Additionally. Wilander gets the Winnebago's bedroom with its queen-sized mattress while Lickle. "I'm really good at figuring out weaknesses because that was my whole game. when Wilander hits with the advanced-level men. (Wilander's son. Chicago. the Carolinas. W. he was able to do that in and around Washington. I'm going to help you with it. if time allows. Mats Wilander will drive hundreds of miles to the next clinic. Wilander and Lickle roll up their banners.) Life on the road is a combination of routine and spontaneity. lunch. Idaho and Nevada. As for sleeping arrangements. the day is split: two clinics. At the end of most swings. SC. Wilander and Lickle are apt to pull into a Subway because they know what they're getting. as they did in Myrtle Beach. the duo performed clinics during more than 10 of them. Texas. and how much more he has in reserve. while Lickle sits at the small dining table handling WOW business on his laptop and cell phone. private lessons can be arranged. Philadelphia. they might have a morning hit. including John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. "Now when I see a weakness. Spontaneity is found at the edges of the day and weeks: for example. Some weeks are built around a seniors event Wilander has scheduled. has the disease. logging on to wilanderonwheels. But for Wilander himself.






When situations don't effortlessly engage us. wild animals. scientists have confirmed these ideas. moving things. Your opponent will likely overtake you in the end. Certain elements in the environment are effortlessly engaging and draw on involuntary attention: "strange things. Philosophers.your surroundings (whether it's a bird chirping ora beautiful sunrise) modestly grabs your involuntary attention. just 10 minutes) looking through pictures of natural scenes on the computer leads to improved focus and concentration relative to when people look through pictures of Sian Beilock. 46 tennis. there's a lot riding on your abilityto perform at your best in today's competition. Whether it's a tournament final or simply an important match. and even done your homework on your opponent. urban environments tend to be a lot less restorative than natural ones. In short. You've done everything you possibly can to prepare-practiced diligently. When you're in nature. is a psychology professor at The University of Chicago and the author of the book. this is precisely why nature can be so beneficial.justtakinga walk in nature can help ensure that you have the brainpower you need to outsmart your opponent on the court.James made a distinction between two types of attention.D. Isthere anything else?As it happens. Scientists compare directed attention. bright things.COM/INSTRUCTION . which gives your directed attention time to rest and replenish. You also have to constantly flex your directed attention to steer clear of advertisements that might lureyou into buyingsomethingyou don't May 2012 +1 GET MORE PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHT BY LOGGING ON TO TENNIS. Even spending 10 minutes (yes. writers and laypeople alike I have long suspected that interacting with nature can have a positive effect on our abilityto operate at our best. By mildly engaging our involuntary attention and letti ng those directed. BY SIAN BEILOCK Walk in the Woods t's the big day. like the horn of the carthat's about to run you over. to a mental muscle that can wear out concentrate on what you need to do to outsmart your opponent on the court-is just as important asthe physical skills you bringtothe court. which is atthe heart of our abilityto concentrate." James said. CLASS Psychology cityscapes instead. Being in the middle of a crazy urban environment hasthe opposite effect. In the late isoos. The abilityto stay focused in an important matc. Cities are overflowing with objects and events that capture involuntary attention dramatically. conditioned. After all.MASTER . if you can't concentrate forthe duration of the match. Ph. the quality of your backhand or degree of physical fitness won't mattervery much. nature seems to rejuvenate the very brain processes that are so important for ensuring success. Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To. Recently..Taking a three-mile walkthrough a tree-lined arboretum enhances people's concentration skills as compared to walkingforthe same amount oftime in a downtown urban environment. one of the founders of modern-day psychology. About to face a daunting opponent in a crucial match? Let nature be your guide. concentration skills rest.. Why might being in nature (or simply viewing it) alter brainpower? The answer harkens back to Harvard professor William James.we need a voluntary or directed form of attention instead.

.. .._ BRL Date.)972(1 ._~ . ._.. Ry &.BLACKRACQtJA~l L. __ ~ I the_I!!! 1V-4~/Cs . 7?J / I_ 1._.v~ritv '~fl t.__ -'.I I ~--OECLASSir-rEO Autj.

Goerges' left knee is bent. She has a lengthy takeback.MASTER CLASS e Great Shots Julia Goerges' Backhand Down the Line The young German's pretty two-handed technique has helped propel her up the rankings. Her head and eyes are on the ball and she's starting to push off her back foot. It's an unusual starti ng position. Her right elbow is tucked in. This is a perfect image of the loading position. her left elbow is flying. It's not too high. Her weight is already transferring to her front foot. Her hips have started to uncoil. but clearly it gives Goerges the rhythm she needs on this stroke. the spacing of her feet and her athletic stance. which means she's going to hit this ball well out in front and with a lot offorce. She turns her shoulders so far that you can see a portion of her back. Club players should take a long look at Goerges' shoulder turn. and she's lowering her body sothat she can drive forward into the shot. and you'll see how classic her technique becomes in subsequent images. but it's high enough to give her shotthe loop that she needs to create racquet-head speed and power. and her racquet is nearing the bottom of its loop and will begin to accelerate forward. Goerges' shoulders remain turned as she drops her racquet and strides into the ball. long before May 2012 . 48 tennis. and her racquet head is almost poi nti ng forward. 3 Goerges' beautiful backhand starts with a quirk. BY TRACY AUSTIN Goerges lines the ball up early and is ready to plant with her left foot so she can strike. Her right shoulder is turned so much that it looks a little stretched. All of Goerges' weight is moving forward as she begins to accelerate her racquet toward the ball.

and that's especially important when hitting down the line. and her still. Germany Turned pro: 2006 Year-End Ranking History_ 21 _. is a commentator for BBC and Tennis 49 . Her left leg will soon plant and allow her to recover to the middle ofthe court with a crossover step. the year she won her first Grand Slam singles match.'-Ch"'t: Weight: J:@y~s:~ Her racquet points slightly down at an angle as she sets up for this topspin drive down the line. Goerges doesn't pull up short or flick the ball. but Goerges is still looking at the point of contact-her head hasn't moved an inch. Vitals Birth date: November2. She can easily recover to the middle of court because of her excellent technique and footwork.1. 6 I love the left-arm extension on this backhand. Her shoulders are level and her weight is centered. so you need topspin for safety on this shot.::5'-'-f"'0""0~t-112011: 154pounds 2010: 0 ~2~0~0~ z? ~R~i. she drives through it before wrapping her racquet around her body on her followthrough. +1 GET MORE INSIGHT ON PRO PLAYERS' STROKES AT TENNIS. Her balance is impeccable.ght-handed Heig. Tracy Austin. ratherthan fallingto one side.COM/INSTRUCTION/GREATSHOTS May 2012 tennis. She first cracked the Top 100 in 2008.Since entering the WTA. 4 All of Goerges' weight rests on her right foot as she attacks the ball. In 2012. This is the perfect setup for a topspin drive. 5 The ball is on its way now.1988 Birthplace: Bad Oldesloe. Julia Goerges has continued her steady improvement toward the Top 10 of the women's rankings. Herwrists are relaxed and the head of her racquet is below the level ofthe ball. Goerges' shoulders her back is straight head has remained are level. Goerges had her best Slam performance to date when she reached the fourth round of the Australian Open before she was defeated by Agnieszka Radwanska. a former world NO. The net is higher near the net posts and the court is shorter down the line than it is crosscourt. thanks to a 16-14 third set at Wimbledon against 23rd-seeded Katarina Srebotnik. forward or backward.

But mastering this shot is well worth your time. 1 Once the lob is up.. Here's how to do it .. you'll keep your opponent off balance and live to see another shot . your right leg springs up and your left leg kicks forward. Joey Rive is the co-author of Tennis Skills & Drills. If you can hit close to the outer third ofthe court and fairly deep. because you'll be leaning backward when you jump and kicking one leg forward to maintain your balance.. take a drop step (or balance step) with your right leg.COM/INSTRUCTION/STRATEGY . en '" "' o '" o Z '" o z o A former ATP professional and instructor at T Bar M Racquet Club in May 2012 +1 FIND MORE GAMEPLAY TIPS BY GOING ONLINE TO TENNIS. 3 As you swing. the scissor kick overhead can be the difference between winning and losing the point. followed by a crossover step with your left leg. all while you try to execute your swing. your opponents will become frustrated and increasingly desperate to hit a better shot. and probably an easier one. If the ball is deeper in the court. The jump should be a boost to your swing and provide energy asyou accelerate toward the ball. Ideally. 50 tennis.. BY JOEY RIVE When you're at net and a lob goes over your head. turn sideways so that your dominant leg (the right leg for right-handed players) is behind you. This will counterbalance your backward momentum and allow you to make solid contact before you land on your left leg.MASTER CLASS Make returning the Hit a Scissor Kick o erhead lob your new secret weapon. ready to move in for another volley. you want to hit a scissor-kick overhead with a lot of margin for error. As you move backward. and then another drop step as you prepare to jump. because once you can hit overheads off almost any lob.. It's a difficult shot to master.your momentum will be headed backward. take another crossover step or make adjustments with shuffle steps. raise your racquet and point your off hand at the incoming ball. 2 When you jump.

longest rally. number of rallies..95 $189.. Record your maximum speed.•.One 95 $199 for Everything NikeTennis! Footwear micoach SPEED_CELLTM _ Compete I Share I Compare your court stats. I Shop TennisExpress. $69. total distance..99 Wilson Pro Staff BLX Six.. One 100 $199 Wilson [K] Factor Bold $59 ...95 $199.. One 90 $199 Six. '" I i ~ Apparel .TENNIS MARKETPLACE Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour $130 ..99 as $199. etc.99 I Sunglasses I Accessories Babolat New Pure Drive Yonex Ezone Xi Reg/Plus/107 $189 98/100 $199 Roddick/Plus $195 Lite $199 Lite $185 Dunlop Biomimetic 500 $169 500 Tour $179 500 Plus $179 Head IG Pro Mid/MP S Prestige $199.95 Prince EX03 Warrior 100 $189 Warrior Team $169 Warrior DB $169 Volkl Organix V1 MP $199.

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fat shrug. Edberg was a player of an entirely different class than Wozniacki has been. Her thoughts also reflect what is by now looking like an almost pathological desire to deflect and deny the existence of anything like pressure. that." One year after losing at Wimbledon. you can't blame her for the kinds of questions she is asked. Edberg remarked. but her responses are startlingly May 2012 +1 READ MORE OF PETER BODO'S ANALYSIS AND INSIGHT AT TENNIS. setting priorities and embracing challenges." You have to wonder ifWozniacki will ever figure this out. has had trouble managing expectations. And you have to want to pluck your eyes out when you fail to use it to lift your game to the appropriate height. "There's always another tournament next week.Ell1bracing the Pressure BY PETER BODO Caroline Wozniacki is sorely in need of a Stefan Edberg moment. the urgency that Justine Henin felt at the French Open and that Clijsters so often shied away from." 1can think of so many things that are wrong here. the now deposed and still-Slamless WTA NO.1 for the previous two calendar years.. dying to get've got to embrace and address that pressure. 56 tennis.1. this. with Clijsters.COM/TENNISWORLD . Perhaps inside the body of this quarter horse is a plow horse. much like Wozniacki does.. than . Like Edberg once said. If you really want to win majors and be NO. I. but he also struggled early in his career before finding what his lifelong coach and mentor Tony Pikard described as. better.. that feeling that drives Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to playa five-and-a-half-hour Australian Open final. starting with the way the most Wozniacki can muster in hindsight is the verbal equivalent of a big." W ozniacki. 1just need to keep improving on my serve and my returns and just trying to play the sport and trying to always improve like during the next game or the next shot." she said. "I think 1am a hard worker. as Edberg learned... Consider the way she described her loss to Kim Clijsters at the Australian Open-the loss that drove the final nail into the coffin of any hope she had of retaining the top ranking. and ending with the conspicuous absence of a promise to do better. "that fire in his belly. Couldn't Wozniacki sound at least a little bit angry with herself.. there is always another tournament next week. and actually do something about it. or with the alignment of the stars that day? Maybe there is no hurt. which is just another word for responsibility-you know. and do as Edberg did: Look in the mirror and say. That is. as well as getting the Grand Slam monkey off her back. Of course... if down deep she even had such hopes at all-no sure thing. and in a sport you always have times where you play great tennis and times where when maybe you aren't playing your best and just trying to find a way to win.. "I played Kim the day where she played really well and it's just an unfortunate thing that 1could not pull it . especially during the second set when 1really felt like 1was doing that. Just need to up your game.. "Well.

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