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Author Year Title Publisher City Wendy Jolliffe 2007 Cooperative learning in the Classroom Paul Chapman Publishing India Ann M. Gallagher and James C. Kaufman Gender Differences in Mathematics: An Integrative Psychological Approach Carol S. Kulpa 2007 Desertasi: Math Anxiety - Algebra Walden University 2004 1001 Math Problems 2nd Edition Learning Express New York Britta Immergut and Jean Burr Smith and Algebra Again 2nd Edition : Leaving Math Anxiety Behind Forever 2005 Arithmaetic McGraw-Hill,Inc London Anxiety Disorders Winning Your War Wings of Succes Reshmi Pradeep Thesis: A Study of Mathematics Anxiety Amongs primary Van Amsterdam Amsterdam in a Dutch tea Universiteit Pre-Service teachers enrolled Cheryl Winning Ghinassi Anxiety 2010 ABC-CLIO California James E. Hodge 2002 Thesis: The Effect of Math Anxiety math self Efficacy, and Computer Assisted Instruction on the Abilit West Virginia University Virginia Daniel Goleman 1999 Emotionale Intelligenz Deutscher taschenbuch Verlag GmbH & Co. Munchen joy Higgs, Debbie Horsfall and Sandra Grace Research on Practice Sense Publisher 2009 Writting Qualitative Rotherdam, The netherlan Jamie I.D. Cambell2005 handbook of mathematical Cognition psychology Press New York


Rotherdam, The netherlands