Levels of Organization

Why do we need to learn about levels of organization? • Helps us to understand how our world fits together • Helps us to organize the structures of living systems and how they all work together .

nucleus.• “little organs” • These are various small structures inside of the cell that perform specific functions • Examples include mitochondria. and Golgi body Organelles .

Cell •Basic unit of structure & function in life .

Tissue • A group of the same kind of cells working together. .

Organs • Tissues that work together .

Organ Systems • Organs that work together. .

Organism • Entire living things (organisms) • Usually made of systems but may be a single cell. .

. •This term is often used to describe the size of a group of organisms.Population • Same type of organism living together.

Wildebeest.Community • Several populations living together and interacting in some way. A community of Zebra. and Lion populations in the Serengeti of Africa . Gazelle.

Ecosystem • All of the communities in an area and the abiotic factors that affect them .

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