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What Should a Child Know Before Kindergarten Starts1

What Should a Child Know Before Kindergarten Starts1

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Published by: Jacque Weier on Apr 26, 2012
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What should a child know before Kindergarten starts?

Reading 1. enjoys reading activities 2. hold book right side up and turn pages front to back 3. recognize print such as “stop” 4. retell stories 5. predict next steps in story 6. knows that a picture stands for a real object 7. recognize own first name in print 8. can identify 5-10 letters of the alphabet Writing 1. enjoys drawing and writing during play 2. attempts to write own name 3. uses scribbling and drawing to represent his/her ideas Listening 1. listens and responds to conversation with adults and other children while playing 2. listens attentively to books 3. follows directions with 2 or more steps 4. recognizes some rhyming words Speaking 1. can repeat songs, rhymes, and phrases 2. speaks in play situations and everyday activities 3. uses complete sentences 4. asks questions 5. can answer questions

personal hygiene (cough. tie. thermometer. button. count items in a group up to 10 objects 3. and next to 5. shape. blue car) Measurement and Statistics 1. count to 20 2. longer. blow nose) 3. between. sort shapes by color. most. subtract items to 4 Geometry and Algebra 1. sneeze. zip Social 1. measuring cups. rectangle. demonstrate up. red block. add items up to 4 7. outside. identify tools such as ruler. fourth. penny equals 1 cent 3. and square 2.Math 1. top. behind. compare bigger. and calendar 4. taller. snap. use the terms first. clock. match shapes 3. scales. second. respect everybody and property 3. taking and waiting turns. in front. making patterns (red block. bottom. blue car. least. third. last 6. fifth. under. recognize circle. down. count backwards from 5 4. over. self discipline (using words) . inside. same 2. name numbers from 1-9 5. dealing with conflict in a peacefully manner 4. bathroom routine unassisted 2. sharing 2. uses words such as day and night correctly Self-Help 1. triangle. or size 4.

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