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All May Anncts

All May Anncts

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Published by: bonie1677 on Apr 26, 2012
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Final Exams May 31st & June 1st

2-day final during class Use Review Sheet under “Assignments” tab Day 1 – Objective & Survey
 Multiple

choice, matching, ordering, T/F  Complete a survey about the course

Day 2 – Photoshop
 Will

have to recreate before/after

Summer Sign Out

You may sign out cameras for the summer See Mrs. Boni for details Cameras sent out for summer on June 3rd

K-12 Arts Festival

May 11th and 12th
 Friday,

6-8 pm  Saturday, 10-5 pm

Re-showcasing one 5X7 and your portfolios Please attend to show your support of your peers!

1. Online Focus – Choose Tutorial

 

Focus Day “renamed” to Online Focus Choose tutorial from list of websites Save the before and after in same file as JPEG Rename by last name Upload to Blackboard by clicking on assignment and DESCRIBE what you did in the space provided when you upload the file

2. Proficiencies

LV 2 – Manual settings
 Control

all settings in camera
entertaining/impossible photos

LV3 – Perspective
 Create

3. Tutorial – Weebly Website

Create 3 pages:
 Home,

Best Work and Themed Slide Show  Give each photo a caption  Complete Google Doc of Login, Password and URL

4. Project - Inspirational Posters

Use InDesign CS5 Watch tutorial to learn basics Design two posters with quotes and your own photos Print one for your favorite teacher to hang up in their room if you choose!

5. Event Shoot Opportunities

 

K-12 Arts Show Spring Sports Powder Puff Yearbook Distribution – see Boni for details

6. New Blog

Will respond to my post
 Once

you complete your website  Will post 5-10 sentences explaining the site and experience making it  Feel free to view other’s sites for comment, but not mandatory this month

Setting up sites for next year’s posts to share photos easier

7. Clean Up – CD Burn
2. 3.

Burn all photos on CD(s) to keep by May 30th Boni will delete folders June 3rd No Flickr

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