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Degrees of Adjectives

Degrees of Adjectives

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Published by: Paula Matos on Apr 26, 2012
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Degrees of Adjectives

A. Fill in the table with the right degree of the adjectives.

Comparative Superiority small long fat big pretty noisy bad good intelligent interesting pleasant delicious Equality Inferiority

Superlative Superiority

B. Use the Comparative of Superiority. Choose the correct option. 1. New York is __________________ Lisbon. 2. A Rolls Royce is__________________ a Volkswagen. 3. English is __________________ German. 4. Peter is __________________ John. 5. Coffee is __________________ tea in Portugal.

Cities are __________________ towns. 3. 2.75€ 1.44kg. 7.15€ Kilo: 0. 6. 8. Carla doesn't like pears. Portuguese typical food is considered one of __________________ (good) in the world. The oranges are __________________ (cheap) the bananas. the __________________ (tasty) fruit is the strawberry. The strawberries are __________________ (expensive) of all. 9. The pear is not __________________ (caloric) the banana. The pears are __________________ (expensive) the oranges. GOOD WORK!!! . 10. 7. A motorbike is __________________ a bike. 9. The strawberries are______________ (expensive) the bananas. 5. The __________________ (heavy) orange in the world weighs 3. 10. Fill in the gaps with the correct degree of the adjectives in brackets. 4. These Jeans are__________________ the other ones. Kilo: 2€ Kilo: 0. She thinks it's the __________________ (bad) fruit she has ever tasted. For me.6. Roses are __________________ daisies. C.75€ Kilo: 1. The pears are__________________ (juicy) the oranges. 8. A rainy day is __________________ a windy day.

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