Why wait until 2009 July when Oracle desupports Jinitiator for Oracle Applicatio ns.

Replace your jinitiator now with Sun Java JRE and see the difference PLATFORM : Red Hat Linux AS4 DB : APPS : JINITIATOR : UPGRADING TO : JRE 1.6_05 Download Interoperability patch 6863618 Download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 plug-in at, http://java.sun.com/ja vase/downloads/index.jsp Downloaded JRE Native plug-in file from jre-6_uX-windows-i586-p.exe and rename t o j2se160x.exe (Where X = the version number. Using jre-6u5 as an example this would be j2se160 05.exe) Move the j2se1600X.exe file to the web application tier and place it in [COMMON_ TOP]/util/jinitiator Apply Developer 6i Patchset 18 ( 4948577 ) unzip patch to $ORACLE_HOME cd $ORACLE_HOME/developer6i_patch18 ./patch_install.sh 2>&1 | tee patch_install_p18.log cd cd cd cd $ORACLE_HOME/procbuilder60/lib; make -f ins_procbuilder.mk install $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib; make -f ins_forms60w.mk install $ORACLE_HOME/graphics60/lib; make -f ins_graphics60w.mk install $ORACLE_HOME/reports60/lib; make -f ins_reports60w.mk install

cp developer6i_patch18/bin/genshlib $ORACLE_HOME/bin Additional Patches -----------------5713544 sh patch.sh adrelink.sh force=y "fnd f60webmx" 4261542 cd $ORACLE_HOME unzip p4261542_600_GENERIC.zip cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog.class $ORACLE_H OME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog.class.PRE_BUG4261542 cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class $ORACLE_HOME/form s60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class.PRE_BUG4261542 cd $ORACLE_HOME/4261542/oracle/forms/engine cp Main.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class cd $ORACLE_HOME/4261542/oracle/forms/handler cp AlertDialog.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog. class Generate Product JAR Files ( adadmin )

adadmin select 'Maintain Applications Files Menu' and then select 'Relink Applications P rogram' Enter list of products to link ('all' for all products)[all] : fnd Generate specific executables for each selected product [No] ? y Relink with debug information [No] ? n Enter executables to relink.sh force=y "fnd f60webmx" 6195758 cd $ORACLE_HOME unzip p6195758_600_GENERIC.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class.cl ass cp ComponentItem.mk $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib make -f cus_forms60w.class $ORACLE_HOME/form s60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class.PRE_BUG6195758 cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/ComponentItem.class.PRE_BUG4586086 cp $ORACLE_HOME/bug4586086/env_forms60.mk.zip cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.PRE_BUG6195758 cd $ORACLE_HOME/6195758/oracle/forms/handler cp UICommon.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/Compon entItem.mk libso_install adrelink.5216496 sh patch.sh force=y "fnd f60webmx" 3830807 sh patch.sh 5753922 sh patch.class $ORACLE _HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/ComponentItem.PRE_BUG5884875 cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog.class Generate Product JAR Files ( adadmin ) 5938515 sh patch.class.sh adrelink.class $ORACLE_H OME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog. or enter 'all' [all] : f60webmx ar60run ar60runb ar 60rund * 4888294 (adpatch ) 5884875 cd $ORACLE_HOME unzip p5884875_600_GENERIC.sh adrelink.zip cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.class .sh force=y "fnd f60webmx" relink .mk env_forms60.sh 4586086 cd $ORACLE_HOME unzip <patch_file>.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.zip cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib mv env_forms60.PRE_BUG5884875 cd $ORACLE_HOME/5884875/oracle/forms/engine cp Main.class $ORACLE_HOME /forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.

c lass Run adadmin "Generate JAR Files" (6863618) -----------Apply the Patch Driver using adpatch Run the txkSetPlugin.cd $ORACLE_HOME/5884875/oracle/forms/handler cp AlertDialog.sh 16005 Start Oracle Applicatons 11.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/AlertDialog.5.10.sh script from the <patch_top>/6863618/fnd/bin/ txkSetPlugin.2 and start using Java instead of Jinititor for Applets .

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