For Final Project: Latin America Syllabus

Think back to the three different tribes you have learned about, who they are, where they came from, when they were around You will be creating a mobile about each tribe to come together in order to compare each tribe and the differences of each in one place for people to see! Below are the things that you MUST put on your mobile for EACH TRIBE!!! Should you choose to add more information for a higher grade you may do so. The list below is for my expectations of this project:          Time line of each tribe Location of each tribe Religions of each tribe and how it played a role in their society Language of each tribe and why that was important Significance of each tribe to the U.S. and what we adapted from them Government in each tribe and its importance Citizen’s jobs in each tribe Jobs of males and females in each tribe and its importance Social structure of each tribe and explanation of the social structure

Ideas for more information on your mobile: This would be your 3.5-4.0 opportunities      Fun facts about each tribe Photos of each tribe Interesting information you found somewhere other than class Maps of each tribe Color behind all of your information in order to make your mobile POP!

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